Shawn Michaels - My Journey, 3disc set WWE £5.45 @ Zavvi

Shawn Michaels - My Journey, 3disc set WWE £5.45 @ Zavvi

Found 27th May 2011
Great price, havent watched it but decent reviews.

added to my collection.



jumped up druggy idiot

but his faith has saved him

(by the way I met Shawn Michaels on a plane a few years back and he was still as pompus as ever)

In my top 3 of all time.

Mr Wrestlemania...................

Arrogant t*sser.

Heat for a great price but he is not and never will be in the same league as Bret Hitman Hart.

Good price but it's not in stock so don't bother ordering!

Ordered for the same price from WH Smith Entertainment over a week ago and still not even dispatched despite showing in stock when I purchased it. Got the usual update email today saying "We're sorry we haven't been able to send your item yet, we're following this up with our supplier". The awful service of the hut group never fails to amaze me!

"You screwed Bret"

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