Sharpie pens £7.50 for 28 pens. Was £21.00 at Tesco

Sharpie pens £7.50 for 28 pens. Was £21.00 at Tesco

Found 28th Nov 2017
These are on Tesco groceries website or can order them on Tesco direct
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Good find, but if you wait until tomorrow they may be included on the 3 for 2 as well. This was the case last time when I managed to get 3 packs for £16.00 for Christmas pressies!
every other week there back down to £7.50 then back up again...etc.
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Thanks for that, wasn't sure I wanted or needed them but bought them just in case!
sorry, found it on Tesco direct and not Good find - ordered
I got a couple of the 30 set from tescrote a while back. They are frequently this price, however it is a good price.
I am sure these been this price for 2 years…pie

Similar pack here at Amazon for 24 pens if you want them delivered.
The same deal last year and I bought one. A few days later, the price went down to £4. So cancelled the first one and bought two more.
Yes, last week Tesco Direct had them 3 for 2, so £15 for delivery to local store.
same got them when they was posted a week ago, £7.50 on 3 for 2
It always amazes me that these get very hot on here at these prices. They are always £7.50-£8.00. so this is the normal price.
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