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Shell Energy 67MB broadband, £110 Amazon voucher, + 3 Months Free, + £78 Cashback - £23.99pm/18m (£9.83 effective cost) Via TCB @ Shell

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About this deal

You will get free broadband for rest of the year (3 months) - so you will pay for 15 months only.
You will also get £110 amazon voucher and £78 Topcashback
making this effectively £9.83 per month

Login to Topcashback account and do broadband compare.
Find this deal and then follow link.
This way you will get £78 Topcashback too.


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    Also if anyone is with llyods bank go to everyday day offers and u will get £60 cashback also paid within 2 months (edited)
    What offer exactly?
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    Good deal, but consider the TCB a bonus if you get it. Recently I've found them to be less reliable on larger payouts like this.
    Yes, my recent 2 transactions were not traced, not even the £2 bonus.
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    Will they double the price in 6 months like they did with petrol?
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    Do they still send you a router left over from the 1990s?
    Yea Looks like a shell 🐚 (edited)
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    Unlike many providers, they don't seem to guarantee a minimum download speed.
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    Can you set a forward date on this? My Dad’s broadband contract runs out on the 11th November, would be handy if I could set this up for him a couple of days before then.
    Terms and Conditions
    Get a £110 Amazon.co.uk Gift Card when you purchase Shell Energy's Superfast Fibre Plus Broadband, offer valid until midnight on 09/10/2022.
    My BB is also due on the 11th Nov and was wondering the same - shame.
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    Once they get a windfall tax I might consider. I have also boycotted their fuel pumps as they are by far the most expensive
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    That's got to be a good deal at that price and speed, even if it is Shell! ♨️ (edited)
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    It says it doesn’t include landline. Good luck getting through to their site. Took me ages and then it says my phone number doesn’t match my address.
    It needs confirm twice that it is for me.
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    Not seeing any mention of the Amazon voucher on TCB or Shell's website...
    Please read the information I provided in the original post.
    Thank you
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    I found them difficult to get hold of when you need them. They tend to increase the cost during the contract period too. This is a good price but I'll be moving elsewhere once my contract is up.
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    They also use talktalk,,or did when we were with them
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    Good deal, heat added. Shame I just joined Vodafone.
    Good luck with that, they're a useless shambles, the sooner I'm out of my 18 month contract and away from them the better.
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    Topcashback Compare doesn't list this offer for me, Shell broadband only offered on Topcashback via a direct link with no voucher included.
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    Rubbish Internet service even extra fast fibre. Thank god its over for me. Stay away (edited)
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    Customer service not good, emailed them over 2 weeks ago for the router password login, auto response nothing else from them.
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    I did a quote out of interest (my BB deal not due to renew until January).
    For some reason, I get this message: "Unfortunately your telephone line cannot support the product you have selected"
    It then goes on to offer me an array of "full fibre" deals at much higher price. I already have ultrafast fibre, so what is the difference with this particular "superfast fibre" that my line doesn't support, but is fine for other providers to support?
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    I tried to order this for my mother, I cannot get past the phone number bit, which it says does not match the house. She has only lived there for 46 years and had the same number, so I guess it must take a bit longer to pull her data through.
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    I'm with them now - speed is awful - I switched from NOWtv broadband and was getting 50mb now I'm lucky to get 10-15 and it drops out regularly. They just say that I'm getting less than they would expect and blame my router location etc
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    Awful company to deal with, they're on my blacklist along with BT, lastminute.com & House of fraser
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    The deal is hot.
    But She'll Broadband are awful! Preferred to finish my contract much earlier than the 2 years, rather than staying with them.
    Is it really that bad?