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Shell broadband 11Mb. £75 credited in Oct effective monthly £11.74. fibre 35MB for £16.74 & 63Mb £21.74 @ Shell via Money Saving Expert
27/08/2019Expires on 27/08/2019Posted 20th AugPosted 20th Aug
Very cheap broadband. £75 will be credited to your account in October. Making the £16.99 monthly cost in affect £11.74. Including line rental If you want fibre broadband than 35Mb… Read more
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Anyone signed up yet? I have received my email for order confirmation but it does not mention £75 credit.


Would avoid - family relation signed with them and took ages to fix a line issue


Cause they do, unfortunately the money they pay taxes on is earned by someone else,



My argument is don't be a hypocrite and preach what you don't practise

Shell go plus free credits towards fuel purchase and more - £2 off a £10 fuel spend new members
Posted 17th JulPosted 17th Jul
Shell has introduced new scheme. It gives money off at 10th fill up. Plus some free stuff on the way to the 10th fill up. I personally received 2£ off 10£ minimum fill up. Then I w… Read more
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My hero <3


I prefer the new reward system. Yes I do fill up only £10 every time I pass my local Shell station but I've already saved £8 since May whereas before I would get like £5 in 6 months. It takes only a few minutes to fill up so it's not a big deal for me.


Youre right, but its a world we do live in at the moment. If you want you can use bp or esso or other station...its up to you where you take tour business... Its like you saing ...i wont shop it my local tesco because they put prices up and I dont like it...but it could be because the rent went up...or minimum wage gone up...or inflation...or pound lost 10% is business...if its not making money it will go bust and your friends or you or me could loose jobs. Will you work for 3£/h? No you wont make sense to would wont 10£/ you go to a place where you can make money... Same with shell...true some people are worst off...but some are better off... You should not think about that you lost should be happy I am better off as this new rules make me a welthy man now XD (lol) enjoy my happines brother <3 (embarrassed)


Oh right, as long as your imaginary friends are happier then that works for everyone else (skeptical) plus all the other people you randomly meet you speak to immediately about Shell rewards as your primary pressing concern in day to day life. I'm guessing you haven't been reading the comments from other people in this thread too well....... This scheme is clearly designed to be more opaque than the previous simpler rewards, and certainly designed to reward only those meeting various strict criteria. Which you have to carefully track to get anything remotely worthwhile out of it. Hence me pointing this fact out, as that means more people are less likely to bother with it. By making it more convoluted Shell are almost certainly putting people off. Fairly obvious reason why they would want to do this....


What I 'love' about the Shell offers: you get a voucher for a free bottle of Coke Zero or Buxton water and when you go to redeem it they have every single brand/item on the shelves except the one you have a voucher for. I'm not just referring to my local Shell garage. This has been the case for me multiple times at Shell garages up and down the country. When I once asked the staff if they purposely took these promo items off the shelves I got a smirk in reply.

Free tap Water Refills at Shell
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Posted 17th JunPosted 17th JunLocalLocal
Not sure if it's everywhere but Shell are offering free tap water refills if you hand them a bottle. Seen at Shell Narborough Road Leicester

Might bite when its free fuel refills.


Mind your own business


Beat me to it! It’s also on the iOS App Store too :)


Please carry a bottle and use this app to locate places you can refill.


I believe most petrol stations will do this based on a bit of investigation in the BBC show War on Plastic, but most don't advertise it because they make millions from bottled water sales. Just ask at the till for them to refill you if they don't advertise it anywhere.

Shell Garage - Top Car Wash - Exeter Countess Wear - £6.00
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Posted 2nd JunPosted 2nd JunLocalLocal
£2.00 off and saves me washing it!
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The neighbors wife always washes her car in underwear.. i always knew she was a scrubber! (highfive)


The wife is already trying to entertain them that way on her car (y)


Use that time to train the kids to do a proper wash & detailing. You know it makes sense.


To wash a car properly, it takes 30 minutes to get the stuff out, then an hour or two, to do it. So that is 1 hour extra I can spend with my kids. If you want you want to wash my car for £6.. please do.


That half an hour saved tho, plus you get some exercise, plus you have £6 in your pocket, plus you don't have to scratch your car up even more, plus you don't have to drive to a car wash and hope it working and available, plus you're likely to save water just using a hose.

Shell - £2 off a £10 fuel spend when joining / converting to Shell Go+ Rewards Programme
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Posted 24th MayPosted 24th May
Shell are changing their reward system from the Shell Driver's Club to Shell Go+. The app. remains the same, it's just the reward system you need to join/convert form within the a… Read more

Amex have been really useless lately - no deal worthy of our while - looks like they have gone into purse tightening mode too :(


Could be missing something here but seems like you get rewards from between £1- £50. Guessing the vast majority will be £1. Most people probably won't bother to do this though as it's not really worth it but actually Shell probably prefer you to. You'll be coming into the shop alot more frequently, doesn't really cost them any extra and you might buy something that has a high markup. Add in the reinforcement of the Shell brand and not losing your custom to the cheaper supermarkets and it seems like a great deal for a quid. Overall, you'll end up filling the same amount anyway. Guess it might be worth it if you get lucky and hit that elusive £50. And what's the net cost on a coffee, 10p?


Seems strange to me too. It just means people will spend less each visit.


That's exactly what I do. Every time I pass a Shell station I fill up £10. As long as your fills are 10 minutes apart it counts as 2 transactions :) I can easily get £1 off every week and I don't drive much.


Not for me. Unless you only fill up with a tenner a time, it's much, much worse.

Little Duck Luxe 16 toilet rolls £3.99 at Shell instore (wigan)
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Posted 16th MayPosted 16th MayLocalLocal
Little Duck Luxe 16 toilet rolls £3.99 at Shell instore (wigan)
Shell Goose Green, wigan selling 16 pack toilet rolls at £3.99, cheaper than Tesco.

You might also poke through and accidentally enjoy it


Ooh 2 ply be careful be very careful.. You might get chocolate fingers


Not all toilet rolls are created the same. Different number of layers, different thicknesses of individual sheets, different numbers of sheets on a roll, quality of peforations e.g do the sheets tear off easily, are the sheets sented or not, has a soothing agent like Aloe Vera been added. Try different brands and stick with one that meets your needs.




You 16 quality toilets from Aldi for £3.49 all the time.

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3% off Shell fuel for First Utility Customers
Refreshed 25th MarRefreshed 25th Mar
Over the weekend First Utility have rebranded to 'Shell Energy' ( ). When I've logged in it has asked me if I have the Shell app on my phone to get an addit… Read more
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you are Right


Strongly disagree. Engine does run smoother. Returns 1-2mpg more. I am sure of it. My family is using in their cars and can confirm it. All that compensates for the price difference IMHO


What should I use? Stick to Morrisons?


That explains it then lol


Seemingly linked to this offer (incase people miss it) is the possibility of £2 off a £10 fuel spend at Shell. See thread here.

Ultra cheap fuel! @ Shell station in Apsley £1.07.6 a litre
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Posted 1st Nov 2018Posted 1st Nov 2018LocalLocal
Ultra cheap fuel! @ Shell station in Apsley £1.07.6 a litre
Today only.Petrol station has been reopened today
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No, only chicken and fish.


That's approximately 20p cheaper then anywhere else...


Must have a ‘use-by’ date of today !! ;)


Yeh! When it got past 79p I was thinking it was starting to get daft! "Imagine if it got up to a quid!"


I remember when I first started driving in 2006, the price was around 85 pence. I thought that was expensive at the time!

Bonus 4500 Shell Points worth £18 in Fuel Vouchers!
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Posted 15th Dec 2017Posted 15th Dec 2017
Just had an email from shell with a free points bonus of 4500 which works out at around £18 in fuel vouchers! Not sure if account specific but worth a check!
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Haven’t seen a shell garage in years


Offers for you Fantastic offers personalised especially for you There are currently no offers available. Blah, I have 98 points....


Nothing for me but still hot.


Only 1000 for me.


Lucky you

SHELL - Spend £30 on Fuel and get a FREE water bottle worth £8
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Posted 25th Aug 2017Posted 25th Aug 2017
SHELL - Spend £30 on Fuel and get a FREE water bottle worth £8
Just filled up at Shell this morning and the lady behind the counter said I can have a free water bottle as I have spent more than £30 on fuel. Details of bottle: Stay hy… Read more

Was surprised with one of these the other day when i went to fill up, good little bonus. Holds about a pint of water and keeps it relatively cool too. V-power user here too, friends with a load of mechanics in my area and heard some horror stories about motorbikes being waterlocked due to supermarket fuel. Don't know how much is true, but I'd rather have peace of mind if I'm honest!


Not sure. I didn't get offered one when I filled up over the weekend.


It's national


BPA free? lol i think this is ok but not worth the "RRP" great little bonus for filling up


You're not supposed to bring your own, you're supposed to buy some. That's why!

Shell V Power £1.149 at Pool in Wharfedale
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Posted 9th Aug 2017Posted 9th Aug 2017
Shell V Power £1.149 at Pool in Wharfedale
Today and possibly tomorrow Shell V Power Fuel is the same price as regular unleaded (£1.149 p/l) This is a fantastic price. Gutted that I already had half a tank! The price reduct… Read more
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It's an 8P S3. They start off at 265bhp. Stage 2 remap plus some light mods on mine.


How're you getting 340 out of your S3? Even more reason for some 9


Good effort.....


I mostly swear by Tesco momentum 99 in my 340bhp audi s3. The Ecu alters the timing and lowers the power (slightly) if you use lower octane fuel - it's even mentioned in the owner's manual. I wouldn't put Asda crap in it, ever. I get v-power or momentum 99.


The v power diesel gives me about 10% better mpg. I drive a 2.4 turbo d. About 265bhp. I get better mpg and the engine runs smoother for a few fills after. Good to use these now and then

Shell Design Water bottle down from £8 to £4 for Shell members at participating stations
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Posted 20th Jul 2017Posted 20th Jul 2017
Shell Design Water bottle down from £8 to £4 for Shell members at participating stations
Shell fuel Design Water bottle down from £8 to £4 for Shell members at participating stations
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Car wash £3.50 @ Shell
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Posted 15th Jun 2017Posted 15th Jun 2017LocalLocal
Gold car wash at shell garage half price from £7.00 to £3.50 until 21 June 2017. An excellent deal in Aberdeen but may be national as well.
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​That's what I was thinking. microfibre wash mitt at the least.


Sponge? Wow.


i went for this at my local shell 3 weeks ago and being completely honest, my car comes comes out better from the rain than this car wash


£3.50 to have brush marks beaten into the paintwork for the life of the car? err think i will pass and use a sponge and hose pipe. voted cold!!


Hope it's national. It gets that car clean and that's good enough for me and my non-fancy motor.

Object DVR Rolson Dashcam - £18.49 @ Shell Petrol Station (Ulverston)
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Posted 7th Mar 2017Posted 7th Mar 2017LocalLocal
Object DVR Rolson Dashcam - £18.49 @ Shell Petrol Station (Ulverston)
Cheap Dash cam at Shell Garage in Ulverston South Cumbria. Apparently Rolson have put up displays in several Shell garages selling usb accessories and other gadgets as well as thes… Read more
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2 cans of Redbull £1.95 @ SHELL Drivers Club with voucher
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Posted 2nd Mar 2017Posted 2nd Mar 2017
2 cans of Redbull £1.95 @ SHELL Drivers Club with voucher
I got a Redbull voucher from SHELL drivers club for half off a can of Redbull 355ml can. In the shop they were doing 2 cans for £3 so I got 2 cans to see if my voucher would work o… Read more
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I got my vouchers this week. I had 800 points which they converted into vouchers. Always activate extra pointspecial emails from SHELL that's how I got so many points so fast only joined in November.


When do they send out the vouchers for fuel, as i joined a couple of months ago and not received any yet.

Spend over £30 at shell garage on Fuel on Receive a booklet with savings upto £50
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Posted 8th Jan 2017Posted 8th Jan 2017
Spend over £30 at shell garage on Fuel on Receive a booklet with savings upto £50
Fill up over £30 and receive a booklet with upto £50 Offers inside *** just a quickie more INFO later <<<

Well I just pulled the T&amp;Cs in 60 seconds... In short: 2 for 1 offers for days out - sounds similar to promotions with 2for1 for thorpe park etc that you often get with the likes of ?Nestle. And 1 month Readly Magazine Subscription. In summary, absolutely terrible offer.


'More info later' - we're all still waiting!


Bull! Same old misguided comments on every single petrol/diesel post!


I only use optimax due to needing 98Ron whilst more expensive I do find I get a better range than if I run on normal unleaded.


My local Shell is about 100 yards from a Sainsburys filling station so always within 1p a litre of Sainsburys prices or the same

Shell Fuel Pump Challenge. EARN BONUS POINTS
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Posted 16th Nov 2016Posted 16th Nov 2016LocalLocal
Shell Fuel Pump Challenge. EARN BONUS POINTS
Shell pump challenge. Runs from 10-11-16 to 04-01-17 Stop the pump on round numbers £30, £40, £50, £60, £70, £80, £90 or £100 or 2 pence either side of the specified amount to e… Read more
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mine have been added now.. I have 4000 points. :)


​Ive just had my vouchers come through the post today. Along with a couple of offer vouchers.


If you can only get £16 at once, I'll follow behind and you can give me the £14 difference :D


Does anyone know when Shell's 'quarters' are? I have reached over 500 for a £2.50 voucher but they haven't sent anything out yet.


​Money off your future fill ups.

Make The Future event at Olympic Park, London June 30th to July 3rd
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Posted 1st Jul 2016Posted 1st Jul 2016
Make The Future event at Olympic Park, London June 30th to July 3rd
Sorry if you missed the first 2 days but it's still on for the weekend if this is something anyone would want to go have a look at. Free tickets are free tickets - just don't menti… Read more

You're welcome I.....guess...(_;)

25g Wild west beef jerky 2 for £2.00 @ shell garages
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Posted 19th Mar 2016Posted 19th Mar 2016
25g Wild west beef jerky 2 for £2.00 @ shell garages
Popped in to the local shell garage and found these beef jerkies for 2 packs for £2.Various flavours were available.25g bags only.

its only a £1 in lidi. so no deal.


Wild West 85g £3 and Bundu 85g £3 normal price at Sainsburys.


Normally £1.89 in Tesco, i'll be definitely making a purchase


99p each in Lidl too

Unleaded 97.9ppl @ Shell Preston Garstang Road (this is for Unleaded and NOT SUPERMARKETS DEISEL)
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Posted 28th Jan 2016Posted 28th Jan 2016LocalLocal
Unleaded 97.9ppl @ Shell Preston Garstang Road (this is for Unleaded and NOT SUPERMARKETS DEISEL)
As detailed in title. Unleaded 97.9ppl Cheapest in country.
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Are you sure? This is for Unleaded not Deisel. Asda Deisel has has been 97.9 and not unleaded.


ASDA has been 97.8 for about a week! That's why this is cold.


Supermarket petrol station 99.9p is hot but Shell 97.9p is cold... ????


Smoking hot because I lived on Garstang Road near the Withy Trees. I do prefer Shell too.


Hot. Thanks