Shimano M540 SPD pedals for £28.76 delivered from Merlin

Shimano M540 SPD pedals for £28.76 delivered from Merlin

Found 10th Feb 2010
Higher quality bearings than the more common M520 so last longer and slightly less effort around £10 more than cheapest M520 but should last a lot longer if you ride often in bad conditions.
Note they require 8mm Hex to fit not the usual spanner.

Very little difference (only finish?) between these and XT/M770 pedals which are around £50 online.

Cleats should be included according to Merlin although not written specifically on this page (important because SH51 cleats cost £9-£17!)

RRP around £70 (!)
Next lowest price around £32 online I think (CRC etc.)
I don't know when the 10% off expires.

(btw HUKD has no Topic (category) for sports equipment?)


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note that these are probably not boxed, much of Merlin stock is OEM. i don't care unless for gift.

Just checked, looks like the cheapest price indeed! Hoted hot
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