Sherlock BBC Series Bluray, £9.93 delivered @ Asda

Sherlock BBC Series Bluray, £9.93 delivered @ Asda

Found 21st Dec 2010
Now £9.93 online at Asda at…tml - thanks to kingmobuk for this. Zavvi/The Hut have also dropped their prices so if you still have a Walkers code, that'll bring the price down to £9.95

Amazon £10.74
Zavvi/The Hut £10.95
Play £13.99
HMV £13.99
BBC Shop £13.99
Love Film £15.93


John Watson (Martin Freeman), army doctor, invalided home from Afghanistan, alone and friendless ...

Sherlock Holmes (Benedict Cumberbatch), the most brilliant intellect of his generation, alone and friendless ...

London 2010 - the best and longest friendship in all of fiction is about to begin anew.

The most famous detective, the most baffling mysteries, the most thrilling adventures and the deadliest foes, are coming in out of the fog. Sherlock Holmes was always a modern man - it was the world that got old. Now he's back as he should be - edgy, contemporary, difficult, dangerous.

Inspector Lestrade (Rpert Graves) is the best Scotland Yard has got, but he knows he's not as good as a strange young man called Sherlock ...

The world’s favourite detective has come out of the fog.


still waiting for mine to be delivered - express delivery my ****!

cheaper at asda - £9.93

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cheaper at asda - £9.93

Good find - looks like that's the cheapest right now then.

A really good series....BBC are making a second one too


A really good series....BBC are making a second one too

That's great news, I really enjoyed it. Co-written by Mark Gatiss from the League of Gentlemen, always a sign of quality.
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