Shere Khan curry sauce pouches - 69p @ Home bargains

Shere Khan curry sauce pouches - 69p @ Home bargains

Found 13th Jan 2011
5 different flavours, all dated june/july 2012. Found these in the Stafford store, pretty sure they weren't there yesterday. Pretty nice sauces, much better than the usual jars. Flavours available are:

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This looks alright.
Have had this in jars from Desperate Dan (Karahi & Korma flavours).... it's reet luvly
I got 8 packs! 2 each of every flavour except balti, not as keen on that.
A brand so quickly tarnished when their restaurants in Manchester ran into hygiene problems a few years ago.
I made the mistake of reading the hygiene reports on my favourite indian restaurant last year, it got worse ratings than the market cafe by far!
Thanks for the links, will have a look through them. Just signed up for an indian cookery course too, although its only gonna be the basics I thought I could learn something.
Was just going to post this deal. Just tried the Vindaloo and Karahi ones. I made an onion base with, onion, garlic and ginger to get the authentic taste and thick texture... It tasted exactly like restaurant standard. Vindaloo wasn't dumbed down
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Managed to get these today, look great.
Bought a Vindaloo one of these in the Liscard store on Saturday, I'm going to have it this evening for my dinner.
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never any deals like this in my local HB
Hope you two Staffordians left me some of these... off down there now to check.
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There was still vindaloo and balti left at the weekend, but the others sold out I'm afraid.
How do these compare to say the Lloyd Grossman ones? Thanks.
June 2012 Expiry ..

Am i the only one to think that's a bit strange?
One of life's Bare Necessities

...Ah, Shere Kahn...
Sell these in Netto too

FLAWLESS VICTORY!...Ah, Shere Kahn...
They dont have these at the bedworth one but had some Gordon Ramsay Red Nose Day ones for 69p Pasta sauces
Just been to the Wallasey store & bought some more of these.

Not many left though.
Stafford just has madras and vindaloo left.
Loads of these have reappeared in Stafford, all flavours and BBE Jun-Aug 2012.
Thanks for the inigsht. It brings light into the dark!
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