Shattered Horizon 50% off - £7.49 @ Steam
Shattered Horizon 50% off - £7.49 @ Steam

Shattered Horizon 50% off - £7.49 @ Steam

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Shattered Horizon is half price this weekend at Steam to coincide with their free-to-try event! This includes their new 'Moonrise' pack with four new maps.

No need to let me know about a similar post in freebies. £7.49 is not free and thus, this is a deal.

I'm looking forward to trying it out, it's received pretty decent reviews. Enjoy!


yeah, well i'd go google "Scanning for servers problem" first, cos the thing is a PITA to get running at all.. :roll:

still, another good money off deal from steam right enough

Obvious you didnt check, you posted a freebie on a deals section so dont get mixed up with freebie and deal. Do it seperaterly if you are gonna list it, anyway purchasing for the price but as i have heard the maps are repeative (if i am right the standard had 3-4 map) but adding additional 4 maps. Will give it a go, hot & rep

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Yes, I didn't check. Now everything is separate and just dandy for everyone in the morning. :thumbsup:

Well from a preliminary play it seems pretty decent. I enjoy the mounting system where you stick to a hard surface and your accuracy gets better. But it's also like most FPS's in that, if you have a crap team, you have a crap time. Map design could be better (practically, not graphically). Experienced only a few seconds of lag in 45 mins of play so very pleased with that. I don't know why Futuremark are being all restrictive and technical when it comes to graphics. They're not that mind blowing at all . There's only one weapon but the three different types of grenades are useful and plentiful.

Shame they didn't get Tom Hanks to do the chatter in the radios.

shame was about 3.75 @ xmas and i couldnt buy as steam 'useless' support took 1 week to sort an account billing problem on my account that they caused - to protest me from fraud......er wtf!! anyway i wont buy as im boycotting steam....i had to swear at them to get them to take notice as they ignored my 18 mails in 7 days! on the 19th i purposely swore an they responded in minutes to say i shouldnt swear, so i did - shows how garbage they are

Well i guess Steam does lack support as i did ask them remove demo on my game list which took a week to response, it's probably depend on which section your ticket was. People who got account hijacked seemed to have faster repsonse (probably stolen section) while other have longer, also i have to say SH would be better then BioShock 2 MP since they use local host and have temendous LAG
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