'She' Magazine & Others - £1 for 3 issues + £5.80 Quidco

'She' Magazine & Others - £1 for 3 issues + £5.80 Quidco

Found 13th Sep 2008Made hot 1st Oct 2008
"Genuinely different, SHE is all about going the extra mile to bring you a beautiful, elegant magazine that answers the questions you really want to know the answers to each month. Each month SHE delivers the very best in fashion, beauty, travel, health & well-being, house & garden, cooking decorating and projects. We've even created brilliant tear-out-and-take-with-you shopping lists for everything from paint charts to menus. "

It's got Kate Garraway on the front, so I wouldn't hold out too much hope of intelligent info inside.

A note on the Quidco, it may not track as previous transactions for Radio Times for £1 didn't for me.

If not, 33p for a magazine that should be £3.30 ain't at all bad.

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Fab deal... even better if quidco tracks. It used to say it wouldn't for £1 subscriptions but it doesn't say that any more.... so lets see.

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Noticed there's a load of 3 for £1 offers on there, some bargains.

heat added

My Quidco has tracked!

I have taken out over 10 of these 3 for £1 offers and each time Quidco has been tracked and paid out.

If you get more than one of the offers do you get them for £1? and will quidco pay on each or is it one per person..

do they usually cancel the sub ok?

I'm going to do the in style offer as it says you can cancel after the 2nd if you arent 100% satisfied..

on the SHE magazine it says this..

'Try SHE for only £1.00 for 3 issues when you pay by direct debit. After your 3rd issue, you'll pay only £6.71 every 3 issues - SAVING 25% on the shop price. This is an annual subscription for 12 issues. Initial 12 month non-refundable contract applies. '

I have always ordered one magazine offer, then go back and ordered another one ,each has also been for £1,Quidco has ALWAYS paid out for me,but check Quidco. It is £1 for each new account with £5.80 Quidco cashback.
I have always cancelled the direct debit with my bank online straight after the £1 has been taken out of my account.

the best one of all is The week. It's free for 6 issues. how mad is that!
And Quidco profit.

you can do 2 of these a month :thumbsup:

£5.80 profit to recycle, I hope you guys are recycling these magazines! I have taken these out a few times, they did earlier this year have a clause stating on Quidco that the £5.80 doesn't pay for the £1 trial subs.

Looks like that has been temporarily removed, a sudden surge now though and I am sure it won't be long before its back in place again.

Watch out for any phone calls from Dennis Publishing if you take out any subs with them, Computer Shopper, Maxim etc, they hound your phone afterwards.

Do what i do, dont put in your real phone number and remember to always tick the boxes for no contact. By the way Quidco now says you can only take out 2 of these subs a month,i wonder if anyone has tried to order more than 2 a month?

Also says in the T&Cs

'The subscription can be cancelled at any time during its term and a refund of any unmailed issues will be made by the Publisher of the magazine/s you purchased and not by Magazine Group'

This is a great magazine for young adult ladies! I've had a subscription as a gift for the last few years but not renewing it as the subscribers don't get the free covermounts which is really bugging me!! Will be taking up this offer once my subscription ends :-)
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