Sherlock Holmes VS Jack The Ripper XBox 360 £12.85 Free Delivery at zavvi

Sherlock Holmes VS Jack The Ripper XBox 360 £12.85 Free Delivery at zavvi

Found 21st Mar 2010
Recognized as one of the best licenses in adventure gaming and lauded by the international press, Sir Arthur Conan Doyle's Victorian super sleuth, Sherlock Holmes, is back in Sherlock Holmes vs. Jack The Ripper. A single player gameplay investigation experience on the PC platform that is sure to be the most horrifying game of the Sherlock Holmes series, in this challenging new adventure, the famous detective and his ever-present sidekick Dr. Watson, race against time to stop the most threatening serial killer England has ever known - Jack the Ripper.

In Sherlock Holmes vs. Jack The Ripper players are witnessed to the sights, sounds and grim realities of the late Victorian era. It's 1888, London, in the Whitechapel area, and a series of grisly crimes in the heart of the East End leave a gory trail of mutilated female bodies. The police struggle to pick up the scent as the bodies pile up and paranoia sweeps the city. Sherlock Holmes immerses himself in the dark, sordid alleyways of Whitechapel in order to follow the trail of the one that the press calls Jack the Ripper. During a terrifying investigation, Holmes will attempt to lift the veil of mystery that shrouds the motives and the face behind that horrific nickname.

Solve one of the greatest mysteries in the history of England and discover who is Jack the Ripper.
2 mythic characters of 19th century England engage in a horrifying manhunt: the illustrious Sherlock Holmes and the terrifying Jack the Ripper.
Discover the hidden side of London and the sinister streets of Whitechapel, all faithfully recreated (e.g. public work house, hospitals, brothels, etc.).
Switch between playing the role of the famous detective Sherlock Holmes or his trusted friend Doctor Watson.
Interact with more than 30 authentic characters that help you complete your investigation.
Use and combine more that 100 objects and collect hundreds of clues so you can finally uncover the real identity and motives of the perverted Jack the Ripper.
2 points-of-view available at all times: gameplay in third-person or classic first-person point-of-view, a favorite for the enthusiasts of the series.


Steer well clear....i mean come on even the name should give you a hint as to why you should avoid this like a serial killer.


£11.64 ]here


£11.64 ]here

Looks like that one needs expiring!

This game has 9.99 written all over it


This game has 9.99 written all over it

I think you might be right - at least if the game can still be found in a month or two!
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