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Energy August 2021 plus Google Nest Hub £81 a month £962 Estimated per year* 13 months fixed at Shell Energy
-180° Expired
Posted 5th JulPosted 5th Jul
Switched from Scottish power. Predicted saving is just over £450 / year. Total cost for gas plus electricity £962 per year. Used Top Cash Back and tracked at £40 but will increase… Read more



I believe that Shell bought out Hudson Energy. The reviews are shocking. I went with Bulb some years ago and have had a good experience for the most part since. Certainly better than the utter travesty, loathsome excuse of a company that Scottish Power is. I lost over 24hours of my life over 2 years on the phone to those cretins. If Shell are anything like them, run away, as fast as you possibly can.


Here are the Energy August 2021 rates:- gas 2.326p per kWh and 12.800p per day elec 14.054p per kWh and 15.824p per day


Yes I used u switch and Shell came in at 4th cheapest but went for this as you get the google gift and £60 cashback. They were slightly better but since 1st Central screwed me, as they cancelled the cashback just after the cooling off period I didnt want to take the one with £100 cashback that was slightly cheaper as I may never get it. My bills at the moment with Scottish Power are about a few hundred pounds more than Shell, so took a chance. It's only a year contract so if they are poor I will cancel it.


Never heard of Orbit not in the top 40 deals here .

Buy Any Shell Fuel get 3p off per litre - Shell+ club members on app
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Posted 9th JunPosted 9th Jun
For any shell fuel , good

Spend £200 and get £1 off. Used to be better when they sent coupons to the house.


Not on my app and have contacted shell support and they say it is account specific and system generated


I know where I'd be going (y) 😁👈


(5)1. SHELL WISHAW (NEWMAINS SERVICE STATION)0.71 miles away99.7p 03/06/2020by mauro.margar… (13)2. ASDA NEWMAINS AUTOMAT0.8 miles away99.7p 03/06/2020by PetrolPrices Shell and Asda are the same price near me


Yeah I think they were concentrating on power, and the focus of that was the octane rating, rather than different brands. I seem to recall there was almost no difference between 95 supermarket and branded stuff. Anecdotally, I think there is a difference with high octane petrol in the right car, but that could just be a placebo effect - I've never dyno'd a car to check. Economy is a bit more easily measurable (but far from scientific), and I can't see any difference between the brands for the same octane rating.

Shell Energy Broadband: overall cost 35Mb = £24.99 month, 63Mb = £29.99 month (18 month contract, + credit and cashback)
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Posted 8th JunPosted 8th Jun
Shell Energy Broadband: overall cost 35Mb = £24.99 month, 63Mb = £29.99 month (18 month contract, + credit and cashback)
Been looking at my next broadband provider after my current contract runs out. This is the best prices i could find for 35mb and 63mb speeds. Unlimited downloads. List price is £… Read more

Does anyone use their own modem& router with shell broadband? Currently with NowTV Broadband and using own modem isn’t really an option..


Joined them in Jan from Vodafone, getting near on 75mb consistently (was getting around 62mb with vodafone) although I'm still using vodafone router as Shell one is even worse. No issues so far


I left six months early and paid fees to be rid They provided a lesser service than what I was paying for, eventually sent out an engineer and charged me three months later with no notice. I'd strongly reccomend paying a bit more to go with any other provider


once looked at them but didn't like the look at router there was using


Worst service ever. Paid them 3 month's charges just to get rid of them. Terrible service. Never ever again.

Shell Energy - 2 free smart devices worth £260 and poss £119 cashback. May 2023 plus Philips Hue and Nest Hub Max Direct Debit ebill Tariff
Posted 15th MayPosted 15th May
Shell Energy - 2 free smart devices worth £260 and poss £119 cashback. May 2023 plus Philips Hue and Nest Hub Max Direct Debit ebill Tariff
NB. SMART METERS NOT REQUIRED! Shell Energy - 2 smart devices worth £260 and 'POSSIBLE' £119 cashback via Topcashback (usually ok but never reply on this) with the Tariff 'May 2… Read more

Devices received and changed to bulb who will pay exit fees. No cashback yet, says 16 weeks on tcb


Anyone got their cashback confirmed?


Have you received your free gifts? Btw, check on e bay... There are a few people who offer Bulb referral codes with £75 credit...


BOOM! Only with em 4 weeks, when they arrive/confirm shipping I'm changing to bulb who'll pay by exit fees and gimmie £50 (lol)


I'm about to apply for a mortgage, so the home max would be welcome in the new house. How would this effect my mortgage application?

Shell petrol £1.05 / Diesel £1.12 London Barking
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Posted 20th AprPosted 20th AprLocalLocal
Shell petrol £1.05 / Diesel £1.12 London Barking
This deal is in LONDON, BARKING... near barking station I don’t think I’ve ever seen Shell sell petrol this low, EVER! I was just passing by and look what I found!!! Did I need pe… Read more

Not quite sure if I agree or not but I have just drank a bottle of wine with dinner so I will regard you as the more knowledgeable. ;)


Carousel fraud is countered by the reverse charge on imports - effectively you charge yourself VAT and then recover it if it is incurred in the course of furtherence of business.........there is never neghative VAT charged. If you are an exporter then you would get a repayment of VAT - this would be recovered input tax (not output tax).


Carousel fraud


VAT is either input tax (VAT recovered on expenditure) or output tax (VAT charged on sales) cannot have negative output tax (unless it is a credit note adjustment). I have no idea what you mean by import or export, as that is irrelevant.......if you export from the EU then it is a zero-rate sale, and if you import then you reverse charge yourself the VAT on the purchase and recover that element as input tax (if it is recoverable).


Ergo it’s in London?

Shell Energy "Superfast Fibre" Broadband (Upto 38Mbps) 12mth contract £23.99 p/mth with £100 bill credit (via MoneySavingExpert)
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Posted 15th AprPosted 15th Apr
Shell Energy are offering their "Superfast Fibre" Broadband on a 12 month contract via Martin Lewis' Money Savings Expert website for £23.99 a month. Also you will be credited £… Read more

Really can't complain with Shell broadband! No doubt I'll have to change provider next year and find a competitive price but I love the challenge! Here are my stats over the last couple of days. I don't mind if they drop from here but been mightily impressed with the speeds so far!


t u Those speeds are very good... I wouldn't expect the 13.27mb upload speeds to remain... They do vary during the first week or two, as the speeds are optimised for your line. The maximum 10mb upload speed is artificially restricted by the ISP, based on the plan you are on and and would expect them to automatically slow it down to closer to this speed as things settle down. Very pleased with my speeds and seem to have settled down now... This is what I am getting now over WiFi and are probably a bit faster if I was to use an Ethernet cable. (Apparently it stataes TalkTalk as Shell Energy use TalkTalk wholesale for their internet, a bit like when I was with OneStream who used Vodafone as their wholesale internet provider.)


So after 6 days into line profiling, I'm hitting 38.46mb down and 13.27mb up now. It probably won't change much from that. Really happy with the speed and no issues with the service yet. At £15.99 p/m and a dual band router, really can't go wrong!


Excellent news. Mine went live yesterday. I think they'll be profiling the line over the next few days but currently at 30mb / 10mb which I'm happy with.


My broadband got connected last Thursday and so far to good.... Hitting 37.3mb download and 9.7mb upload speeds. The router seems pretty decent with a good signal throughout the house. Overall a happy man and pleased with the deal.

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Shell Broadband 12 month - £22.99 (Effective £16.33pm after bill credit) - £275.88 via MSE
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Posted 9th AprPosted 9th Apr
Shell Broadband 12 month - £22.99 (Effective £16.33pm after bill credit) - £275.88 via MSE
A good deal for broadband if avaliable in your area
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Estimated download speed 32-36, guaranteed 30. £24.99 for 24 months. One off cost of £19 for activation, installation and delivery. the longer contract means bypassing looking for a new deal in a years time, so less stress this time next year of who to go with.


What are you paying and for what speed? Thanks


Just an update if you were interested, have signed up with BT, dearer but better service and more established, solid brand. I know people will have mixed opinions about bt but thought it would be worth paying a bit more and seeing how I got on.


Nowtv have offered me £22.99 p/m - currently paying £32. Vodafone throttle speeds so no 4k Netflix etc. And speeds are slow every evening. They don't offered truly unlimited broadband. Google 'vodafone throttling' and you'll see what I mean!


Thanks for the info. What is your current offering with Nowtv? What’s your thoughts about Vodafone now

Helensburgh Shell Garage Waitrose Petrol at 0.99p Diesel at 1.089p
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Posted 7th AprPosted 7th AprLocalLocal
Helensburgh Shell Garage Waitrose Petrol at 0.99p Diesel at 1.089p
Petrol at 099.9p Diesel at 108.9p Cheapest I’ve seen for a long time

Last sentence almost said Britain soiled.


Great, cheap petrol and I’m stuck at home with a full tank.


Sounds like you've been sniffing petrol


Just buy the cheapest fuel and add a dose of Miller's Ecomax...


Take a bow this fella

Free Sandwich for Key Workers from Shell Service Stations (Jamie Oliver Sites) until 30th April
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Posted 21st MarPosted 21st MarLocalLocal
See the attached image Store locator
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Not civil servants tho


This is getting old now. There are a number of schemes available from free car hire to free taxi rides in different areas or community volunteers offering lifts etc. There are winners and losers in all situations. Communities need to pull together to help the most vulnerable including those who have lost jobs. Keyworkers have lost out for years. Don’t begrudge them a free sandwich (confused)


My point is that a key worker getting full pay needs these freebies less than someone who's just had their livelihood collapse or greatly diminish. The only freebie an NHS worker really needs right now is a taxi ride for the price of public transport for those that don't run a car - so they're not mingling with a lot of other people on a bus or train.


Well why don't you get the free Sandwich and give your neighbour it then seen as you are so concerned?


They are part of the list defined by the Government

Unleaded Fuel £1.039 per Litre at Shell Waitrose Helensburgh
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Posted 20th MarPosted 20th MarLocalLocal
Unleaded Fuel £1.039 per Litre at Shell Waitrose Helensburgh
Shell Waitrose Helensburgh West coast of Scotland Unleaded 99.9 Vpower Unleaded 104.9 Diesel 108.9 Vpower Diesel 113.9 Shell provided station so no wholesale markups. Worth the … Read more
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Erskine 1.19

ricey "Oil price may fall to $10 a barrel as world runs out of storage space" Like I said, wait for as long as you can to fill up. We've been getting bumped for years. Time to exert more pressure by not buying until the price falls further




Checked my app 6 visits to go before rewards all of a sudden 1.60 off any fuel

Unleaded Fuel £1.059 per Litre @ Shell (Townsend Garage, Tintinhull, Yeovil)
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Posted 19th MarPosted 19th MarLocalLocal
Unleaded Fuel £1.059 per Litre @ Shell (Townsend Garage, Tintinhull, Yeovil)
Unleaded Fuel is only 105.9 Per Litre here TOWNSEND GARAGE A303, Tintinhull, BA22 8PF, Yeovil, GB
ricey "Oil price may fall to $10 a barrel as world runs out of storage space" Like I said, wait for as long as you can to fill up. We've been getting bumped for years. Time to exert more pressure by not buying until the price falls further


So cheap even the cyclists are voting this hot.


Apart from key workers, who is going to need a full tank of fuel at this moment in time? Madness to tie up £50 of cash in fuel if it's just going to be sat there.


the Shell in Leicester on a50 always somehow happens to charge almost 10p all the other Shell stations and almost 20p more than supermarkets (confused)


We are getting screwed over by these lot in Greater London

Shell fibre 35mb broadband £22.99 a month 12 month contract + £90 credit applied
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Posted 18th MarPosted 18th Mar
Shell fibre 35mb broadband £22.99 a month 12 month contract + £90 credit applied
Excellent fibre broadband price £90 credit will be applied to your account within 90 days. You pay £22.99 a month but taking into account the £90 credit equates to £15.49 a month… Read more

yeah I'm trying to leave virgin but not paying £60 for the privaledge


Will you actually get 35 mb or is it up to? I signed up to sky a few years ago. They said it was 60mb but I only ended up getting 18mb. I binned in a few weeks later. Same happened with Plusnet. You only truly get what's advertised with Virgin.


Interesting reads on this posting.Whilst i would never think of joining Shell fibre i have until 6th April to find another provider as my promotion deal with Virgin expires and its jumping from £25 to £52.Which i find incredible that it can go up so much at once,i had huge problems in the first 3 months and eventually they came out and pulled a new line through which changed everything for the better. They must of surely still made money from me in the year ive been with them,but now they want to scare me off by raising the price more than double.


But it comes down to what quality and capacity their servers are at no? if they oversell and dont have enough capacity. Your post implys differences are only down to router, but talk talk have their servers in the exchange and are not using bts, then shell rent space from talk talk and so the differences can be that the servers and capacity are inferior to bts.


I also need to chase up my cashback, only went with them because of the cashback offer and no news as yet. Speeds are good, much better than Plusnet so far for me.

Unleaded Petrol charging £1.12 @ Shell Camelon
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Posted 4th MarPosted 4th MarLocalLocal
Unleaded Petrol charging £1.12 @ Shell Camelon
Misprice of unleaded Petrol at Camelon (Falkirk) Shell should be £1.20 but charging £1.12 that's a saving of 8p per litre.. Plus Shell fuel known to be better then supermarket fuel… Read more
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That's a good way to be the bigger person and resort to direct abuse, it's a sign that you have lost the argument when that is your only option. Bravo.




Cant wait for them to rebrand this place as 'HotUKopinions' really makes more sense (embarrassed)


Yes I said there is difference between high and low octane but most engines are set up to run on 95 Ron but there is no difference between 95 Ron Tesco and 95 Ron Shell just the additives pack and that wont effect MPG . Even Shell ect wont claim more mpg because they cant as its exactly same fuel (additives not fuel ) be like saying Scottish power is better than N power gas


If you read manufacturers instruction books of many small city cars such as Toyota Yaris (far from being a performance car) they recommend premium high octane fuel of over can’t claim there is no difference. and as I said there are documented,comparison tests by car magazines and car channels showing advantages of premium fuels (Shell and BP specifically) vs cheap super market ones even in average ,regular cars such as Volkswagen.just browse Youtube snd Google. in addition there is personal experience by many including myself that shows superiority of premium fuel.

Free Philips Hue and Google Nest when switching to Shell Energy
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Posted 1st MarPosted 1st Mar
Free Philips Hue and Google Nest when switching to Shell Energy
One of the option when choosing energy plan offers free Philips Hue and Google Nest bundle. Prices vary depending on submitted answers. Do your calculations but looks HOT to me.
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Do not touch this company they are rip off merchants


100% agree with Octopus energy. I changed my mother over to them and she's never had a problem with them. Customer service is bang on as well.


Avoid like the plague


Oh my days. I’m always amazed when people think that they can get anything free. It’s always built into the price. Yes you don’t pay for it straight away but over time you actually buy at pay the same if not more...


Had these jokers ring my doorbell once despite a big sign saying please do not ring the doorbell, as it used to frighten the life out of my grandma. They were very unprofessional by all accounts. I can recommend Octopus energy. They use green and renewable energy and very good customer service.

Corona 10x330ml bottles - £10 at Shell petrol station, Leicester
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Posted 29th FebPosted 29th FebLocalLocal
Corona 10x330ml bottles - £10 at Shell petrol station, Leicester
Just picked up 10 bottles for £10 at Shell petrol station Narborough Road Leicester Lighter than traditional beers With a crisp and refreshing taste Light, dry beer has pleasa… Read more

Where's your source on this? I want to read it. I can't find that figure anywhere.


Share the contagion, share a Corona with friends. It's the delicious taste of Corona-virus in a beer. Each bottle contains genuine, authentic COVID-19, guaranteed to infect you all. The delicious, intoxicating, taste of flu..


not voting, and no disrespect to twigz, but at £3 per litre of meh beer, 25% cheaper at at least two high st rivals.... how the f is this getting any heat? comedic value I suppose


Scary how something like this can potential kill a product and maybe a company. I remember in the early 80s there was a dieting product called "Ayds For Slimmers" (pronounced Aids). The advent of AIDS completely killed the sales of that product.


Selling out fast! Apparently, this post has gone viral... I'll get me coat.

Shell Diesel 122.9 Shell Unleaded 118.9 - Aldershot
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Posted 5th FebPosted 5th FebLocalLocal
Shell Diesel 122.9 Shell Unleaded 118.9 - Aldershot
Shell Diesel 122.9 Shell Unleaded 118.9 Verified locally, not sure if national
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Voted hot as this is a great deal for shell. Although in saying that, my local morrisons is 118.7p for petrol and my local asda is 120.7p for diesel. So still slightly cheaper elsewhere obviously depending on where you live :)


Much the same as all of the posts for Heron Foods. Even Admin are under the impression Heron are national. But I suppose if you have never travelled outside of Yorkshire or the Midlands, then you'd have no idea.


Yes, but people voting cold just because it’s not near them doesn’t make sense. Heat it up so that those that do live locally get to see the deal. Human nature I suppose.


Quite odd - took a drive there as only a few miles away from where I live (where my local shell is £1.31 u/l and £1.36 diesel). Pulled in and it looks like a newly converted petrol station (from something else - just rebadged Shell). Filled up (£1.19 u/l) but unfortunately none of the Shell Go+ stuff is working. Pulled out and about 250 yards further up the road is another Shell (looks like a proper Shell garage if you know what I mean, eg: not converted from something else) - even that is £1.21/£1.26. Not sure how two Shell garages can survive that close together but thanks to the OP as the few miles drive is worth it when filling up even at 10p cheaper.


Because it will be locally...around me shell is £1.30 - £1.33 for diesel.... Asda is £1.20 nationally (Diesel)

Jamie Oliver hot food at Shell. 2 for 3 pounds
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Posted 4th Dec 2019Posted 4th Dec 2019LocalLocal
Jamie Oliver hot food at Shell. 2 for 3 pounds
Pasties/ sausage rolls etc are 2 for three pounds at Shell petrol stations. Lovely food
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Rather eat stale crisps than line that muppets pockets. Rant over


Hey, Jamie's doing his bit for champagne socialism by chucking a thousand plus workers on the dole queue whilst he trousers a few million in cash he shrewdly siphoned out.


Do these petrol stations have a 4star Michelin rating Goodness me celebrity TV CHEF sausage rolls


Hope it's better than his restaurant's used to be


Jamie Oliver Sausage Rolls........I see he’s moved away from pushing his healthy eating since his businesses went bust! Obviously wasn’t much call for 2 carrot sticks for £3.

Shell Super fast Fibre Broadband - 38mbps - £23.99pm + Two Months Credit Back (18m) £431.82 @ Shell Energy
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Posted 19th Nov 2019Posted 19th Nov 2019
Shell Super fast Fibre Broadband - 38mbps - £23.99pm + Two Months Credit Back (18m) £431.82 @ Shell Energy
A theoretical £21 per month outlay over an 18 month period, with two months credit back for free. Two months on us** Now £23.99 per month

I'm happy that people know who the intolerant person is, thanks.


Double reply and throwing more intolerant perceptions about, not triggered then comrade (skeptical)


And that's not cheap at all... £12-15 would be


I'm sorry you didn't like me calling you out on your right wing name calling ad hominem attacks which let's not forget started this, but there we are.


Hmm and your handle isn't just ever so slightly racist? Thought not (annoyed)

Shell £2 off fuel via Shell Go+ app
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Posted 8th Oct 2019Posted 8th Oct 2019
Shell £2 off fuel via Shell Go+ app
Shell are offering £2 off fuel via their app. Just download the app and create an account the credit should be added to your account within an hour. Minimum spend £10 Now I know … Read more
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Now £1 for new customers


we've been using shell for as long i can remember. How does it compare to bp in terms of quality? Their prices seem to be pretty much same around here but never used them


I’m with Shell Energy for my gas/electric which gives 3% off fuel. Not much, but it brings the price down to the same as the supermarkets . Shell do randomly give freebies out without the need to collect points. I’ve had free costa, Waitrose cookies, wine gums, snickers. there are also deals for when you spend , such as free costa when you buy 3x costas . if shell is your local convenient garage, Then it’s worth using the app.


I think they realise the take up Shell Go is failing hence why these more aggressive money off vouchers. When I personally saw you need 10 fill ups to get money off I ditched their reward scheme.


I've had free drinks, sweets and probably £10 worth of free fuel. You ain't going to get rich from it but if your spending anyway makes a lot of sense.

Shell Fibre Broadband Deal £22.99pm (12 months - £75 bill credit in December = £16.74pm)
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Posted 23rd Sep 2019Posted 23rd Sep 2019
Shell Fibre Broadband Deal £22.99pm (12 months - £75 bill credit in December = £16.74pm)
Fibre broadband for less than I'm currently paying for slow broadband!
Get deal*Get deal*

Switched over from Vodafone to Shell, seems to be the same speeds for me..... no contact with Customer services yet, so not sure I will be so happy if things start to go wrong.


This is what I am getting through the link... Superfast Fibre Plus broadband Estimated max speed 76 Mbps £34.99 per month, 18 month minimum term Superfast Fibre broadband Estimated max speed 38 Mbps £29.99 per month, 18 month minimum term Fast broadband Estimated max speed 16 Mbps £19.99 per month, 18 month minimum term


Been with them for 3 months, with absolutely no problems, great speed, but as with all providers, you only find out how good or bad they are when you have a problem or when you try to leave.


Rebadged Firsty Utility, if you value your sanity you'll keep well clear of these bunch of shysters. The worst company i have EVER dealt with and caused me untold problems that went on for 2 years.


Previously First utility well known for robbing tou blind lying and stealing from folk and putting people into spiraling debt due to underhand tactics even has it's own facebook hate group where people who have been destroyed by this group go 2 ask for advice on how to get out!! AVOID AVOID AVOID

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