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Ultra cheap fuel! @ Shell station in Apsley £1.07.6 a litre
LocalLocalFound 1st NovFound 1st Nov
Today only.Petrol station has been reopened today
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No, only chicken and fish.


That's approximately 20p cheaper then anywhere else...


Must have a ‘use-by’ date of today !! ;)


Yeh! When it got past 79p I was thinking it was starting to get daft! "Imagine if it got up to a quid!"


I remember when I first started driving in 2006, the price was around 85 pence. I thought that was expensive at the time!

Bonus 4500 Shell Points worth £18 in Fuel Vouchers!
Found 15th Dec 2017Found 15th Dec 2017
Just had an email from shell with a free points bonus of 4500 which works out at around £18 in fuel vouchers! Not sure if account specific but worth a check!
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Haven’t seen a shell garage in years


Offers for you Fantastic offers personalised especially for you There are currently no offers available. Blah, I have 98 points....


Nothing for me but still hot.


Only 1000 for me.


Lucky you

SHELL - Spend £30 on Fuel and get a FREE water bottle worth £8
Found 25th Aug 2017Found 25th Aug 2017
Just filled up at Shell this morning and the lady behind the counter said I can have a free water bottle as I have spent more than £30 on fuel. Details of bottle: Stay hydrat… Read more

Was surprised with one of these the other day when i went to fill up, good little bonus. Holds about a pint of water and keeps it relatively cool too. V-power user here too, friends with a load of mechanics in my area and heard some horror stories about motorbikes being waterlocked due to supermarket fuel. Don't know how much is true, but I'd rather have peace of mind if I'm honest!


Not sure. I didn't get offered one when I filled up over the weekend.


It's national


BPA free? lol i think this is ok but not worth the "RRP" great little bonus for filling up


You're not supposed to bring your own, you're supposed to buy some. That's why!

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Shell V Power £1.149 at Pool in Wharfedale
Found 9th Aug 2017Found 9th Aug 2017
Today and possibly tomorrow Shell V Power Fuel is the same price as regular unleaded (£1.149 p/l) This is a fantastic price. Gutted that I already had half a tank! The price reduct… Read more
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It's an 8P S3. They start off at 265bhp. Stage 2 remap plus some light mods on mine.


How're you getting 340 out of your S3? Even more reason for some 9


Good effort.....


I mostly swear by Tesco momentum 99 in my 340bhp audi s3. The Ecu alters the timing and lowers the power (slightly) if you use lower octane fuel - it's even mentioned in the owner's manual. I wouldn't put Asda crap in it, ever. I get v-power or momentum 99.


The v power diesel gives me about 10% better mpg. I drive a 2.4 turbo d. About 265bhp. I get better mpg and the engine runs smoother for a few fills after. Good to use these now and then

Car wash £3.50 @ Shell
LocalLocalFound 15th Jun 2017Found 15th Jun 2017
Gold car wash at shell garage half price from £7.00 to £3.50 until 21 June 2017. An excellent deal in Aberdeen but may be national as well.
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​That's what I was thinking. microfibre wash mitt at the least.


Sponge? Wow.


i went for this at my local shell 3 weeks ago and being completely honest, my car comes comes out better from the rain than this car wash


£3.50 to have brush marks beaten into the paintwork for the life of the car? err think i will pass and use a sponge and hose pipe. voted cold!!


Hope it's national. It gets that car clean and that's good enough for me and my non-fancy motor.

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Object DVR Rolson Dashcam - £18.49 @ Shell Petrol Station (Ulverston)
LocalLocalFound 7th Mar 2017Found 7th Mar 2017
Cheap Dash cam at Shell Garage in Ulverston South Cumbria. Apparently Rolson have put up displays in several Shell garages selling usb accessories and other gadgets as well as thes… Read more
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2 cans of Redbull £1.95 @ SHELL Drivers Club with voucher
Found 2nd Mar 2017Found 2nd Mar 2017
I got a Redbull voucher from SHELL drivers club for half off a can of Redbull 355ml can. In the shop they were doing 2 cans for £3 so I got 2 cans to see if my voucher would work o… Read more
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I got my vouchers this week. I had 800 points which they converted into vouchers. Always activate extra pointspecial emails from SHELL that's how I got so many points so fast only joined in November.


When do they send out the vouchers for fuel, as i joined a couple of months ago and not received any yet.

Spend over £30 at shell garage on Fuel on Receive a booklet with savings upto £50
Found 8th Jan 2017Found 8th Jan 2017
Fill up over £30 and receive a booklet with upto £50 Offers inside *** just a quickie more INFO later <<<

Well I just pulled the T&amp;Cs in 60 seconds... In short: 2 for 1 offers for days out - sounds similar to promotions with 2for1 for thorpe park etc that you often get with the likes of ?Nestle. And 1 month Readly Magazine Subscription. In summary, absolutely terrible offer.


'More info later' - we're all still waiting!


Bull! Same old misguided comments on every single petrol/diesel post!


I only use optimax due to needing 98Ron whilst more expensive I do find I get a better range than if I run on normal unleaded.


My local Shell is about 100 yards from a Sainsburys filling station so always within 1p a litre of Sainsburys prices or the same

Shell Fuel Pump Challenge. EARN BONUS POINTS
LocalLocalFound 16th Nov 2016Found 16th Nov 2016
Shell pump challenge. Runs from 10-11-16 to 04-01-17 Stop the pump on round numbers £30, £40, £50, £60, £70, £80, £90 or £100 or 2 pence either side of the specified amount to e… Read more
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mine have been added now.. I have 4000 points. :)


​Ive just had my vouchers come through the post today. Along with a couple of offer vouchers.


If you can only get £16 at once, I'll follow behind and you can give me the £14 difference :D


Does anyone know when Shell's 'quarters' are? I have reached over 500 for a £2.50 voucher but they haven't sent anything out yet.


​Money off your future fill ups.

25g Wild west beef jerky 2 for £2.00 @ shell garages
Found 19th Mar 2016Found 19th Mar 2016
Popped in to the local shell garage and found these beef jerkies for 2 packs for £2.Various flavours were available.25g bags only.

its only a £1 in lidi. so no deal.


Wild West 85g £3 and Bundu 85g £3 normal price at Sainsburys.


Normally £1.89 in Tesco, i'll be definitely making a purchase


99p each in Lidl too

Unleaded 97.9ppl @ Shell Preston Garstang Road (this is for Unleaded and NOT SUPERMARKETS DEISEL)
LocalLocalFound 28th Jan 2016Found 28th Jan 2016
As detailed in title. Unleaded 97.9ppl Cheapest in country.
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Are you sure? This is for Unleaded not Deisel. Asda Deisel has has been 97.9 and not unleaded.


ASDA has been 97.8 for about a week! That's why this is cold.


Supermarket petrol station 99.9p is hot but Shell 97.9p is cold... ????


Smoking hot because I lived on Garstang Road near the Withy Trees. I do prefer Shell too.


Hot. Thanks

Celebrations Tub £3 @ Shell
LocalLocalFound 13th Jan 2016Found 13th Jan 2016
Not sure if national but it might be so worth a check. Seen at Ellesmere Port Shell Garage

My Shell garage ONLY reduces products when they have 1 day left on them. The attendant touts them as you pay, and I've learned to do 'eye glaze' whenever I see a reduction sign.


I bought these and now celebrate diabetes

diesel at shell 99.9p
Found 5th Jan 2016Found 5th Jan 2016
shell Talbot road Blackpool, under a quid for non supermarket fuel great
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About 10p a litre 8)


in general, if you do the maths most of the times you get 5-8% (sometimes even more) more mileage with non-supermarket fuel...I have test it many times and, unless the price difference is more than 5-6p, the non-s.m. fuel is always more addition because the fuel lubricates some parts of the fuel system of the car(specially on diesels), you ve got more wear with supermarket fuel as is more "dry"


thanks to all who posted heat, if one person found it useful then I'm happy. I personally do not use supermarket fuel due to the bad reports it gets.


Some people believe that the additives in the non-supermarket fuel make it superior, others disagree. The conversation usually then degenerates along the lines of Apple v Android


Genuine question because I don't know the answer, what is the difference between supermarket and non-supermarket fuel ?

SHELL V power diesel nitro diesel £1.12 per litre
LocalLocalFound 4th Jan 2016Found 4th Jan 2016
she'll nitro diesel for £1.12 per litre

Doesn't make a difference when you're driving poverty benefit street wagons. But my M3 runs much better with a smoother idle with the super fuels. Tesco Momentum and Vpower Nitro being the best.


Well where are you getting your snake oil then?


I use this when the engine starts to get noisy and lumpy, it does seem to help, I sit on top of a diesel engine all day so this is more empirical than placebo. One tank in three seems to be adequate, I suspect it's the additives giving the system an enema.


If this was the unleaded it would be a good deal for me. My car manufacturer (Porsche) recommends the use of high octane and I have used the Shell V power variety since owning the vehicle. When I took delivery I did ask the dealership about the specific benefits of using high octane and I was informed that it is based purely on the engines compression ratio. During hard accelleration for example on a high compression ratio engine standard octane fuels can cause "knocking" which is the result of a pre ignition of the fuel air mixture, the higher octane fuels burn at a slower rate and thus results in a more controlled burn at high rpm rather than pre explosion type burn which causes the pinging or knocking problem. Beyond this aspect I understand mileage benefits and noticeable performance increase is a myth.


Contains 5% snake oil...........and you know how rare snake oil is.......suckers

free £5 fuel for selected shell customers
LocalLocalFound 18th Nov 2015Found 18th Nov 2015
Checked your email everyone !! Have to use PayPal by the looks of it *Fill up atleast £5* - Apogee00

Thanks. Got 2 credits :)




Expired, deal ended yesterday


its immediate on the paypal receipt


How long does it take for the credit to show on paypal?

Maximum Shell POINTS! - buy a Costa drink from any Shell Petrol Station you get the equivalent to 40 litres of fuel in points
Found 17th Sep 2015Found 17th Sep 2015
When you buy a Costa drink from any Shell Petrol Station you get the equivalent to 40 litres of fuel in points for one Costa Drink!!!! Alll you have to do is : GET A POINTS CARD … Read more
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yes but its cheaper than putting 40£ worth of fuel to get the point.... just a bonus you get them really


Incredibly misleading title. So you don't get 40 litres of fuel, but the points you would have got if you bought 40 litres of fuel


Not the deal of the century then!

Found the detail. You get 20 points with a regular drink (worth 10p) and 40 points for a large one (worth 20p).

Are you saying that by buying a Costa drink you get 40 Shell points, worth 20p? When I first read the title of the post I thought that you were suggesting that by buying one Costa drink you earned sufficient points to buy 40 litres of fuel which is obviously ridiculous.

Triple points on Shell V-power nitro
Found 27th Feb 2015Found 27th Feb 2015
Have you noticed petrol prices have started creeping up again? If you have a shell card you can triple your points when you fill up with Shell V-Power Nitro+. The tag should take… Read more

Its not a big deal, on average people put in 40 litres ish so 5p a litre is a whole £2 and if you believe their marketing you will go a bit further on that anyway. Heated added, i likes my v-power


I heard it was a good fuel to use, but at the moment i'm keeping my costs down.


Always find Shell way more expensive round here


Around my way its amount the cheapest, they match or are only 1p more than the supermarkets and I only use V-Power as my car is designed for higher octane. Good news for me.


Have you seen the price of Shell fuel lately???

Shell unleaded petrol 109.5p and regular diesel 115.5 bailiff bridge/brighouse
LocalLocalFound 31st Dec 2015Found 31st Dec 2015
shell fuel which is a higher quality than supermarket fuels is cheaper than the major supermarkets. I appreciate this is local but if you live near by this is a steal Shared Via … Read more
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Post 18 for the amendment


you just contradicted yourself in 1 sentence.


Who was manning the till??


Why is diesel more than pertrol....???? when I was a nipper starting out it used to be almost half the price of petrol....


Welcome to the club