Sharwood's Bhut Jolokia Curry Sauce (420g) for £1 @ ASDA

Sharwood's Bhut Jolokia Curry Sauce (420g) for £1 @ ASDA

Found 5th Jan 2013
Asda are doing most of the Sharwoods Indian sauces for £1 each. The Bhut Jolokia chilli is 400 times hotter than Tabasco sauce, so is great for those that like their curry HOT!
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I bought this Jolokia as ground chilli powder from a seller on's not for the faint-hearted, assuming this jar stuff is the same strength. I once had a jar of Pataks phall, but it certainly wasn't as hot as I've had from takeaways.
I grew some of the Bhut Jolokia plants this year - difficult to grow, needed a lot of warmth, and only a small amount of chillis produced per plant but they were amazing, hotter than a very hot thing! Really worth the effort if you like your chillis hot!
One of the hottest curry sauces out of a jar! in my opinion anyway
anybody tried this yet? wondering if this burns both ends and if i need to stock up on milk & yoghurt before cooking up
This is still on offer, made one last night, its beauty. Have to be buying another for defo. If you struggle with heat then defo go for some yoghurt.
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