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Sharp R959SLMA 40 Litre Combi Microwave / Oven / Grill £155.87 @ Tribal delivered with voucher
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Sharp R959SLMA 40 Litre Combi Microwave / Oven / Grill £155.87 @ Tribal delivered with voucher

Posted 23rd Dec 2009

This deal is expired. Here are some options that might interest you:

Fantastic family microwave, MASSIVE capacity. Had this for 3 months before it developed an electrical fault, going back to catalogue tomorrow. Now its £155 from tribal (I paid the extra £60 for 5 year guarantee just to be safe) RRP £220

Best microwave of 2009 (9.1/10 on revoo) reevoo.com/awa…ves
Great reviews on Amazon too amazon.co.uk/exe…L6/

2% from cashbackrewards, making it £211.50 with 5 year guarantee

Tech Spec:
* Capacity - 40 litres
* Microwave wattage - 900W
* Oven wattage - 1400W
* External dimensions (WDH)mm - 550x537x368
* Power levels - 5
* Auto programmes - cook/defrost
* Express defrost function
* 2 layer cooking
* Silver casing with black front
* Stainless steel interior
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£160 from beyondtelevision.co.uk
£170 from Amazon
£180 from electrical123.com
£185 from co-op

Revoo ]here

322 verified purchasers have reviewed this product.
92% of people recommend it.
[SIZE=3]Reevoo's summary of reviews:[/SIZE]

Pros: Internal capacity, good range of programmes, oven heats up quickly, easy to clean Cons: defrost option, limited timer, convection cooking can burn food, door

]All purchasers (317)
Capacity 9.7
Design 8.8
Ease of use 8.8
Features 9.0
Features and programmes 10.0
Performance 9.3
Value for money (at time of purchase) 9.2
Overall rating 9.1
and its been faulty after 3 months ?
Yeah it developed an electrical fault, code needed resetting or something but stuff happens. Almost all reviewers speak very highly of it, and it was incredibly useful which is why it's same again for me (hopefully without any faults!)
Blimney! How much?!
Does it go out to work and pay the mortgage too?!:w00t:
alternatively you could go for ]this little number from Asda...
I am on to my second Sharp Microwave/grill/Combination oven, even though they are NOT the most reliable items (hence why I am on to my second!)
I have the R879, so at 26L it is smaller than this VERY big 40L model

That sounds odd, but once you have had one, you won't want to go back to other brands (I had a Panasonic combi before, and it was MUCH more expensive!)

The one particular feature I would not want to be without is the ability to use top and bottom grill together - which in combination with microwave can make for very quickly heated and well browned food items without soggy bottoms!
This has that feature, so for that alone if I was wanting one this size, it would be first choice, especially at this price!
Tribal were OOS so have now got ]this for £115 and it's as good but with an enamelled interior

Tribal were OOS so have now got ]this for £115 and it's as good but with … Tribal were OOS so have now got ]this for £115 and it's as good but with an enamelled interior

Cheap, but no bottom grill = soggy bottom :-(

"Crusting plate" instead... I remember browning dishes only too well in the early days of microwave ovens! :-(
No-one will read this some 2.75 years after the fact, but I just picked up one for 159.99 from Beyond Television wih free delivery - I even picked a Bank Holiday Monday (today) for delivery and it turned up at 8.00am!

It's big (particularly the depth - it goes right from your wall to the edge of the worktop unit) and heavy, but makes up for it with a 40 litre capacity allowing the use of two shelves (convection) or circular racks (any mode). It's probably the only model on the market for well under 200 quid that can actually replace a conventional oven.

I bought mine because I have a really old oven/grill (not fan-assisted, slow to heat up and cook, even has an inner glass door with a long since broken knob) and an equally old microwave (still working after 20+ years, but extremely basic). This unit replaces both at less than half the price of just replacing the oven alone.

Good points: Huge capacity, two shelves, very fast cooking times, useful LED display (which spells out what to do next), being able to program up to three sequences of cooking modes and leave it unattended to switch between them, power saving mode (much more useful than a clock that would suck power and probably show the wrong time most of the time anyway!), exterior cools down reasonably quickly after grilling/convection (watch out for the turntable though - that says hot a lot longer).

Bad points: Very deep (though width and height are actually the same as my old single-function microwave), not self-cleaning so make sure you wipe off any splashes you see before you cook anything else, manual is very conservative (I'm not weighing any of the food I cook, I will leave the unit unattended for repeat cooking [i.e. I've done it before with the same quantities/food/mode settings], I'm not turning food unless it's being grilled - this is what the turntable is for! - and I'm certainly not leaving it for minutes of standing time once it's cooked).
^yay the thread lives on

^yay the thread lives on

It sure is ... I'm looking at buying this exact model now as our trusty old Samsung normal microwave has just started acting up. This one looks like a nice upgrade with added benefit of an oven.
And on! This model is now £249.99 everywhere!!
Quick search shows up at £200 at appliances direct here
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