Sherlock Holmes - The Definitive Collection (7 DVD Boxset) - £17.99 - @

Sherlock Holmes - The Definitive Collection (7 DVD Boxset) - £17.99 - @

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I know it is 1p cheaper at, but at Play you can get 6% Quidco (£1.08) taking the price down to (£16.91)

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A collection of classic Sherlock Holmes mysteries starring the incomparable Basil Rathbone in the definitive portrayal of the Victorian super-sleuth...

Films Comprise:

1. Sherlock Holmes And The Hound Of The Baskervilles
2. The Adventures Of Sherlock Holmes
3. Sherlock Holmes And The Voice Of Terror
4. Sherlock Holmes And The Secret Weapon
5. Sherlock Holmes In Washington
6. Sherlock Holmes Faces Death
7. Sherlock Holmes And The Spider Woman
8. Sherlock Holmes And The Pearl Of Death
9. Sherlock Holmes And The Scarlet Claw
10. Sherlock Holmes And The House Of Fear
11. Sherlock Holmes And The Pursuit To Algiers
12. Sherlock Holmes And The Woman In Green
13. Sherlock Holmes In The Terror By Night
14. Sherlock Holmes In Dressed To Kill

Special Features

Audio commentaries from Sherlock Holmes expert David Stuart Davies (author, publisher of numerous books on Holmes and Basil Rathbone) on 'The Scarlet Claw', 'The Woman In Green', 'Sherlock Holmes Faces Death' and 'The Hound Of The Baskervilles'
Audio commentary from Sherlock Holmes expert Richard Valley (acclaimed author and publisher of Scarlet Street Mystery Magazine, currently penning a book on Basil Rathbone as Sherlock Holmes) on 'The Adventures Of Sherlock Holmes'
Extensive production notes from Richard Valley for all 14 films
Featurette with Robert Gitt, Head Preservation Officer at the UCLA Film and Television Archive, discusses the multi-million dollar film restoration project for the series
Photo gallery and original movie posters


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It's a superb restored set. Includes an interesting (short) documentary about the restoration process and around 40% of the movies have an audio commentary by a Sherlockian expert that is very illuminating about the actors, actions, scenes, scripts, characters, etc etc.

Of course some of the movies are a bit corny to a 2008 audience, but tremendous that the whole canon has been preserved/presented in this way.

I love these movies. Ignoring some of the cliche endings in the war era ones (a rallying message for the masses) they are absolutely hilarious.

I have this boxset, cheapest price before xmas was 25 quid. If you love your old B & W then this is a must.


plus whow me somebody who is actually gonna sit down and watch this

Good deal, voted hot.


Great deal - Thanks OP ... I have ordered mine ... voted hot !!

Awesome................bought it already :-)

Very clear picture now they have restored the series.



ITS 4% QUIDCO plus whow me somebody who is actually gonna sit down and … ITS 4% QUIDCO plus whow me somebody who is actually gonna sit down and watch this

I've already got it, so I'd watch it :-D

Many thanks for this,

Brings back so many memories as a kid watching the The Hound Of The Baskervilles with Rathbone and being scared out of my wits. The series of films are still one of my favourites and always watched any re-runs when they where on (usually over Bank Holidays).

Heat and thanks again

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Mines been dispatched now, Woo! Hoo!, looking forward to watching a couple of these this Sunday morning.

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This can still be purchased from ] for £17.98 and if you use your HUKD voucher you can get another £2.50 of the price.

Can someone unexpire the deal and I will edit the original post to Amazon. instead of Play who have now increased the price.

Unexpired Thanks for the find and letting us know.

edit: sorry just realized it's from Play originally, so you'll need to make a new thread.

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Will do.

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My copy arrived this morning.
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