Shelly Dolls £2.49 for 4 at Argos.

Shelly Dolls £2.49 for 4 at Argos.

Found 3rd Oct 2008
There was a posting for this in Nov 2006 but Argos still have the shelly I can be bunches packs for £2.49 for 4 dolls.

Not really worth doing alone as postage is £5.95 as they are only available for delivery, but good if you are buying something else anyway. I ordered a bin that had been reduced and added 3 packs of the dolls for little extra Christmas presents.

Also a point to note is that the picture shows a fireman, teacher, nurse and baker but if you order more than one you might well get the other set too which is a sports pack, tennis player, swimming, karate and I can't remember the fourth! I got two of one set and one of the other.

I suppose if you did order 2 and they sent 2 the same you could always take it back to a store for refund.


I tried to get these a while back but were OOS everywhere around Ipswich. Might be worth another check though!

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Yes they are out of stock in-stores but available online for home delivery still. Worth doing if you're buying other stuff anyway.
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