Shloer Non Alcoholic Grape Juice - ASDA, Morissons & Iceland. BOGOF £2 @ Tesco

Shloer Non Alcoholic Grape Juice - ASDA, Morissons & Iceland. BOGOF £2 @ Tesco

Found 10th Dec 2015
Shloer is back on offer and just in time to stock up for Christmas!

Handy for this time of year for those who have to refrain from drinking when there is lot of alcohol about or if you want to reduce the risk of an embarrassing Christmas Works Party, or hide a little secret!

Ideal for the designated driver or the pregnant ladies. I know it can be quite annoying when you are in a crowd of people and you are constantly asked why you are not drinking and being labeled as boring ect.

About 9 flavours to choose from, I really like the sparkling white grape flavour, going to try a few of the different flavours now that they are on offer.

Merry Christmas Everyone!
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really good price!
Great price thanks! Will stock up for Christmas!
Always good for the non alcohol drinkers and those who we advise to stop drinking alcohol. I'll be stocking up, cheers op
Really like this! My boot will be clinking away
Thank you, will get a few bottles of this in.
very nice
Thanks, great price. I'll only buy it when it's £1 or 2 for £2 etc. Time to stock up for Christmas.
£1 in Asda so works out the same.
Love this
It's been £1 each in Morrisons for a while before this. Good price.
Great thanks xx
Isn't it pretty much always £1 though?
£1.50 in co-op food.
£1 in Spar.
lovely stuff! considering theres no alcohol
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