Shell V-Power unleaded same price as Unleaded Normally 10p more - £1.28 @ Goose Green Wigan

Shell V-Power unleaded same price as Unleaded Normally 10p more - £1.28 @ Goose Green Wigan

LocalFound 23rd Dec 2013
PRICE GLITCH: Shell Goose Green Wigan. V-Power Nitro Unleaded is the same price as normal Unleaded, usually 8-10p more. Good fuel for the car.
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shell shut down in my town like 2-3 years ago
I used this fuel for a few weeks whilst collecting the lego sets for my son.
I noticed no improvement in performance or fuel economy but certainly noticed the difference in price.
Defo gives more MPG. Licensed by Ferrari.
Made no difference in my car but (pun ahead...) YMMV...

Defo gives more MPG. Licensed by Ferrari.

yeah, and ferrari really are an authority on mpg aren't they. Kings of Economy!
So what cars did you put the petrol in. If its not a high performance car then you are muppets
You need variable valve timing (goes by a few different names dependant on manufacturer) to get any hp/mpg benefit from higher octane fuel (as you need to "delay" (can't get the real word past the censor.. starts with re- and ends with -tard) the ignition slightly as higher octane fuel is easier to ignite so your "bang" will happen too early in the power stroke otherwise). What v-power may do is contain extra additives which increase the longevity of your engine - this is irrelevant of the make/model/year. Ask any pertro-chemical engineer, they had a nightmare when sulphur limits came in because sulphur actually protects the engine pretty well (as did lead in 4-star), so low-sulphur fuel needs a lot of additives to provide the same protection. Newer engines are probably built to cope with this, but anything pre-sulphur limits weren't (no idea when the limits came in to be honest). At the same price as Shell unleaded (which is usually a couple of pennys more expensive that supermarket fuel) V-power is a solid investment, even if its just the odd tank now and again.
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Also a good deal if you should be putting higher octane fuel in your car but put regular in to save money (which doesn't work in the long term). Good example is the Skoda Fabia 1.4 or cars with the same VW engine.
No mpg increase for me.... And that's with a variable timing engine (2l vtec)....
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