Sherlock Holmes Collection 3 x DVD box Set - Peter Cushing - £3.60 @ CDWOW

Sherlock Holmes Collection 3 x DVD box Set - Peter Cushing - £3.60 @ CDWOW

Found 6th Nov 2009
Peter Cushing as Sherlock Holmes with this fantastic 3 DVD set.

Peter Cushing had already starred as Sherlock Holmes in Hammer's movie The Hound of the Baskervilles when, in 1968, he replaced Douglas Wilmer as Conan Doyle's great detective in the BBC television series. Cushing immediately fashioned his own portrayal of the illustrious figure and is credited with bringing a great authenticity to the role.
Hound of the Baskervilles - A classic production of the great detective's most famous case.
The most famous Sherlock Holmes story of all finds the sleuth and Watson in windswept Dartmoor. As the moors reverberate with the baying sound of a monstrous creature. Holmes is presented with one of his greatest challenges. Could the legend of a bloodthirsty hound that haunts the Baskerville family really be true?
Acclaimed by Holmes enthusiasts for remaining faithful to the original novel, this most celebrated Sherlock Holmes adventure was, for the first time, shot at the Dartmoor locations of Sir Arthur Conan Doyle's original story.
A Study in Scarlet - Dr. Watson has his doubts about Sherlock Holmes' boasting claims, but two baffling murders allow him to witness the great detective's deductive methods first-hand.
The Boscombe Valley Mystery
A young man stands in the dock accused of patricide. It seems a clear-cut case until Holmes unravels a chain of old grudges, blackmail, Australian bushwhackers and a bigamous marriage.
The Sign of Four - The ultimate Holmes and Watson adventure has everything: a cannibal, a one-legged villain, treasure, revenge, war, violent death, betrayal... and even romance.
The Blue Carbuncle
The discovery of a beautiful diamond inside a Christmas goose leads Holmes and Watson on a trail through deceit and treachery to a most improbable villain...

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