Shimano CM-2000 Action sports camera GoPro alternative £49.76 @ probikekit

Shimano CM-2000 Action sports camera GoPro alternative £49.76 @ probikekit

Found 27th Dec 2017Edited by:"davidjmansfield"
listed as £55.99 but use code VCUK12 as a first time customer to get 12% discount and bring the price down to £49.76.

10% discount also available for non first time customers SIZE10 (I didn't try this code)RRP is £239.99 and it was only released this year. 1080p @60fps 1440p @30fps
bluetooth, replaceable battery, WiFi, live view on a phone using app, links to ANT+ devices for data overlay

the downside is battery life looks poor at around 1hr15m

the full blurb:

The Shimano CM-2000 is a

high-performance action sports camera that is easy to use, streamlined,

waterproof, dustproof and features image stabiliser technology. The

CM-2000 is ANT+ compatible and can also be paired with GPS devices and

Di2 units.
The device has an advanced auto-record feature and can be set to

start filming when you hit a certain speed, power or location on your

ride. This means you can focus on riding without having to hit record,

battery life is improved and editing footage takes significantly less

Data-linked recording
Start recording without touching any buttons! You can link the

Shimano sports camera with various ANT+ sensors and wireless units and

pre-set it to record the scenes you want to capture without having to

hit the record button. For example, you can tell the camera to record

when you are riding at over 45kph or when you’re putting out more than

800 watts. There are 6 types of linkable data:

  • Speed – i.e. capture aggressive riding on a downhill
  • Cadence - i.e. record riding on a super steep hill at a low cadence
  • Heart Rate - i.e. start recording when your heart rate is high and you’re on the limit
  • Power – i.e. record a fast acceleration when sprinting on the flat or up a climb
  • Di2 – i.e. record when in a certain gear position such as in a big gear on a fast descent
  • GPS – i.e. record on a specific road with a great view
Each type of linkable data can be customised within the Sport Camera

App on smartphones. Auto-recording is simple to use and enables you to

capture great footage while riding with having to press the record

button when the camera is in hard to reach places such as on your helmet

or saddle rails.
The CM-2000 records at 1440p at 30 frames per second (2.5k) as well

as High-definition and Full Hd, all of which offer superb picture

quality. The camera performs extremely well in low light conditions such

as on the road at dusk or when riding off-road in forests with thick

2865613.jpgImage stabilisation
The CM-2000 can be mounted on your handlebars, saddle rails or

helmet. Image stabilisation technology helps to record sharp, vivid

images even when the road surface is uneven or when you’re riding out of

the saddle.
Waterproof and dustproof
Waterproof and dustproof performance means the camera is robust and

doesn’t require any protective case. A water repellent lens protector

also means rain drops and wheel spray flow off the lens and won’t affect

the quality of your recording.
Editing and ANT+ overlay
Shimano’s camera editor is available for Mac and Windows devices.

Because the CM-2000 has ANT+ connectivity, data from various ANT+

sensors can be overlaid on the video. The auto-record feature means

there is often less editing required as you don’t have hours of footage

to look through.
Sport Camera App and Smartphone Compatibility
The CM-2000 can be controlled via the Sport Camera App which is

available for both iOS and Android devices. You can check the view point

on live view, configure shooting conditions and check recorded videos.

  • User’s manual
  • Mount set
  • Screws
  • Tether
  • Belt
  • Rubber base
  • Double-sided tape
  • USB cable
  • Lens protector
  • Li-ion battery
Click here for Shimano CM-2000 Sport Camera Manual.
Product Specifications
Model Number: CM-2000
Image sensor: 1/2.3 back illuminated CMOS sensor
Pixel gross: 20M pixels
Lens aperture: F2.4
Lens angle of view: 90 deg, 120 deg. (default), 130 deg.
White balance: Auto, Daylight, Cloudy, Fluorescent, Incandescent, Underwater
Exposure: Exposure compensation +2.0, +1.5, +1.0, +0.5, 0, -0.5, -1.0, -1.5, -2.0
ISO sensitivity (still photo):

  • High sensitivity mode off: up to ISO800
  • High sensitivity mode LOW: up to ISO3200
  • High sensitivity mode HIGH: up to ISO6400
Image stabilizer: Yes
Metering mode: Auto
Shutter speed (movie): 1/30 - 1/10000 sec.

  • 0 deg. 90 deg. 180 deg., 270 deg. (30 fps or still mode)
  • 0 deg. 180 deg. (60 fps or higher rate mode)
Media type: Micro SD/SDHC/SDXC up to 128G
Internal memory: No
Video format: H.264 MP4
Audio format: AAC
Video recording mode:

  • 2560 x 1440 30fps
  • 1920 x 1080 60/30fps
  • 1280 x 720 120/60/30fps
  • 640 x 360 240/120/60/30fps
Still image mode: JPEG
Still image size:

  • Single mode: 6M pixels (2848 x 2136), 4M pixels (2304 x 1728), 0.35M pixels (6480 x 480)
  • Burst mode: 4 M pixels (2304 x 1728)
  • Interval mode: 4 M pixels (2304 x 1728)
Auto Rec: Yes (ANT+ sensors, GPS data from smartphone)
Burst mode: 10 photos/1 sec., 5 photos/1 sec., 2 photos/1 sec. Up to 10 photos
Simultaneous video and photo: Press rec button while recording movie
Interval recording: Photo 1s/2s/5s/10s/20s/30s/60s
Wi-Fi: 802.11 b/g/n
Bluetooth® LE: Yes
ANT+ connectivity: ANT+ / ANT Private
Compatible ANT Private device: DI2 wireless unit SM-EWW01/EW-WU101/EW-WU111/SC-M9051/SC-MT800
Sensor data format: CSV
USB port: Micro USB
Microphone input: No
Microphone: Stereo
Speaker: Monaural
Battery type: 700 mAh (removable Li-ion battery)
Battery charging time: 4 hours
Recordable Time: Approximately 1.2 hours (Full HD 60fps)
Dimensions (W x H x D): 47 x 32 x 85mm (with lens protector)
Weight: 103g (with battery)
Waterproof: IPX8 (30 m/1 h)
Dustproof: IP5X
Shockproof: 1.2m (excluding direct shock to the lens), when protector is attached
Operating temperature: -10 to 40 degrees C
Accelerometer: Yes (for Angle-free)
LCD monitor: 0.6"
User interface: 4 buttons + 1 LCD + 1 LED
Supplied accessories: Lens protector (1), Mount A

(1), Mount B (1), Screw (1), Double-sided tape (2), Strap (1), Rubber

(1), Leash (1), User's manual, Lens cap (1), USB cable (1), Li-ion

battery (1)
Leash hole: Yes
Lock function: Yes (Hold 3 buttons simultaneously)
Wireless Remote Controller: Not included
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Battery life is awful
Looks like a great branded camera for the money.

Had a search for spare batteries online but couldn't see any. At this price might be worth buying 2 to double your recording time.
Purchased. Thanks op.
windta1ker1 h, 11 m ago

Battery life is awful

yep, looks like gopro battery life is 2 hours, this is about an hour and a quarter, but a gopro is 6x the price
vcuk12 says "The discount code you entered is invalid or not applicable to the contents of your basket."

size10 says "Discount Code expired on: 26 Dec 2017 08:00"
apreading7 m ago

vcuk12 says "The discount code you entered is invalid or not applicable to …vcuk12 says "The discount code you entered is invalid or not applicable to the contents of your basket."size10 says "Discount Code expired on: 26 Dec 2017 08:00"

I used it today and it expires 31st, did you type in capitals?

EDIT: you might need to be signed in as its a "first time customer" code
Edited by: "davidjmansfield" 27th Dec 2017
davidjmansfield8 m ago

I used it today and it expires 31st, did you type in capitals?EDIT: you …I used it today and it expires 31st, did you type in capitals?EDIT: you might need to be signed in as its a "first time customer" code

You have to create an account first, then the discount can be applied. Worked a treat for me and 6% TopCashback, which tracked quickly.
Did you have to copy the entire spec rather than just the 'highlights'?
miffyl20 m ago

Did you have to copy the entire spec rather than just the 'highlights'?

What difference does it make.....
Thanks OP. Ordered.
I've been thinking of buying an action cam for my cycling efforts and off-road runs. Can#t justify spending much as I don't really expect to use it much. But the choice at the bottom of the market while abundant, is rather confusing and unconvincing. Which put me off from buying.
This looks like a steal at this price. Short battery life seems the only downside. But that can be solved by carrying a power bank and topping up when needed.
MisterSkinflint7 m ago

What difference does it make.....

In the grand scheme of things very little but it's nicer on the eye/hand not to have to scroll for 3 feet before you get to the comments.
Can anyone find the replacement batteries for these? Would be especially good if more powerful versions can be found!
Should make a great dash-cam!
miffyl13 h, 32 m ago

Did you have to copy the entire spec rather than just the 'highlights'?

was being lazy, some might want the whole spec
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