Shea butter body cream - £0.49 @ Home Bargains

Shea butter body cream - £0.49 @ Home Bargains

Found 9th Jan 2009
Shea butter, produced from the nuts of the shea tree, is the basis of this beneficial body cream. It is the ideal daily skin care. From the moment the cream is applied, you will feel its intensive, but gentle effect - your skin is left noticeably smooth and supple. The vital substances of aloe vera increase the skin's resilience and thereby prevent premature wrinkles.
Pamper your skin with our shea butter - due to its high lipid content, it is especially good for dry, stressed skin.

Got a couple today so still in my local branch.
250ml tub with foil under lid and inside a box.
I think the company may have gone bust but these retailed at £20 each. I wish I had seen these before Christmas as I thought I was getting a bargain at Boots buying 3 for 2 on similar stuff. I spent £13.00 on 3 350ml tubs.


Sounds interesting. What's the name of the company?

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Phytocosmetics - Plantana

I know they used to sell this brand on shopping telly a couple of years ago.
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