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Shell Broadband 330 Mbps Down UP 50Mps £34.99 per month 18 Months at Shell Energy
Posted 19th OctPosted 19th Oct
Shell Broadband 330 Mbps Down Up 50Mps £34.99 per month Was looking for a family member and came across this deal but I don't know what Shell is like for their customer service as… Read more

Get in line. 😁. 330 is a pipe dream. 10 years on 80/20 fttc with no upgrade in the medium future here. ( now actually 60/20 with 10 years of subscribers contention)


Yes they may still do something with better speeds over to increase their average available speeds, we can but hope!


Same but I do think they said can get to 500Mbps or even 900Mbps. But like you said for me 330Mbps is enough for now for downloading games etc


I'd imagine you will be later on the list for FTTP like me then but you never can be sure. For me is plenty fast enough and I haven't had any stability or performance issues.


Yeah I think people on won’t be getting probably any time soon anything than that as they have to get people who are still on 79Mbps or lower upgrades sooner rather than later. But I have heard talktalk are doing 500Mbps now on so I think they can push it still.

Shell Energy Broadband 35Mb Superfast Fibre £23.99/12 mth for broadband & line rental + £100 bill credit from Shell Energy
180° Expired
Posted 30th SepPosted 30th Sep
35 MB Download / 9 Mb Upload It's £23.99/mth for broadband & line rental, but you get an automatic £100 bill credit from Shell Energy added to your account within 3mths. ht… Read more

Just sent you a pm


I also bought the same deal, if its any consolation didn't see anything about the £100 in the email either... They've removed the old document from their website, takes you to the version you mentioned.and the current promo is a £75 instead of £100... Try signing in to your online account, the old version might be there, if not let me know, I downloaded it but don't think it can be uploaded here?


Thanks for this. I went for this deal yesterday but cant find any reference to the £100 bill credit on any of the emails they have sent me. Do you know where I can find these terms and conditions? I've tried searching on their website but can only find Version number: 5.1.18 Date published: 06/10/2020 (skeptical)


Doesn't apply if you bought it through the MSE link, although I agree it is rather bizarre of them to charge an exit fee if you're leaving once your minimum term is up, especially if you're migrating to another provider, which usually doesn't carry a fee from any of the other providers... (shock) As per what billythekid11 said, here's the full excerpt, The cease charge doesn't apply if you sign up via the MSE link, taken from Page 3 of "Broadband Promotional Terms and Conditions Version number: 5.1.17 Date published: 28/09/2020" exclusive - Midday September 29th 11.59pm October 5th (“MSE Promotional Period”) Customers signing up to Shell Energy Broadband (12 month) through during the MSE Promotional Period will be charged the following monthly rentals: ■ Fast broadband £21.99 per month ■ Superfast Fibre £23.99 per month ■ Superfast Fibre Plus £29.99 per month Subject to meeting the eligibility criteria below, customers signing up to Shell Energy Fast Broadband (12 Month) will receive a one-off bill credit of £50, customers signing up to Shell Energy Superfast Fibre (12 Month) or Superfast Fibre+ (12 Month) will receive a one-off bill credit of £100. The applicable bill credit will automatically be applied to customers accounts within 90 days of the service being provisioning where the following eligibility criteria are met on the date the credit is applied: ■ Customer must have signed up during the MSE Promotional Period through ■ Customer must not have cancelled or be in the process of cancelling their Shell Energy broadband product and ■ Customer must not have any overdue charges on their Shell Energy broadband account Customers signing up to Shell Energy Broadband (12 month) products through will not receive a Cease Charge as set out in our Terms and Conditions and Price List if they leave outside their minimum contract period. Promotion is not available to existing Shell Energy broadband customers upgrading their existing service. All bill credits are inclusive of VAT Shell Energy reserves the right to end these promotions at any time. I note that they've published new terms and conditions applicable from 6 October now live on their website, so search for the document, Version number: 5.1.17 Date published: 28/09/2020


Not if on MSe site.Yes if not

Cheap shell Fast Broadband £24.99 per month for 12 months £299.88 @ Shell energy via Moneysavingexpert (£120 possible bill credit)
-96° Expired
Posted 20th AugPosted 20th Aug
Shell Fast Fibre Broadband is available for the equivalent of £14.99 a month via a special link on Martin Lewis's Moneysavingexpert (MSE) website. The speed will be between 38mb an… Read more
Get deal*Get deal*

Mines going live next Tuesday.


Can only echo the comments of others on here. I signed up around 2 months ago and the whole experience has been very smooth. The signup was quick and easy. Live date and router delivery were as stated. I’m currently paying £23.99 and should get the bill credit around month three. The connection speed is around 40mbs which is slightly faster than promised 38mbs. Connection is stable and hasn’t missed a beat so far. Oh and the router is bloody good unit with 2.5 and 5ghz bands and strong coverage around the whole house. I’d recommend them.


No idea why this is so cold - it's the cheapest broadband at this speed. Their website started I managed to do mine in the end through the website and it kept the number, the issue I mentioned seemed to have resolved itself. I'd get in touch with them over the phone and try and adjust the order if you want to keep the number and see what happens. On another note, no idea why this is so cold - it's the cheapest price I've seen for above the basic broadband speed and also no cashback but a direct bill credit. I think it's a fantastic deal.


Customer service is ok got thro to them quick, cancelled contract without a problem fast and easy


Signed up, can't keep my phone number for some reason, see how it pans out.

Energy August 2021 plus Google Nest Hub £81 a month £962 Estimated per year* 13 months fixed at Shell Energy
-180° Expired
Posted 5th JulPosted 5th Jul
Energy August 2021 plus Google Nest Hub £81 a month £962 Estimated per year* 13 months fixed at Shell Energy£962
Switched from Scottish power. Predicted saving is just over £450 / year. Total cost for gas plus electricity £962 per year. Used Top Cash Back and tracked at £40 but will increase… Read more



I believe that Shell bought out Hudson Energy. The reviews are shocking. I went with Bulb some years ago and have had a good experience for the most part since. Certainly better than the utter travesty, loathsome excuse of a company that Scottish Power is. I lost over 24hours of my life over 2 years on the phone to those cretins. If Shell are anything like them, run away, as fast as you possibly can.


Here are the Energy August 2021 rates:- gas 2.326p per kWh and 12.800p per day elec 14.054p per kWh and 15.824p per day


Yes I used u switch and Shell came in at 4th cheapest but went for this as you get the google gift and £60 cashback. They were slightly better but since 1st Central screwed me, as they cancelled the cashback just after the cooling off period I didnt want to take the one with £100 cashback that was slightly cheaper as I may never get it. My bills at the moment with Scottish Power are about a few hundred pounds more than Shell, so took a chance. It's only a year contract so if they are poor I will cancel it.


Never heard of Orbit not in the top 40 deals here .

Shell Energy Broadband: overall cost 35Mb = £24.99 month, 63Mb = £29.99 month (18 month contract, + credit and cashback)
-224° Expired
Posted 8th JunPosted 8th Jun
Shell Energy Broadband: overall cost 35Mb = £24.99 month, 63Mb = £29.99 month (18 month contract, + credit and cashback)£449.82
Been looking at my next broadband provider after my current contract runs out. This is the best prices i could find for 35mb and 63mb speeds. Unlimited downloads. List price is £… Read more

Does anyone use their own modem& router with shell broadband? Currently with NowTV Broadband and using own modem isn’t really an option..


Joined them in Jan from Vodafone, getting near on 75mb consistently (was getting around 62mb with vodafone) although I'm still using vodafone router as Shell one is even worse. No issues so far


I left six months early and paid fees to be rid They provided a lesser service than what I was paying for, eventually sent out an engineer and charged me three months later with no notice. I'd strongly reccomend paying a bit more to go with any other provider


once looked at them but didn't like the look at router there was using


Worst service ever. Paid them 3 month's charges just to get rid of them. Terrible service. Never ever again.

Shell Energy - 2 free smart devices worth £260 and poss £119 cashback. May 2023 plus Philips Hue and Nest Hub Max Direct Debit ebill Tariff
Posted 15th MayPosted 15th May
Shell Energy - 2 free smart devices worth £260 and poss £119 cashback. May 2023 plus Philips Hue and Nest Hub Max Direct Debit ebill Tariff
NB. SMART METERS NOT REQUIRED! Shell Energy - 2 smart devices worth £260 and 'POSSIBLE' £119 cashback via Topcashback (usually ok but never reply on this) with the Tariff 'May 2… Read more



Cashback now CONFIRMED on tcb


Devices received and changed to bulb who will pay exit fees. No cashback yet, says 16 weeks on tcb


Anyone got their cashback confirmed?


Have you received your free gifts? Btw, check on e bay... There are a few people who offer Bulb referral codes with £75 credit...