Shocking Laser Guns only £23.90!!!
Shocking Laser Guns only £23.90!!!

Shocking Laser Guns only £23.90!!!

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These are class!!! Laserquest, in your very own home - with an extra bit of fun - electric shocks!!! Just watch a few of the videos from users of firebox who have bought these already!

What they are - a set of two pistols and sensors. The pistols have a shock plate on the grip, meaning if you get shot, you get shocked!!! There are different shock settings to choose from. The guns even come with a wrist strap so you don't drop it when you get shocked! Cruel!

If you go through the link below, you can apply for a £5 voucher, bringing the price of these laser guns down to £23.90 including delivery.


I want them to stage FPS tournaments in my house!!!


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Please Note:
[*]Keep out of reach of children.
[*]Ages 14+
[*]This product emits an electric shock.
[*]May interfere with electrical devices such as pacemakers.
[*]Do not use if you suffer from epilepsy or similar related illness.
[*]Requires 6 x AAA batteries. Batteries are included for demonstration purposes. The product will work with these batteries, but the batteries might not fulfill their life expectancy.[/LIST]Contents:
[*]2x Shocking Laser guns
[*]2x Shocking Laser breast plates[/LIST]Battery Requirements:
[*]6x AA Batteries. (Demo batteries included).[/LIST]


That's all I have to say about that.


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Cool!That's all I have to say about that.X10

I hate electric shocks, but I'd really like to try these out to see if my real world first-person-shooter skills are as good as they are in the PC games...!

Not sure who will kill me first...

Man with the other Pistol Zap Zap :thumbsup:


The Wife - Why did you buy that for?!?!!??!?!?!?!? :x

I say 'Live life dangerously'

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Did you buy one Shahie? I'd love to hear how you get on when you get one! Remember to post and let me know.

Looks really cool! Although the temptation to cover the laser breast plate with my left hand and shoot with my right would be all too great after a while I fear!

Nice find although I think its a bit dangerous for my liking.

p.s: That kid in the last video doesnt look 14+, which is the age restriction for these things :roll:

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You're right, he does look a bit young to be using those, but I think it was supposed to be his dad taking the video, so I think he was well supervised!!! I don't think they are dangerous cyrus, they are only powered by AAA batteries. We've been talking about it in another thread, some people feel hardly any effect from electric shocks at all, but then again some people really REALLY feel them!!

I'll tell you a story - you know the lightning balls? If you hold one hand on it, then slowly reach out your finger to touch someone's skin, they get a little jolt. You know like the little shocks when you have charged yourself up and you touch the car door. I was having great fun doing this until I tried to shock my sister's fiance and all the shocks kept coming straight back at me!! He had been working with welding equipment etc and he could not be shocked at all!!! More fool me, for keeping on trying to shock him! :lol:

My girls love lazer quest this might save me a few quid if i get some for them to play with in the garden :thumbsup:

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Katherine Dunn

My girls love lazer quest this might save me a few quid if i get some for … My girls love lazer quest this might save me a few quid if i get some for them to play with in the garden :thumbsup:

Hope your girls are over 14 years of age though Kath, that's the recommended minimum age for the gadget. They can be used with no electric shocks, and just playing laserquest on their own, first to knock out all 6 lights is the winner...

Don't buy more than one set is my advice, you can't tune them all to different frequencies The novelty with them very quickly wears out too...oh, and I got mine in-store at some gadget shop last year for less than £20!

lol Emma. Its just the kids fal as if theyve been really shot or something I thought ... hmm that looks a bit painful but yeh I guess a couple of AAA batteries cant hurt too much lol

I remember having this book once , the pages were made from a block of polystyrene and the outer cover was made from some gold conductive material. Anyway it really looked like a book ... but used two AA batteries. So you see where Im coming from lol Give the book to someone they open it and get the hell shocked outta them. Was funny for me to see yes, but I tried it once and Lordy did it shock you.

Having said that, I cant even imagine what those 50,000 volt tazers would feel like. NO THANKs hehe
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