Sherlock Holmes: Crimes & Punishments Xbox One & PS4 @ Zavvi £19.98

Sherlock Holmes: Crimes & Punishments Xbox One & PS4 @ Zavvi £19.98

Found 21st Dec 2014
Sherlock Holmes: Crimes & Punishments Xbox One
Zavvi £19.98
Or £17.98 if sign up with new account and use code WELCOME

PS4 link…tml


Same price on ps4...finally am going for it, been waiting ages for a drop

For that price on PS4, I am on it! Just need to set up a new account :-(

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Also PS3 at £16.98…tml

been waiting for this to drop in price too....wish Amazon had it for £20 though

as Zavvi's can take a while to send stuff
regardless if its in stock

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PS4 oos


PS4 oos

no it isnt

It's in stock for ps4

Ps4 says will be despatched on 30/12/14, whereas the xbox version days in stock and despatched within 24 hours. Not sure why the difference, unless the Ps4 version is not in stock? Either way, I'm in no rush.

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no it isnt

Sorry my mistake thought
PS4 - usually dispatched within in week
Means oos as Xbox one says in stock

Is this game any good?

I love these games


Enjoyed the previous 2 on the 360, so am chuffed with this

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Just had email saying dispatched and estimated delivery is on or before 24 Dec

If you don't want to wait CEX has it for £22 if I remember rightly. Of course it's second hand but no waiting on delivery.

Voted hot though!



Is this game any good?

Reviews are generally positive for it:…22/…iew

Sounds like it could have been amazing, but fell slightly short. Still for £19.99 (or £16.99 for last gen) it seems a fair price for something different to the usual crop of games, and more so if your a Holmes fan. Heat from me.

Thanks for info, i buy!

Hot! Just ordered a copy. I've been waiting for this to come down in price.

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My copy arrived today, and impressed with the game making it a real bargain
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