Sharp BD-HP20H - Blu Ray Player - £229.99 @ Amazon
Sharp BD-HP20H - Blu Ray Player - £229.99 @ Amazon

Sharp BD-HP20H - Blu Ray Player - £229.99 @ Amazon

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Probably the cheapest Blu Ray player currently available and worth the investment now that HD DVD is dead. I know it's not profile 2.0 as it's not available yet, but for only £229.99, you won't have lost much money when upgrading to a 2.0 player in future.


ha ha u watch news round:p
Ang on so do I:whistling:

What is profile 2.0?

Good price, voted hot

But remember, you can get a PS3 for about £270 which can play games and can be updated when a new blu-ray firmware comes out.

Just pay an extra £70 and get a PS3.

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This player cannot be upgraded by firmware.It is almost obsolete ! Buy a PS3.

Unless a player is profile 2.0 upgradable they are more obsolete than a HD-DVD player

I was just about to say better to get a PS3, but I won't bother because someone else has beaten me to it:whistling:

stupid price..



stupid price..

Ahh I see we have the usual informed responses

hmmm....ps3 which can do so much more or wait as hd dvd manufacturers switch to blu ray manufacture and competition causes prices to tumble....decisions, decisions,

I am a Toshiba HD-XE1 owner as a stand alone dvd player it's still better quality than the Sharp BD-HP20H Blu Ray Player

yep get a ps3, some gd deals around, so i think thats a ickle too pricey, the only downside to ps3 is u cant get true HD DTS, but hoping they will fix this on ps3 in future for us home cinema owner

Has been this price on Play.com for weeks...:roll:

Folks need to remember that Profile 1.1 is the Full BD profile. That's as much as BD player manufacturers HAVE to support. Profile 2.0 may be full of interesting sounding whistles and bells, but it is strictly optional.

You'd have to hope that the developers of the winning HDM format would have ensured their full mandatory profile will have enough capability to provide a next generation experience, wouldn't you?


before you know it someone on HotDeals will be posting "TESCO.COM - … before you know it someone on HotDeals will be posting "TESCO.COM - Technika BluRay dvd - £39.99,,,,," (Many a true word said in jest..........) ;-) :-D :thumbsup::whistling:

yeah but asda will do theirs for £39.97:)

The wise will then buy the brand name for £70 from play.com
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