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The drake double edge razor shaving starter kit £41.99 @ Shaving Stack
Found 7th JunFound 7th Jun
This any good? Father's Day maybe? Will he love u more?
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This is comedy gold


Bizarrely enough, it is the other way round!



Hey hope things work out for u champ!


My father is a total knob, so my answer is no! Even if I was lucky enough to have a father that I respected and loved, I don't think I would spend that sort of money on it I'm afraid.

Merkur 34C Heavy Duty Classic Double Edge Safety Razor w/10 free blades + free sample £28.91 delivered @ The shaving shack
Found 5th JunFound 5th Jun
This is a great deal if you want one of the best safety razors around. Normally ~£35 for the razor only. This deal gives you the Merkur HD 34C + 10 Bluebeard Revenge blades for £… Read more

I tend to wait until I have a full beard before Shaving so likely get way less than that. My current blade is probably on about 7. I will probably shave another 2 or 3 times with it.


Thank you @mancamefirst you have given me hope. Will give it a go.


Thanks man just cant get the concept


From the "Instructions for Usage" section of a well reviewed razor on Amazon - sums it up perfectly "Instructions For Usage " No Pressure: These razors are not designed to be bullied into the beard or skin. In fact, doing such will undoubtedly lead to bleeding or irritation. Instead, double edges should gently glide across the face, and even with light pressure, will adeptly remove stubborn stubble. Change The Angle: Double edge razors should move across the beard area at an angle of approximately 30 degrees. Shaving should commence slowly and carefully with short, light strokes in the direction of hair growth. Since hair grows in different directions on every man, make sure to take note of your specific hair direction prior to shaving. That said, obviously no slicing or side-to-side motion. Stretch The Skin: More so than with multi-blade cartridges, double edge razors do their best work on skin that is held taut. So, when taking passes on the cheeks or neck, use that free hand to stretch these areas.


the correctly angled blade as it begins it's downward stroke (aided by a super slick lather of shave cream) will need the gentlest of downward pressure from yourself which in combination with the weight of the blade will achieve a successful shave I found really HEAVY razors with long handles suit me best - currently use a Edwin Jagger Head on a Parker 26C Handle

Parker 98R Heavy Duty Premium Barberpole & 10 Bluebeards Revenge DE blades £15.99 (delivery from £3) @ The Shaving Shack
Found 27th Sep 2017Found 27th Sep 2017
Similar to the Merkur 38C and a great DE razor. Dimensions Length: 10.8 cm Weight: 121g Offer expires 23:59 on 28th September 2017 I think you get emailed a code for 1… Read more

99R is the one you want, but I wouldn't say they are easier to clean, easier to do a quick rinse, but proper cleaning they aren't really. Plus they are easy to not tighten enough and eventually will loosen up more.


Have to agree have both types and never use the non butterfly anymore as so much easier changing blades on butterfly models




prefer the butterfly type which are far quicker to clean

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Brilliant Double Edge (DE) Shaving Starter Kit - £49.54 Delivered @ Shaving Shack
Found 31st May 2013Found 31st May 2013
The HotUKDeal's Double Edge (DE) Shaving Thread Link is listed in the first post, but here is what is considered the best equipment that is needed to begin DE shaving at a price th… Read more
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I have been de shaving for 3 months now and won't go back to fusion. Cheaper far better shave and enjoying it now. You have to find the right blades, for me it's dorco blades awesome no cuts or rash. Heat added


Edwin Jagger has been out of stock for a good few days now, and now i think the voucher has expired!


I bought the set 2 weeks ago and I am still waiting for TCB. Has it been paid for anyone else?


I didn't need it, but wit 21% rebate from TCB, I went for the Fatip razor.


Heh its all I have

Gillette 7 O' Clock Double Edged Razor Blades - 100 blades £10.99 @ TheShavingShack
Found 3rd Aug 2012Found 3rd Aug 2012
100 x Gillette 7 O' Clock Double Edge Razor Blades - £10.99 incl delivery + 10% discount if you sign up for their email updates + 10 free blades of your choice - select at the tim… Read more
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Great, thanks for that :-)


Remember to add a free gift to your order if you qualify (orders over £9.99). A good way of trying a free pack of 10 other razor blades.


I couldn't help it: Code: SHG30 Product: Gillette 7 O' Clock Double Edged Razor Blades Quantity: 1 Selected options: Quantity: 30 Gillette 7 O' Clock Item Price: £6.19 Code: SHISRAELIBLADE Product: Israeli Made Double Edged Razor Blades Quantity: 1 Selected options: Quantity: 10 Israeli Blades Item Price: £2.69 Code: SHF10 Product: Feather Hi-Stainless Double Edged Razor Blades Quantity: 1 Selected options: Quantity: 10 Feather Blades Item Price: £4.09 Code: SHFR5 Product: FREE 10 Feather Double Edged Razor Blades (Only 1 Free Offer Per Order!) Quantity: 1 Item Price: £0.00 TOTAL: ------- Payment Method: PayPal (PayPal) Delivery: 2nd Class Post within UK Subtotal: £12.97 Shipping cost: £0.00 TOTAL: £11.67


Just tried and they are OOS Note: Should say they are OOS for 100. Will still let you buy 10 or 30.


either a Edwin Jagger de89L or Merkur 34c. Decent selection of razors here

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Parker Model 52 Metal Safety Razor with Chrome Finish 61% off.£13.99 delivered @ The Shaving Shack
Found 17th Mar 2011Found 17th Mar 2011
All metal safety razor with chrome finish. Screw down blade change and substantial feel. Mach 3s give a good shave but traditional safety razors are anecdotally better with substan… Read more
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Try this one instead?


try the wilkinson sword hydro 5, switched to it a few weeks back, brilliant shave and quick


Awesome thanks, i have some old jeans and mach 3 blades going back a few years haha


Heh. Haven't seen one of these for yeeeeeeeears. I remember my dad used to use one when I was a kid (probably still does for that matter) and I just about took the end off my finger checking it out! oO


Take your time. I bought a new double edge last week and have a lovely inch+ gouge in my face. Serves my right. Will defo remember to be more careful next time!!!

Parker 71R Credit Crunch Kit (Razor, Brush, Soap) - £24.99 delivered (+8% Quidco/Free Gift) @ Shaving Shack
Found 8th May 2009Found 8th May 2009
Go on, give yourself an affordable treat! For a limited time only we've assembled these Credit Crunch Kits which are an ideal way to experience the joy that is Double Edged shaving… Read more

The real mans way of shaving. Good deal too, you get quite a bit of kit with it!


hmmm looks old skool lol


Initial cost seems high but in the long term it is a lot cheaper as 30 blades cost £5.99 (free delivery on all blades from this site!) Choosing 30 free blades means you will have a razor, brush & soap plus 30 blades for £24.99! Compare this to 8-10 cartridge blades costing £5-10 (Mach 3, Quattro etc...or if you like them costly, Fusion/Fusion Power) For all male grooming product reviews, check out Badger & Blade (good advice and tips too) ] (rep to Evil_monkey :thumbsup:) (after selecting category, sort by letter to make finding a review easier)

Merkur 34C Heavy Duty Classic (Case and 10 Blades) £27.44 (+ 8% Quidco/Free Gift) @ Shaving Shack
Found 7th Nov 2008Found 7th Nov 2008
Durable Razor for the Real Man! Shaving becomes a treat, not a chore! Sometimes you hold a razor in your hand and it feels just right. The chrome finish 34C is one of those razors… Read more

I realise we are talking about the Merkur 34C, but I recieved my Merkur Futur on Saturday, I had used a Mach 3 before and if I honest I was really quite dubious about the benefits of DE shaving, but also desperate because I suffer from really bad razor bumps /rash whatever you call it. I have had 2 shaves with it and already I am seeing the benefits. First and foremost, no razor rash wich for me is reasonenough to dance a jig secondly it is nowhere near as difficult to use as people make out just take your time. I am using the Merkur blades that came with it, having never used razor blades before I dont have a reference point but the Merkur seem good enough to me, I will buy a Sample pack when these run out. I also bought some Geo F Trumpers shaving soap and a badger brush I think that this made a difference as well. what I would say is that unless you have sensitive skin or problems with Shaving rash it is not imperrative that you buy shaving soap and a badger brush however, shaving with a DE razor and some canned foam is like going to a gastronmic resaurant and ordering beans on toast. The whole thing about DE shaving (Other than not getting shaving rash) is the experience of a quality shave, again something that I was dubious about until I tried it. And good call that man on Badger and blade great site By the way a sample pack cost Small £17.95 / Large £30 for the UK Pack (125 / 250 blades) as you can see, ridiculously cheap in comparrison to a Mach 3


I struggle to shave every 2 days, as it feels like I'm sawing of my face if I try every day!


I use a Merkur HD, worth every penny, although the blades are shyte for me, I use Gillette Platinum's, with the brush and a proper bowl of soap my shave is much closer than a Fusion, plus I don't get anywhere near as much drag now, I feel like the blade cuts the hairs as oppose to pulling them of Heat added!


No shave = no bedroom playtime for me, i shave twice a day, everyday, (sometimes after dinner too):w00t: (And i am a lumberjack!):?


Real men do not shave !!!!!