Sharp LC40LE600E 40" LED Backlit 1080p TV + Blu-Ray Player + 5 Year Warranty - £749 @ John Lewis
Sharp LC40LE600E 40" LED Backlit 1080p TV + Blu-Ray Player + 5 Year Warranty - £749 @ John Lewis

Sharp LC40LE600E 40" LED Backlit 1080p TV + Blu-Ray Player + 5 Year Warranty - £749 @ John Lewis

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Spotted this looks like a good deal. Only bad side for me is this TV is not 100Hz, but with the blu-ray player cashback and warranty its quite a reasonable price for anyone after an LED backlit TV.

£849-£100 cashback = £749

Sharp weblink for specs:

Blurb below:
Experience your favourite TV shows and films with fantastic picture quality on the Sharp Aquos LC40LE600E.

This impressive TV uses LED backlighting which features hundreds of ultra bright white LED lights arranged in rows, covering the entire screen. This results in brighter and more vibrant colours and deeper blacks for finer detail in darker pictures. The Brilliant Colour Processor also helps the precise expression of colours for a true-to-life picture.

The LC40LE600E is 1080p full HD which means youll be able to appreciate the best possible picture quality when connected to a high definition source. It has 3x HDMI inputs to connect blu-ray players, HD boxes, games consoles etc. An excellent picture is also complemented by great quality sound with Dolby Digital Plus surround sound.

Its also an eco-conscious TV, using 40% less energy than traditional LCD TVs. Theres a dedicated ECO button, built in ECO picture control and it is mercury free.

The built-in digital tuner allows you to watch Freeview channels and you can plan your viewing with an electronic programme guide. Includes table top stand.

This television is high definition ready which means it has the ability to display high definition signals with the addition of a separate HD receiver. HD broadcasts are at a much higher resolution than regular analogue or digital broadcasts and have greatly enhanced picture quality. The level of detail is astonishing with clearer, sharper and more vibrant images.

Full HD 1080p
1080p is the purest form of high definition that a television can display. This leads to a smoother, more film-like image, which will satisfy sports and movie lovers alike. With a 1080p signal, the information that makes up an image is displayed progressively or all at once, rather than in an interlaced fashion.

LED technology
LCD TVs featuring LED edge backlighting have greater contrast ratios blacks appear blacker leading to a sharper image. They are also slimmer, consume less power than similarly-sized traditional LCDs and are mercury free.

Sharp BD-HP22H Blu-ray Disc Player

Movies at home look livelier than ever thanks to the Sharp BDHP22H Blu-ray player. It features a full 1080p resolution for the best possible picture quality when connected to your Full HD TV.

The sound quality is just as impressive thanks to Dolby TrueHD, Dolby Digital Plus and DTS Digital Surround. Its also compatible with Blu-ray Disc's Profile 2.0 specification which means youll be able to access additional content via an internet connection.

Your standard DVD collection wont go to waste either. The BDHP22H will scale-up DVDs to near HD quality when connected to your HD ready TV.

A guide to Blu-ray Disc technology
Blu-ray laser technology gives you much greater storage on just one disc. For example, one Blu-ray disc holds the equivalent of 35 CDs or 5 DVDs worth of storage. Its the same size as a DVD disc, but by using a shorter wavelength and a narrower (blue) laser beam spot, it can hold greater capacity.
Key Features
Audio qualityDifferent manufacturers use different sound systems to improve your audio experience Dolby Digital Plus

AV inputsWhere on the TV your DVD Player or other equipment can be plugged in Rear

Brand Sharp

Brightness 450cd/m²

Digital tunerDigital tuners give a better quality picture and let you receive extra channels without an additional Freeview box. Freeview

Dimensions Information not available

Frame rate 50Hz

Guarantee Sharp LED TV: FREE 5 year guarantee
Sharp Blu-Ray DVD: FREE 2 year guarantee

HD ReadyAbility to display high-definition pictures when connected to an HD compatible device Yes

HDMI inputsHigh Definition Multimedia Interface - carries video and audio signals in digital form 3

LED backlighting Yes

Memory card slotGreater amount of slots means more variety of card formats can be used No

Model name / number LC40LE600E

Promotions Special Offers

S-Video socketSeparate Video- only handles the video aspect of the signal but will give a better picture by using two separate conductors for colour and detail information. No

SCART socketsSocket for connecting audio-visual equipment together 2

Screen formatTraditional 4:3 is used on smaller TVs. Widescreen or 16:9 is a wider 'cinema-style' format Widescreen

Screen resolutionPicture quality defined by the number of individual dots (pixels) used to create an image. The higher the number of pixels, the higher the image quality 1920 x 1080

Screen size 40"

Speaker output (RMS)Measured in WATTS. The higher the number, the louder the sound! Information not available

Table Top Stand Yes

Type LCD

USB portsUniversal Serial Bus- socket for transferring data between electronic devices No

Visible screen size (measured diagonally)Diagonal measurement across screen 101cm

Weight 15.4kg

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