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King of Shaves Azor 5 blade or 4 blade razor plus 48 blades with free delivery £39.99
Found 17th Dec 2016Found 17th Dec 2016
King of shaves 48 x blades multipacks only £39.99 with free delivery. You get 1 razor handle and 48 blades for this price Choose from either Azor 5 blade or Azor 4 blade cartridg… Read more

The Azor 4 is the best razor I've used.


I have tried most of these blades. If you use foam with this it's terrible. If you use king of shaves gels etc then it works ok. It's not a great blade but definitely adequate i would not say this deal is super hot.


All taken on board guys but bought 20 blades of match 3 today so should be good till this time next year but now want to try the kings... thinking about it; why did I buy that many grrrrrrr UKHD lol


​These are superb ive used..I use the 2 monthly direct debit option of £6 from king of shaves and get a 4 pack of blades sent every 2 months....that way it's no big outlay.


Interesting, I wasn't mad on the 5 blade razor either (see my comment above) but find the 4 is great for me. It's just down to personal preference with razors though I find.

King of Shaves Azor (4 blade) razors x12 (free P&P) for £11.99 was £14.97 @  King of Shaves
Found 31st Aug 2016Found 31st Aug 2016
Great razors in my opinion, used them for years; easily on par with some of the "branded" systems at a fraction of the cost, seem to stay sharper for longer too. Handle can also b… Read more
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Do you shave once a week?


Had a perfectly acceptable shave on Sunday with the new blades on Sunday, no pulls, cuts or missed hairs... I'm no testosterone fuelled gorilla though! Used RS Co shaving cream if it's any interest.


Mine landed this morning, going to have a shave ASAP as some of these comments have left me doubting my own opinion & experiences X)


I've tried these before and was disappointed, I'm no shaving snob but found them to be very uncomfortable to shave with compared to the Gillette Mach 3. I currently use a Gillette Fusion razor and the very cheap and cheerful Palmolive shaving soap sticks, and the only time I find it uncomfortable is if I have 4+ days worth of stubble which can "grab" a little on the blades. I've recently gotten one of the Cornerstone trial razors but have yet to use it, I'll post on here if I do try it whilst the thread is still active.


Not much love for the King of shaves blades but I find they work great for me; a close shave with a long lasting edge at a good price. For this money it's worth a try, if you don't like them just give them to the missus for her hairy needs... Saves wear & tear on your preferred blades!

Free King of Shaves Trial Gel and Free Postage
Found 16th Jan 2016Found 16th Jan 2016
500 FREE 20ML TRIAL SIZE TUBES AVAILABLE – CLAIM ONE TODAY! Click here to claim your free* King of Shaves Sensitive Shave Gel Trial Set. Then enter this code at the checkout: Fre… Read more
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Same for me but I've had 2 delivered, they are handy to keep for holidays as they fall well below the 100ml limit for liquid you can carry on a plane. Although weren't supposed to get vouchers as well, or did I misread that, not that I'm complaining


website kept crashing. didn't think I would get one as couldn't checkout. turned up in the post today!


Got mine about 5 mins ago.


Weird, tried putting in for this freebie didn't work said the code had been used up which was fair enough then today two samples drop through my letterbox


Received today, good little trial size freebie. Thanks Chris!

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SuperGel Shaving Gel with Black Pepper (8) Multi-Buy Pack (includes free UK delivery) - £18.99
Found 22nd Nov 2015Found 22nd Nov 2015
I needed some supergel shaving gel. £18.99 per pack of 8 = £2.38 each delivered. Single price £3.99 so seems a good price. Off website. The ultimate in lubricating razor glide an… Read more

I suppose the next version will be something like Organic Italian crushed sea salt and cracked black pepper. Maybe wrong.


Never seen full size KoS in Poundland. reasonable price though often half price in supermarkets, I just stock up then!


​Bulk buying items that are unlikely to go off soon can save you a lot in the long run


Couldn't say I've seen this particular product in there, but don't poundland/world stock King of shaves items? Might be worth checking in store.


Why would I buy 8?

King of shaves razor subscription £11.69
Found 18th Feb 2015Found 18th Feb 2015
Been looking at upgrading from using my good old bic disposable razors and searched about till I found these. Ment to be very good and seems a decent deal. I opted for the £11.69 E… Read more
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I just cancelled my subscription and got a full no quibble refund. Worst razor ever.



Voted for, for the following reason:


I looked at those safety razors and cut throats but was sure I'd hack myself to bits. Will see how these go and might get a good safety razor set if these aren't upto scratch.


Comment Which razor would you recommend for these, or I guess any you prefer the look of? Thanks

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Bargain Razor Blade Subscription 1p for 3 for the first month (3 blades per month for £5.99 thereafter) @ King of shaves
Found 14th Oct 2014Found 14th Oct 2014
Great deal on King of Shaves subscription razor blades. Get 3 Hyperglide blades delivered to your door every 1 or 2 months for 5.99. Enter code upgrademysub2014 to get the first mo… Read more
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yes I just got my response too I was looking for the original thread to post in but couldnt find it.


Ive used these razors for a few years now and at first they were pretty good. I found the flexxing away great for my face as I have a few micro-scars which other razors always picked up and scraped off. Very bloody. The quality has certainly dropped. Ive been through 4 handles in 6 months. The quality of the rubber part has decreased and after a few shaves it starts to drop the blade off after 1 use and wont hold it properly again. Ive still got 7 blades left but after that Im switching to something else. Does anyone know of any other handle that will take these blades? Just got the email to say my free Gillette Fusion ProGlide is on its way so will give that a try :)


well that didn't go quite as planned did it!


Not as bad as "shocking" IMHO. I got quite a few of these packs for 1p each when MSE offered a 1p code earlier this year. The main thing I don't like about them is that the blade itself sits the wrong way on the handle, so to speak, so it flexes away from your face as you press it against your skin - I don't find it as agile and controllable as my usual Gillette Pro Fusion. But I certainly don't cut myself when I use it in the shower with shaving gel. Each to their own. Three blades are certainly worth 1p, but it seems they've tightened up the subscription terms so you're now committed to at least the second delivery for £2.99.


Agreed these are shocking. Don't work as they say (without gel/foam) rip your face off. Back to my prof life after first use. Waste of 1p in my opinion

King of Shaves HyperGlide Razor + 3 Refill Blades for £6 when you subscribe
Found 9th Jun 2014Found 9th Jun 2014
This is a great deal, I paid £9.99 (for just ONE blade) off Amazon that I thought was a good price. To be clear this IS a subscription, so cancel if you just want to try out the b… Read more
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Not expired. Still £6 for a razor and 3 blades. Subscribe monthly or bi-monthly.


Or £5.00 in Tesco's




I can only assume that many of the cold votes are from people who've not actually tried this razor. It IS different to any of their others, and is actually quite good. Mostly positive reviews out there for it too.


Their gel is great but the razors, well, they're rubbish.

King of shaves face scrub, face balm and moisturiser 50% off @ Kingofshaves
Found 22nd Jan 2013Found 22nd Jan 2013
50% off the following: SuperScrub Exfoliating Face Scrub was £3.97 now £1.98 SuperBalm Soothing Face Balm was £4.49 now £2.24 SuperSkin Hydration Moisturiser was £4.49 now £2.24… Read more

They would have shocked me to if it wasn't for my razor incident as I was prepared to jump ship to kingofshaves after hearing they are basically a premium brand at a decent price, which is obviously unheard of in the shaving world lol. Still dropping a razor once should not render it broken, imo when my fusion power one has been dropped god knows how many times.


All these negative comments shock me. I changed to KOS 5 years ago and haven't looked back. Decent price blades that last a long time, and a very comfortable shave. The shave gel is excellent stuff and I wouldn't buy anything else ever. I tried upgrading from the 4 blade to the 5 blade a few months ago and found it was uncomfortable, so I wrote to KOS. They apologised, sent me a modified 5 blade handle which accepts 4 blade cartridges too and 2 packs of blades. Fantastic customer service.


You ought to try the shave gel - boy does that cause pain!


Cheeky money grabbing asswipes. Reduce the content from 175ml to 150ml and state it is on sale !!!!!


Cheeky money grabbing asswipes. Reduce the content from 175ml to 150ml and state it is on sale !!!!!

King Of Shaves Azor Razor and 48 Cartridges (4-Blades)  £36.00
Found 30th Oct 2012Found 30th Oct 2012
After looking for Razor blades and the cost I came across this deal. The cartridges come in at 75p compared and a Razor! Azor 4-blade light weight system razor and 48 4-blade cart… Read more
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I bought this once and it was the worst shave ever - worse than cheapo disposables! Weird design and I personally found it impossible to get a close shave, plus I cut myself a lot with it which is unusual for me. Might be good for some, but in my experience utter rubbish.


Hate it.... Think it's rubbish. Haven't voted though as it may be decent deal. Just not my preference. I buy razor blades and put them in my own shaver. Well cheaper and we'll closer.


I purchased one of these instead of the overpriced Proglide because it was on offer in Boots. I have very hard stubble that grows in different directions so need a good wet razor, and this does the job nicely. The head of the razor is unusual you just need to apply a little pressure. Hot


Good for Movember as these don't get right under the neb. Other than that a great shave and a good price. Heat for the price which is what this is all about I think...

King of Shaves monthly razor subscription from £3 (included P&P)
Found 1st May 2012Found 1st May 2012
From just £3 a month (no P&P) you can subscribe to King of Shaves and have a razor handle and 4 blades sent to you. There is also an option for £4 a month and with 4 five-blade… Read more
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Not a bad deal but some 99p stores have these in a box with 2 spare blades


Go and post a deal on them them instead of spamming a completely different product.


Looks like a potato peeler. Maybe that's why they don't shave too well oO


Very COLD! A traditional safety razor blade is far cheaper per month (100 quality blades cost approx £9.) and produces a far better shave AND DOESN'T CREATE ALL THIS LANDFILL! - why would you need a new handle every 30 days?


Meant my husband has changed before anyone gets excited and posts anything offensive.

Found 30th Mar 2012Found 30th Mar 2012
kING OF SHAVES WOMAN HALF PRICE OFFERS - 4 BLADES @ £2.49,,GELS £1.49 @ KING OF SHAVES. Free delivery on orders over £20 otherwise £3.50.

Don't know about the woman's stuff - but I've been using the men's stuff for years. The gels are great, the oils are ok, but I never liked the razors (neither the Azor, nor the previous razor they did). I see they've started doing shower gels as well now...


Has anyone who is marking this done used the KOS products? Every woman I know who has used their razors and gels, rave about them.


Just checked and working fine.


Link aint working.......


They missed the opportunity to call it Queen of Shaves!

King of Shaves Azor with 20 Blades for £12.47
Found 29th Nov 2011Found 29th Nov 2011
Using discount code KOSMOVEMBER2011 (50% OFF) add one razor and x2 8packs of razor heads Bargain and all including delivery

I never used the original and only had the old wilkinson sword 3D to compare to ha. Hardly shave! But def got enough blades for life mwahahaha


I only bought the 5 blade sensitive one as it was £3 in tesco with 3 blades. I actually find it really good. Stocked up on blades for life now ha. Really nice weight to it as well.[/quote] Like you I got it cheap in tesco, but until you pointed it out I didn't realise it had an extra blade. duh! I agree the handle is far better than the original plastic one.


Thanks agentjont


I only bought the 5 blade sensitive one as it was £3 in tesco with 3 blades. I actually find it really good. Stocked up on blades for life now ha. Really nice weight to it as well.


Anyone tried the new five blade version, not a lot more expensive with the current deals.

x10 Azor System Razor (with blades) and x10  mini-Travel Shave Gel £8.50 inc postage @ King of shaves
Found 28th Nov 2011Found 28th Nov 2011
Just received an email from King of shaves offering 50% off with the code KOSMOVEMBER2011 Had a quick look at he site and they have their Azor razor for only £1 instead of £2.49… Read more

Anyone know if the ladies azure blades are the same as the mens azor? The ladies azure ones are selling at 4 for 99p using the code. hoping I can use them on my azor razor. If not them 8 azor ones can be had for 3.50 with the code. Excluding delivery.


Cheers mate :D


Well I ended up getting 48 4 blade cartridges and 2 tubes of shave gel (I tend to get KoS gel anyway when reduced in Tesco) for just under £25, P&P is free as long as total order >£20. I now remember doing a similar thing a couple of years ago just after the Azor came out, basically bought a years supply of cartridges up front dirt cheap.


The Azors are very good indeed. But not very cheap unless discounted. The usual con trick on the replacement blades.


I have used them for a long time and have always been happy - but just had a look seems the above may be out of stock already, can still get the Azor System Razor 4-Blade pack and x2 8 packs of blades (20 blades in total) for £12.47

Free Azor Razor App For First 5,000 @ King of Shaves
Found 18th May 2011Found 18th May 2011
Download the King Of Shaves iPhone app, and the first 5000 who claim the new razor will get it sent FREE! Theres also a coupon on it for £3.50 ( if Im not mistaken) off the blades!… Read more

Received mine. Just as you would buy, but FREE :)


same here, looks pretty good especially for free as blades these days aren't cheap for decent ones


Got mine today as well, might give it a whirl later :)


Just received my razor :) comes with 2 free blades ;) woooow :) will go check the other few houses I ordered too hahah :)


I havent! :| Still waiting? Anyone received it yet?

Azor System Razor and mini-Travel Shave Gel £1+3.50p+p Amazing Bargain Direct from KOS.
Found 18th May 2011Found 18th May 2011
GRAB AN AZOR FOR £1 IN THE UK We have just a few Azor System Razor handles left for the amazing price of just £1 when you shop at our UK online store.£3.50 P+P or Spend £20 or more… Read more
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I agree, the gel is the best I have used so far. A little p*ssed of with them though as they kept doing special offers on the gel a while back but the 'special offer' ones were 150ml not the usual 175ml. Then of course once the offer finished they put the price back up but, yeah you've guessed it, now the standard size is 150ml!!!!


I think it's pretty good - picked up a couple in tesco yesterday for £2.49 each - incl 3 blades that's quite a bargain Don't rate the 5 blade version with the heavier metal handle though


As above, terrible razor - good idea, loks nice but crap shave


dreadful razors, which is surprising as their gel is great. avoid.


Quick Note, Download their iphone app, and the first 5000 to apply will get this sent free:)

King of Shaves Clearance eg Menthol shaving gel £3.99 to £1.50
Found 17th Feb 2011Found 17th Feb 2011
There are a few hot deals here but in reality you will have to need a few bits for you and the little lady to get it over 20 sheets for free delivery to make it worth while. I got … Read more
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You can get the womens ones at Poundland :)


S'okay. Caskey's from Essex.:)


I can't be angry with a face like that - I got 6 x menthol gels, 2 x lady leg gels and 6 x shaving balms for £21 - I keep my cupboards stocked - I say bargain.


Did you read my post!!!


£3.50 delivery which comes to £5.00 if your buying just one. Better buying in the shops for less.

King of Shaves sale - more than 50% off many products
Found 26th May 2010Found 26th May 2010
Few different deals, such as: Queen of... Summer Collection £6.00 (reduced from £14.96) Queen of... L'Azor System Razor, Cartridges and Ta-da! Shaving Gel. Sensitive Shave Set £… Read more
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Seems like some pretty good deals there, esp the Shave-a-bundle pack, but completely put off these after OH said they gave him a p-poor shave.


Great find

King of Shaves money off vouchers (£1.00 off the Azor Razor)
Found 23rd Aug 2009Found 23rd Aug 2009
Hi I'm new to this site, so please go easy! I have just bought King of Shaves shaving oil for I think around £2.95. BUT inside is a money off voucher which gives you £1.00 off … Read more

I think it's a good razor ok so it's not perfect for designer stubble, but for a quick shave it's comfortable and the moisture strips are great - the shave is close. Just don't use with foam - use a foamless gel or oil and it's great. The worsed i've used is the wilkinson quattro - now that cuts my face up! The gillette fusion blades don't last half as long and they cost tripple the price. I think some people just don't know how to shave properly - i.e using cold water. In the shower this razor is unbeatable value!


I cut my face with this razor too it is so awkward to use. I am an avid fan of king of shaves products but this razor is a complete step back from the gillette fushion power!


now thats excruciating pain!!


it hurt that bad it made you empty your bowels?


I wouldn't use this razor again even if it was free. I've tried many blades over the years and some have been pretty bad. However this was on another level. It cut my face up so badly I almost ran out of toilet roll!