Sharpe Classic Collection Blu-ray £29.97 @ Amazon

Sharpe Classic Collection Blu-ray £29.97 @ Amazon

Found 29th Nov 2010
Cheapest around by £20

£59.85 @ Zavvi
£62.19 @ Base
£59.93 @ Loveflim
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£64.47 @ Tesco

Run Time: 1500 minutes

DVD Description
Sean Bean (Lord of the Rings, Goldeneye) is Sharpe, a troubled outsider who, following an heroic act of bravery, finds himself promoted to the rank of officer. In this definitive collection of the acclaimed drama, follow his breathtaking adventures commanding the King’s Rifles during the Napoleonic Wars.

The new box set contains the whole collection of 14 episodes and two specials including:
Sharpe’s Rifles; Sharpe’s Eagle; Sharpe’s Company; Sharpe’s Enemy; Sharpe’s Honour; Sharpe’s Gold; Sharpe’s Battle; Sharpe’s Sword; Sharpe’s Regiment; Sharpe’s Siege; Sharpe’s Mission; Sharpe’s Revenge; Sharpe’s Justice; Sharpe’s Waterloo; Sharpe The Legend
In mastering Sharpe to HD the original film negatives have been used to ensure the ultimate HD viewing experience. On rare occasions within the series, the original negatives were either not available or in too poor a condition to use--in these instances standard definition content has been up scaled to complete the narrative. This up scaling effects less than 5% of the content.

DVD Extras
Shooting Legend (21 mins)

English for the hard of hearing
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This is a fantastic deal. I note that there are not any reviews online regarding this Blu Ray and the video qualtiy. I'm a long term Sharpe fan so got this the day it was released on Blu Ray and confirm that it's a definite upgrade over the DVD editions which I have, the colours are bright and vivid and the detail is very good considering when and how this was filmed.

It's not perfect and does occasionally drop down to previous DVD quality as ITV have somehow lost some of the original footage, but these instances are few and far between.

If you're a Sharpe fan like me do youself a favour and get this!
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how biig is the box?? does anyone know

how biig is the box?? does anyone know

Not very big, put 4 DVD cases together and you have the size of the box.
From what I've heard the transfer is very good and a big improvement over the orignal especially if you've got a widescreen television. And at this price its amazing deal.
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you reckon this price is going to go up?!
you get £36 cash for this at CEX and £41 exchange value.
Hot, heat added thanks
thanks, i ordered! saw cex prices yesterday
now at £55
oO great
Yeah it's gone up;-(
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