Sharpie pens - 4 pack of 4 colours - just £1 in Asda!

Sharpie pens - 4 pack of 4 colours - just £1 in Asda!

LocalFound 1st Feb 2013
I saw this deal in Asda and bought a pack. It's better than the one for £1 next to it in the picture THIS IS HOT
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this is brilliant if nation wide. these are normally so expensive
I know I got a pack of ten for a fiver
In pooper?
That`s part of my pencil case sorted!
£2 in asda Norwich
It's very good but lets face it most people only want black.
Yeah that is quite true but I love writing in different colours
I thought I had a bargain buying them for £2 last week!! Better get some more I think :-)
Massive bargain as I saw the same pack but mini version for £2.63 today in Asda! :-)
Not nationwide
Scans at £2 in Bristol
Just wondering... What's so great about these pens?
£2 middlesbrough
They' write on everything! Xo
I'd like to see a receipt, which asda you attended and what time you bought it.

How do such deals get so hot when there is no proof,no one else seems to have got the deal, and even if true its is not nation wide so not really that amazing
Um I bought it at asda in Bristol and 2 days ago and I have no recipt I chucked it away
69p in yarmouth asda
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