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Shimano RX31 Disc Road Wheelset £81.99 @ Wiggle (£71.99 for new customers)
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Shimano RX31 Disc Road Wheelset £81.99 @ Wiggle (£71.99 for new customers)

Posted 23rd Dec 2019Edited by:"meggie_dude"

This deal is expired. Here are some options that might interest you:

Ordered one of these Wheelsets for my gravel bike a few days back before the price went down a bit more.
This is a cracking deal for a Shimano Wheelset that has a £279.99 RRP.

Reviewed here as 8 out of 10 at that £279.99 price road.cc/con…set

Bear in mind that these use the Shimano centrelock discs - so not 6 bolt, but I managed to pick up a couple of cheap ones of these over at Chain Reaction.
This wheelset can be got for extra £10 off from Wiggle if you register a new email account, bringing the price down to a bonkers £71.99.

Have stuck some 700c x 25mm tyres, new discs and a Sora cartridge on mine to give my gravel bike the full on-road option now.
Really really pleased, even when I paid the higher price.

100mm width Front, 135mm width Rear
11 speed Freehub.
700C Clincher rim only
Recommended tyre width 25-38C
Supplied with Q/R skewer

Details thus:
Sturdily built for the rigours of cyclocross racing and rough and rugged road rides, the Shimano RX31 Disc Road Wheelset carries you through the trickiest multi-terrain runs with impressive balance and power.

Set with a slimline 17mm internal width and sturdy 24mm height, both rims in this pacy pairing ensure a reliable and rapid roll across testing surfaces. The alloy construction keeps a durable and dependable form as you pick up the pace, allowing you to ride as fearlessly as you like on your way to the podium or the shops.

Strong and Sturdy Alloy Road WheelsSupportively laced, stainless-steel spokes bolster the rigidity of each wheel while the hard-wearing hubs provide a buttery-smooth spin for ultimate rolling consistency. A Shimano-compatible freehub enhances the strength and speed of your run at the most testing times.

Specially designed for use with CenterLock disc brake systems, this superb set is aimed at the modern rider, providing substantial stopping power to ensure a safe and controlled slowing experience.

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Heavy at over 2kg, but not especially strong with only 24 spokes and quite a narrow internal diameter so not for wider tyres more common these days. The description is a bit cryptic but looks like 9mm QR hubs front & rear and no info if they can be converted - so make sure they fit your bike.

The review linked was from 2014 - when there were hardly any disc wheelsets available and people were still using skinny tyres. Things have moved on just a little bit since then.

They are good for the price but they are not particularly good. Personally, I would pay a bit more and get something better - these probably arent any better than the wheels that came with your bike.
Granted it's an old review, and yes these are QR as listed.
They don't seem especially heavy to me. I've already fitted them, so unable to verify, but I can believe the review weight statement of 1831g with rim tape fitted:
"of All-in weight for our pair was 1,831g with rim tape, but without the discs, so you're looking at just over 2kg rotating mass once you have your brakes fitted"
Wrt fitting Thru's I don't know, but I note there are newer equivalent RX31s available with thru-bolts, but for for much more money.
I think they are 9mm ID front, 12mm rears.
At the end if the day you pays your money, you makes your choice.
Mine will will be used for mainly on-road, light off-road, i.e gravel, which is where I think they are aimed at, not full CX use.
Also in my case for winter use on a turbo.
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If they're anything like the Shimano Ultegra wheels that I have then forget it they are not fit for purpose on potholed British roads. The spokes will break because there simply isn't enough of them and they are pretty flimsy too, costing £8 a pop. The hubs are generally OK so I would look for Shimano hubs on Alex rims which is a good compromise.
Edited by: "Biker25" 23rd Dec 2019
Same price at Chain Reaction btw, but not with the £10 off for new customers.
Biker2523/12/2019 17:55

If they're anything like the Shimano Ultegra wheels that I have then …If they're anything like the Shimano Ultegra wheels that I have then forget it they are not fit for purpose on potholed British roads. The spokes will break because there simply isn't enough of them and they are pretty flimsy too, costing £8 a pop. The hubs are generally OK so I would look for Shimano hubs on Alex rims which is a good compromise.

Ultegra W/S are for road use aren't they? 16 fronts, 21 rear.
Completely different beast really.
Or am I missing something?
meggie_dude23/12/2019 18:02

Same price at Chain Reaction btw, but not with the £10 off for new …Same price at Chain Reaction btw, but not with the £10 off for new customers.

Wiggle and Chain Reaction are the same company
Everywhere on the web quotes the manufacturer listed weight as "2008 gram (pair according to manufacturer, FW 912g, RW 1096g, without quick releases)" - I would be surprised if the understate it. That weight is normally with rim tape but without discs.

That is HEAVY. Thats the sort of weight that you get on wheels that come with the bike that people upgrade as soon as practical.

For not alot of money you can shave half a kilo off that, and have more spokes to boot. I paid £160 for a set of prolite wheels that have 28+32 spokes at 1606g although they arent normally that cheap. And they came with all the adapters to run them as QR, 12mm or 15mm hubs.

Right now I would be more inclined to look at the Prime Baroudeur SE Road Disc Wheelset for £175. More money but much better wheel.

Wheelsets like this one make sense for rim brake winter wheels that will get abused and wear out the brake track but disc brake wheels never wear out so its worth investing a bit more.

These are also cup&cone hubs so need to be serviced regularly and properly before they show signs of problems - otherwise the hubs can get damaged beyond repair. Nothing wrong with that - they are great it you keep on top of it but if you are not maintenance savvy then cartridge bearings are probably a better bet.
Hmmm, "more money, but.......", well yes, to you maybe but both wheelsets you quote are about twice the price, if not more.
The Prime wheels you mention are road wheelsets.These are not.
Yes you can put road tyres on them - as I have, but they are best suited to gravel bikes, of which there are plenty around at the moment, as gravel seems much in fashion at the moment.
Most people buying these won't care if they are cup and cone hubs, won't care if they have ceramic bearings or not.
In a nutshell folks, they are between 72 and 82 quid, come from a respected brand, look great on my bike, and have a 2 year warranty.
If their bearings disintegrate into dust during that time, or their hubs shatter they are still cheap as chips compared to anything similar on the market, aside from 2nd hand on fleabay.
If you can find a better deal for the price - post it.
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ClotBot23/12/2019 19:46

Wiggle and Chain Reaction are the same company

Yep mate. Aware of this. I only mention it as you don't get the same discount via the sister brand in the group.
Just what do you think the difference between a road wheelset and a gravel wheelset is?
I would warrant a wheeler suitable for a gravel bike would be more robust than a wheelset built for road only, which the Prime set you list is. Read the spec.
Then ask Shimano and Prime which is more appropriate. Maybe buy yourself the RX31 and ride your bike off-road and see which wheelset lasts the longest.
As I say, if you have a better deal, post it, rather than bitch about this one.
Or, as you don't think this deal is any good, fine, jog on and find something better. I really don't care.
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Have you read the title of this deal? The same title on the Wiggle website. Tell me where on either it says its a gravel wheelset rather than a road wheelset?

This has a REALLY narrow inner width, limiting the tyres you can use - counting out most of the wider tyres used by Cyclocross. Its got a low spoke count and aero spokes - neither of which is really ideal for gravel/cyclocross. Sure it will work but so will any other wheel.

Its cheap yes, but that doesnt mean its good. Its probably no better than the wheels that came on your bike when you bought it. So for anyone looking for an upgrade, this is £70/£80 wasted. There is nothing wrong with them but nothing special about them either - if your current wheels work then no sense in buying these.

I cant post a better wheelset at this price because there isnt a wheelset that would represent an upgrade on the wheels that came with your bike. If they are still fine then stick with them or save up for something that would actually be an improvement.

I am going to jog on now, because I am bored of discussing with someone who doesnt know what they are talking about. But I suggest everyone else pass this one by unless you really need new wheels and cant afford something better. Sorry if that is not what you wanted to hear.
Edited by: "apreading" 24th Dec 2019
Glad you got that off your chest.

Rather than read through all this chit-chat, would advise anyone considering purchase to look at the independent review I linked to above. It's taken from someone who's used this set on a number of rides, with different tyres on different terrains, and by the looks of things for hundreds of km with them.
Yes it's a 5yr old post, but these are effectively New-old-stock wheels anyway, and priced accordingly.

Vive la difference.
Edited by: "meggie_dude" 24th Dec 2019
All sold now, so deal expired.
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