Shocking Battle Tanks - rrp £39.99 - £12.99 delivered @ + Quidco

Shocking Battle Tanks - rrp £39.99 - £12.99 delivered @ + Quidco

Found 14th Apr 2009
Next best over £25 + postage.
Remote control battle tanks. Hit your opponents tank and they will receive an electric shock!!! What could be more fun? Test your nerve and test your skill with this fun combat game! Truly shocking!
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hot might order them, any1 know if they any good?
Are these battery or mains powered?:w00t:
These are 12.99 each, not 2 for 12.99, or did i read it wrong on

He he! If they are mains I would LOVE to see someone getting shocked! Oooh thats gonna hurt!



Are these battery or mains powered?:w00t:


These are 12.99 each, not 2 for 12.99, or did i read it wrong on

in the it does say Shocking Battle Tank(S)

so you would have to assume its two tanks. does have a picture of 2 tanks also

i would say its 2 tanks
It's two tanks. They are £26 on Amazon - only two reviews, but they are pretty good.
just found this on another website and thought it would be useful:

In the shocking tradition of Shocking Roulette & Lightning Reaction comes the Shocking Remote Control Battle Tanks game! The best toy ever! You can give your opponent an electric shock everytime your tank scores a direct hit on theirs! This toy will definitely pull the kids away from their video games or buy it for yourself for the boring days in the office!

"Give your opponent a real "shock" with this electrifying tank battle game. Pursue your competitor until you knock out all six of his power lights. With each direct hit, he gets a mild electric shock. If you're feeling lucky, switch the voltage from low to high and knock out two power lights with each direct hit. But, watch out! If you get hit, the shock is even stronger! Set contains 2 tanks guided by separate wireless remote controls that fire at each other with infrared rays. Tanks roll forward and back, turn left and right and spin around. Controllers use left and right throttles to operate each track separately. Power lights along the top of each tank keep score. Tanks use 3 "AA" batteries controllers use 3 "AAA" batteries. All batteries included. Tank: 7"W x 2"H x 6"D. For ages 14 and up. Not recommended for small children or persons with a medical condition."
Better to save your £12.99 & then strip some 13 amp flex cable, etc.....
these do hurt, funny watching people play them though
Just bought one, the reviews are pretty good, and if it's crap then at least I've not shelled out a £40! Good find OP
i've used these before, its fun!! even more so when your playing against and unspecting challenger :thumbsup:
Just ordered. Look like great fun and a really good price. Will make a great pressie for my son.

Many thanks
I'm 29 and Ive just ordered it and can't wait to take it into work, Cheers!
I've got a set and they're short lived fun!

You get two in the pack, which are battery operated They come with some cheapo batteries, which will probably last you long enough to torture a few people.

They are fun to use, but shocking is a strange sensation and you'll be hard pushed to get someone to do it twice.

Would make a great office toy though.

Another review ]here
Someone bought me these for Christmas a few years ago and they are NOT fun. I'm really not a whimp (god, we were addicted to those round-table, four-handled shocker games), but the shock on these is really, really strong. They're actually really painful when you get hit - so much that my joints hurt after a few minutes playing with these, and they finally went to the charity shop after everyone who tried them complained. I certainly wouldn't give them to kids - there's "fun shocking" and "painful shocking", and these certainly deliver the latter.
They are now £29.99 on Play using that link.
they are now £14.99, i ordered mine at 12.99 so got in there just in time!
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