Sharp LC50LD271K 50 Inch Full HD 1080p LED TV with Freeview HD £309 Delivered (Using Code) @ Tesco Direct

Sharp LC50LD271K 50 Inch Full HD 1080p LED TV with Freeview HD £309 Delivered (Using Code) @ Tesco Direct

Found 27th Aug 2015

With striking style and picture performance, the Sharp LC50LD271K 50-inch TV delivers the combination of high definition 1080p image projection with high quality audio for a truly immersive entertainment experience. The stunning image quality is delivered via LED backlighting in amazing colour and clarity all in a thin, space-saving design.

The Sharp 50-inch TV is equipped with a Freeview HD tuner for subscription-free access to 50 digital TV channels and 24 radio stations without the need for an additional set top box. You can also plan your week's viewing with the 7-day electronic programme guide to ensure you don't miss a moment. Furthermore, Sharp have integrated multiple HDMI sockets, USB and PC inputs for additional connectivity options.

Witness stunning picture performance and enjoy a breath-taking overall viewing experience with the Sharp LC50LD271K 50-inch LED-backlit TV.
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Is this a vestal ? I was told bigger sharps aren't ?
Sharp actually recently sold their European brown-goods wing to UMC. I think they've pulled out of TV manufacturing altogether in Europe.

So depending on the age (and the range) of this particular set, it could be Vestel, UMC or Sharp (Poland).

Is it not the case that Vestel-chassis TVs of this have three HDMI ports, and UMC have two? According to Tesco this one has two.

I have to say I would trust a UMC-branded Sharp TV (given that Sharp have said they will work with UMC on development) over a generic Vestel with a Sharp label on it. This is more like the Philips/TPV setup now (Sharp are selling their factory to UMC I believe). I still wouldn't buy one over Sony/(higher-spec) Panasonic/LG/Samsung though.

It's all the fault of people wanting the cheapest of everything -- there's no money in tellies any more, yet the Japanese themselves still have about a dozen of their manufacturers making TVs for the domestic market. Eventually, when all tellies in Europe are made in dusty Turkish factories, maybe they'll start direct-importing the proper Japanese ones!

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going by the design it will be a UMC, got the 32" version from Argos recently and it was made by UMC

Went back as EPG was terrible
do this TV still use the 4led sharp panels ?
Considering this Tv as a stop gap as my almost 8yr old HD ready LCD has seen better days. Is it worthwhile? Not sure if it'd be any good for gaming...
I have the 40inch version bought from Tesco for £179. I'd rate it as one of the best bargains I've ever bagged. Good picture and decent sound.
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