Shiver ice cubes 2x2kg £1 @ Lidl from 1st July

Shiver ice cubes 2x2kg £1 @ Lidl from 1st July

LocalFound 29th Jun 2010
Using a lot of bagged ice in this weather?

Then get this deal 2x2kg for £1! or 89p each

The ice co(polar ice) is £1 for 2kg!
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Begging to be voted cold but i'll refrain. I cant see me ever needing to buy ice to be honest, i'd feel very ripped off regardless of the price. But I guess if you're hosting a BBQ and you're not very prepared then maybe........
And why is the ice co more expensive.....better quality water? :?
i bought 10 ice bags (DIY) from tesco for 25p which is better because you can store the bags and just fill up and put in freezer whenever you want....better than ice trays cos you can shove them in the freezer without worrying about tipping....with all the reduced stuff in my freezer its better
These are great when you are camping and need to fill up a 6 Day coolbox as saves dragging them away with you ,you just get there and fill with the ice- Will definitely keep a lookout for these!
We use them for beer buckets cos it's just more practical than trying to fill your freezer with those diy ice bags. And of course the diy ice bags produces smaller cubes which melt quicker and are a pain to strip out of the bag. Just my opinion tho
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