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10' x 13' Yardmaster Green Metal Shed 1013GEYZ+ With Floor Support Kit (3.03m x 3.96m) - £534.99 @ Shedstore
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Posted 22nd Apr 2019Posted 22nd Apr 2019
10' x 13' Yardmaster Green Metal Shed 1013GEYZ+ With Floor Support Kit (3.03m x 3.96m) - £534.99 @ Shedstore
Needed a Metal Shed. Cant find 1 cheaper than this price with floor support. Looks sturdy and cheap for a 10x 13

Will this get any cheaper?


I think they are doing well to remember how much they paid. I only got mine around 10 years ago, and can't recall how much a paid. I feel a little bit forgetful in comparison....


Different make/model (Globel Lotus 10' x 19' Metal Workshop, £950) built last year but similar materials, I use it as a gym. I poured a concrete base and raised the whole shed up on a perimeter line of concrete blocks. Very sturdy and so far, rust free. Condensation not an issue though I would 100% recommend putting a damp proof layer both below and above the concrete base, helped so much. I also found that these shed kits tend to recommend being assembled without over tightening the screws/bolts. We found that the final few roof panels didn't align 100% because of the base being slightly off and by keeping the rest of the roof panels slightly loose during the construction, you can wiggle it around a bit. Once that was done, can tighten as much as you'd like. I'd also recommend upgrading the plastic washers you get for the roof screws, a lot of mine have fractured after a year so I'm having to put some sealant around the screws. Not a big issue but replacing with rubber washers would have helped from day 1


Bought a similar one last year (not quite as big), absolutely brilliant. Took best part of a day to assemble, erected on a purpose made concrete base. So far it’s withstood everything Mother Nature has thrown at it. I used coach bolts to secure it into the base. No leaks or rust so far


Metel sheds rust and wooden sheds rot but you can delay the inevitable by good preparation when putting them up and regular maintenance. As far as I know plastic sheds fade and get brittle / break due to the sun and there is little you can do. There may be some sort of UV blocker you can apply to slow down the effects of the sun. I prefer a wooden shed as you can replace parts yourself.

15% off Playhouses at Shed Store
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Posted 10th Aug 2017Posted 10th Aug 2017
15% off Playhouses at Shed Store
Found Offer to keep the kids I look after entertained... Here at Shedstore we offer a wide range of playhouses suitable for children of all ages. Made from the best quality materi… Read more
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Is this a code? I can't see anything that suggests a discount

Shedstore 10' x 8' Yardmaster Green Metal Shed 108GEYZ (3.03x2.37m) £289.99 Incl VAT & free delivery most areas! &&& TCB
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Posted 9th Dec 2016Posted 9th Dec 2016
Shedstore 10' x 8' Yardmaster Green Metal Shed 108GEYZ (3.03x2.37m) £289.99 Incl VAT & free delivery most areas! &&& TCB
With great reviews and recommended. Code: SHS17219 Precise dimensions for 10x8 metal garden shed: 9'11 x 7'9 (3.03x2.37m) 12 year cladding guarantee Galvanised painted, inside &… Read more
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As others have also said, no rust issues. Had mine for over 8 years now. Get the prep right and reduce moisture penetration from the ground and you have nothing to worry about.


regarding the rust - just wait a few years & see if your opinion changes


I have all three types metal, plastic & wooden sheds metal types is the only one I would never have again - its not so much the initial hassle in putting it up which takes at least twice as long & is generally a pain in th backside... its more to do with a) the huge amount of condensation on the underside of the roof i.e. do not put anything in a metal shed that might be damaged by getting wet from the condensation dripping from the roof (so no electrical items) b) after a few years or the shed roof started to rust despite being galvanised & so will require regular maitenance to stop it from getting holes in it - maybe some metal sheds are better quality but thats what happened to mine c) the sheet metal is paper thin & so probably provides the least amount of security - wood isnt much better though as you can easily pry off wooden panels Plastic sheds are by far the best as far as Im concerned & easily worth the extra cost


It really needs two laymen and about 10/12 hours - I always end up drilling the last few holes


Can't say that I've had any rust issues at all. Yes it's a pain to put up and will realistically take 2 people 2 days but I think these are far superior to the lap wooden sheds! Just think of it as a man size Meccano! X)

Shed Store Autumn sale - ends midnight 5/11/14
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Posted 4th Nov 2014Posted 4th Nov 2014
Shed Store Autumn sale - ends midnight 5/11/14
Great prices on well reviewed sheds/cabins/wooden garden stuff. E.g. 8x6 dip treated wooden overlap shed normally £279.99 now £209.99 Better reviewed than the equivalent B&Q … Read more

I purchased a tiger shed a few months ago the quality is excellent. It is worth paying the extra for a stronger frame. I purchased the 9x6 ft apex shed


Just about to buy an 8 x 6 shed from Tiger Sheds (£334.99) Would this v one be a better buy? (£329.99) Cheers


8' x 6' Shed-Plus SUPER SAVER Overlap Shed (2.37x1.91m) £183.95 @ Shedstore
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Posted 14th May 2014Posted 14th May 2014
8' x 6' Shed-Plus SUPER SAVER Overlap Shed (2.37x1.91m) £183.95 @ Shedstore
Precise dimensions for 8x6 shed are: 7'9x 6'3(2.37x1.91m) 10 year anti-rot warranty Economy security solution No windows for security Traditional overlap cladding Solid sheet roof … Read more

Lucky you didn't buy one from them then!


Going to buy three sheds, set them in the garden and let as a 1star London accommodation. My answer to London property crisis!


The warranty covers rot, not warping


We just brought a shed from these people. Quality is appalling, and looks very cheap. panels all warped and mouldy, floor really thin, roof is horrendous to fit and very flimsy. If it lasts as long as the warranty says it'll be a minor miracle! Buyer beware!


Luckily this one comes with a 10 year warranty

5' x 6'9 (1.52x2.05m) Play-Plus Parsley Cottage Playhouse £235.95 was £399.99 Free delivery also TCB 3.03% @ Shedstore
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Posted 15th Nov 2013Posted 15th Nov 2013
5' x 6'9 (1.52x2.05m) Play-Plus Parsley Cottage Playhouse £235.95 was £399.99 Free delivery also TCB 3.03% @ Shedstore
5' x 6'9 (1.52x2.05m) Play-Plus Parsley Cottage Playhouse Code: SHS266 Free Pressure Treatment 15 Year Anti-Rot Guarantee Tongue & Groove Wall Cladding Integra… Read more

Well actually I think this playhouse is much better value for money, nearly half the price. Just had one delivered for my daughter’s birthday and I can’t get her out of it.


As an alternative,


Great price thanks

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Pixie shire kids wooden playhouse £239.95 @ Shedstore
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Posted 4th Aug 2013Posted 4th Aug 2013
Pixie shire kids wooden playhouse £239.95 @ Shedstore
Price includes vat and delivery. We've just bought this and it's fairly simple to out together and is a fab size for any child, I looked online got hours before I settled for this … Read more
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COLD COLD COLD! I saw the pic but no chance after seeing baseless legal threats. @shire after 70 years its maybe time to outsource your customer relations department!


This response is for CAMBSGIRL: Thank you very much for the retraction, here at Shire it is much appreciated and we would confirm that this will indeed be the end of the matter. For other Customers: We employ more than a hundred people in the UK and have been a family business for more than 70 years. We supply many thousands of buildings each month to all points in the UK, regrettably with this huge volume a building might on occasion be incomplete or damaged, for this we sincerely apologise but we will always do all we can to rectify the situation. The Shire customer service team can be reached on 01945 465295 for any outstanding issues. (thankyou “Ilovetoshop” and others for their kind comments)


I was looking at getting one but 'no way Pedro' after threatening a forum user with legal action. Extreme cold :(


There was a place recommended on here ages ago called north street sheds, I only remeber as I bookmarked the address at the time.


Again sorry to hijack but, can anyone recommend a decent up standing shed supplier please, i wont be buying from these jokers...

Overlap Security Shed £134.95 @ Shedstore
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Posted 8th Mar 2013Posted 8th Mar 2013
Overlap Security Shed £134.95 @ Shedstore
seen this online, thought this was cracking deal ;) hey, save a shed load ;) ;) 5'11 x 3'10 (1.80x1.16m)+++•FREE Delivery*
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The price ain't that good.


I wouldn't be so sure; satisfied customers rarely seek out such sites (which are full of vitriol); some people buy a cheap shed and expect a mansion. This is a cheap shed. But a CHEAP cheap shed. You wouldn't be able to buy the wood for £134.95.


It seems that the adverse comments were well justified;


Amazed anyone bothers to post anything on this site due to all negative comments


Don't be silly haters. If you have a bike, this shed will be enough for the thieves to go steal one from the hater next door. My neighbour has a similar one, and he's the only guy around here who hasn't had his bike nicked. We don't all need fort knox - go pick on someone with your own IQ, leave the OP alone. It''s a good deal.

8' x 8' Summerhouse £449.95 @ Shedstore
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Posted 7th Mar 2013Posted 7th Mar 2013
8' x 8' Summerhouse £449.95 @ Shedstore
Saw a similar summerhouse earlier but this is the larger version with a bigger discount

I like it!


No, and best not to fully enclose a jacuzzi in a small shed. Condensation problems will be dreadful.


I doubt someone from Swansea has £3000 to spend on a whim (unless u r called Michu or Laudrup) but if your story checks out ....Get a tradesmen to build you a structure for it!


that's what my brain was telling me, I was hoping it was wrong. ****. spent 3k on a jacuzzi and need something to go over it since Swansea is officially the wettest city in UK. I flaming hate the bloody rain.


no it wont because 2m x 2m is 4m squared, this building is not 4m squared. so you will need to remove the front end of the shed or jacuzzi to get it fit in.

10'3 x 6' Windsor Overlap DD Apex Shed £256.95 delivered @shedstore
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Posted 4th Apr 2012Posted 4th Apr 2012
10'3 x 6' Windsor Overlap DD Apex Shed £256.95 delivered @shedstore
Best shed in this price bracket. Comes with double doors and solid board floor. Still only overlap build but seems a little sturdier than the "billyoh" models. Windsor Overlap DD… Read more

Our 12x8 was £500 made with T&G plus reinforced floor. Not cheap but from the build quality it will last a life time.


Good price - heat added - I am looking for a shed but been advised that shiplap is better ! but probably much more expensive.


My shed is about 40 years old. It's had new roofing felt and seen better days, but I just cannot find anything built to the same standard.


Good find OP, bargain given the size.

Larchlap Helston Summerhouse  - £299 @ Shedstore
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Posted 12th Jul 2011Posted 12th Jul 2011
Larchlap Helston Summerhouse - £299 @ Shedstore
Ive been looking for a shed , but also somewhere i can sit and have a beer when the BBQ is on i came across this , it seems like a good price , not very big but for what it is and… Read more
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gball i know but 1 that looks exactly the same with same measurements cn be found at homebase and so on , but this was about 140 cheaper than anywhere else , personally im going to keep looking , but someone must buy these or they wouldn't make them


Poor soul, I can just picture you squashed up in this little shed drinking a beer all on your lonesome, because let's face it, you're not going to fit many in there are you? Not voting either way, not up to speed on shed prices, thankfully :p


No one is asking you to buy the £199 one so your point is ? Not everyone wants to be bob the builder either ! heat added


Just a couple of points. The £199 one is 6ft tall so how high is the door opening? (Look at pic) The other point is WHY? Its so easy to buy a dropsaw (£40) and buy the wood and construct one of these, Just 4 panels a base and two halves of a roof. Then use bolts to put them all together (Or screw it if unlikely to ever dismantle) How hard is that? Unless thety are virtually giving the things away I will NEVER buy a shed. Then again, being 6'4" I need a bit more height than most.

Yardmaster Green Metal Shed 9.11 X 13 x 6.8 @ 369.99 + VAT + Free Delivery @ Shedstore
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Posted 29th Jun 2010Posted 29th Jun 2010
Yardmaster Green Metal Shed 9.11 X 13 x 6.8 @ 369.99 + VAT + Free Delivery @ Shedstore
It's the cheapest shed I found that is large enough at 9.11ft x 13ft. I am thinking of getting this but wanted to know whether it's a good deal for the size and material. Anyone g… Read more

That's a cracking price, I paid £600 for a wooden 10x12 before chrimbo, but that was fully built.


I think Argos have the same shed for £299.Bought one earlier in the year but I haven't put it up yet!


Be warned, these metal sheds are a nightmare to put up, millions of screws, holes not lined up properly and sharp pieces of metal. We have a smaller one, and the sliding doors at the front are horrible, they ice up in the winter, expand in the summer and don't slide at any time of year!! I would get a wooden one.


We have a metal shed ourselves but it made to look like wood so looks nie and is really secure... Mine is great.... Is like this one but slightly smaller


On second thoughts after a quick search.... £350 here (plus plenty of codes around for screwfix) £357 here Deluxe Version for £399 here

8'x6 Yardmaster Metal Shed £200 +FREE UK mainland delivery
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Posted 26th Jan 2010Posted 26th Jan 2010
8'x6 Yardmaster Metal Shed £200 +FREE UK mainland delivery
Gable 2.02m or 6'8'' Sides 2.37m or 7'9'' Height: Ridge: 1.89m (6'2") Eaves: 1.60m (5'4") Roof: Metal cladding Walls: … Read more
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I was banned yesterday from this forum, I wonder if it was automated or just an unhappy mod????? I have not and will never set any homepage to a deal I post, it's just weird, its also upsetting Also I do not work for a Shed company, I work for the NHS if its not obvious! ____________________________________________________________________________ You have been banned for the following reason: Referral set as homepage Date the ban will be lifted: 27-01-2010, 19:00 _____________________________________________________________________________


Stimp or stumpy? These are Pent Sheds with a flat roof and look like a box not really a shed. Plus they are only 4ft deep, hardly any depth, the shed in this offter is 8ft deep!


Just line the shed with essex board that solves the problem.....


critster is right, condensation builds up on the roof quite abit. although the roof is on a tilt and majority of the water runs to the sides your still left with some moisture inside. make sure elctrical items have a dust cover over them incase. about the rust Degeneratemoo, i would say it is unavoidable in also the wood sheds perhaps the plastic ones to, condensation will build up or moisture will aborb the wood which is a recipe for rust...unless you wipe the items dry ever so ofen and apple wd-4o on them.:)


becarefull of the condensation that builds up on the roof (inside) not very good for storing anything elecrical.

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