Sharp LC19D1E 19" HD LCD TV £99.97 @ Tesco in store

Sharp LC19D1E 19" HD LCD TV £99.97 @ Tesco in store

Found 14th Jul 2009Made hot 7th Aug 2009
Found this in my local Tesco in store although there was no stock. Not surprised at this price! Good deal if you can find stock although it will be hard to find and it's probably only worth checking if doing your shopping at Tesco anyway. Don't make a special trip just for this!!

Considered not posting but I'm sure some people will benefit.


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Good price for a good TV

great price. found out one of my local tescos do 20% off ex display items which meant i got a samsung upscaling dvd player for £32. still have 1 year warranty. will let me bro know about these as a possible best friend to his xbox 360! heat added.

why has this reappeared? It was posted 3 weeks ago with no new updates?!?

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No idea! Haven't seen it back in stock since

Thanks for posting - but - you only saw a price label .... I've seen quite a few very low price labels, but no products on the shelf

I bought one of these last christmas.
I can tell you it's a cracking TV for the size with oooodles of features and connections on the back...even a VGA port!

Used to play Xbox games with HDMI connection.......brilliant pictures with no blur on motion.
Paid £180 at Empire Direct back then.
Would love to buy another one at this price.

Anyone know if there are any left anywhere?:thumbsup:

the rtc on the label means reduced to clear - ie no more good spot though
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