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Posted 28 September 2022

Shell Unleaded Petrol £1.569 @ Huddersfield, Leeds Rd, Mirfield

In store: Leeds · Shell Deals
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Cheapest Unleaded in Huddersfield, Leeds Rd, Mirfield WF14 0BY

BP petrol station got same price 2mins away

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    Thus is shell fuel not your cheap supermarket fuel. Also its for people around Huddersfield
    Haha. You guys crease me, not cheap supermarket fuel. Do a bit of research, simple as chatting to the fuel tanker delivery driver as he delivers your super fancy Shell fuel. Ask him where his last delivery was? Potentially Tesco, Esso, Asda, etc. The fuel is all refined at same place. As Del would say to Rodney, “what a plonker you are”. The snake oil is then added by each at point of sale. FACT.
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    Appears to be normal price, same in north Lincolnshire at both stations by me also
    Anonymous User
    Normal!? Morrisons in Knottingley is 183.9 for diesel. (edited)
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    This isn't a deal let's be honest. My local even has it at 1.55
    Where is your local,as round here it’s cheapest
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    No deal .. Costco Oldham in £1.45.9
    Thanks. I'll drive 20 miles to Oldham instead of
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    Regular Shell unleaded is not really different to supermarket fuel.

    Whereas V-Power has got some great additives in it, which you obvs pay for at the pump.
    Lol! A UK driver has a lawsuit against Shell. He tried the V Power (once) instead of his usual Tesco Momentum (both 99 Ron petrol) and his engine blew up. I don't recall the specifics, but either the pump had been filled with the 95 Ron (normal stuff) or V Power is awful.
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    Every little helps (them)
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    deal or no deal
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    Asda, sainsburys and morrisons selling Unleaded at 160.9
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    How much was the v-power?
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    151.9 at my local shell 
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    With the falling Pound it's over £1.20 at our Local Total garage,
    in France. (E10) (edited)
    I can beat that - £1.04 for either diesel or petrol basic grades at our holiday place.

    It was 95p/ litre up until 3 weeks ago - well, we know what happened next
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    haha wow thats my town Mirfield i fill up there
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    No deal. It's 166.9p at my local Tesco. I love the rip off price we pay here lol
    154.9 at my Tesco, should be same price all over , i’m sure Tesco will be paying exactly the same to buy
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    169.9 at my local
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    149.9 in Southend
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    159.9 at my local shell North Shields
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    £1.05/ litre for both petrol & diesel here, guys

    Not UK, I hasten to add. But not very far away (EU)
    Probably be cheaper to drive there fill up and come back at the moment.
    Robbing bar stools they are.
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    The story is simplified a lot, but many years ago I was with a company which made industrial control equipment. We had an enquiry from a major petroleum company, for flow measurement and dosing control for a project so secret it wasn't named to us. It was so secret that we didn't get enough proper data to build the kit. We were, essentially, told to guess at operating ranges. In the end, we produced some kit according to our best guess. As it happened, because the exact performance criteria hadn't been given to us, when the kit had to be set up it was right at the edge of its range. The consequent dosing performance was, to put it charitably, rubbish.
    We eventually learned that it was dosing an additive into tankers of an "advanced" fuel. So go figure.
    Before anyone asks, it was a long while ago and no, I won't name any of the companies involved.
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    The cheapest I’ve seen in leeds is 158.9 so may be worth a drive x
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    It's almost 140 miles from me. Sorry.
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    These robbing twonks should be paying for the cost of living crisis and inflation as they almost started it off and they still continue to fleece us.