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Found 20th Jan 2008Made hot 20th Jan 2008
EG- K-Swiss Lozan TongueTwister Reduced from £54.99 to £20

Converse mens T-Shirt (All Star Tee) Reduced from £34.99 to £6.99

G-Star Notion Men's Trainers- Reduced from £74.99 to £25

Kenzo Coka Men's Trainers- Reduced from £109.99 to £35

Ted Baker Luna Women's heels - Reduced from £60 to £25

Anyway, there's loads of stuff to look at, 5% Quidco too and £2.99 p&p no matter how much you order


Better not let the OH see! Hot!

Well that's this months salary gone:-D

5% quidco too!
Would be rude not too buy some .......... they are shoes after all and a girl can never have too many!

If you like fish get it from the market or where ever. Please don't teach anyone else to fish just a bunch of boring men that frown at you if you have fun on or near the river.

Voted hot! :thumbsup:

Welcome to HUKD meggie-lizzie!! even if you have been here since 2006 :lol:

Looks good. Anyone know a decent shoe site for price comparison, specifically men, or a price comparison search engine that specializes in shoes or clothes?

Oh thanks very much, I got just what I'm looking for for my wedding, a pair of plain white 4" heels - and for the bargain price of £15!

oh god theres some really nice branded shoes at good pricing...juliet_bravo how could you!

ahh well spend spend spend

Original Poster Admin

lol @ simonts There are several pairs on there that, to be honest, I'm going to think about constantly if I don't buy them…_20

These fred perry plimsoles are a bargain, thanks :thumbsup:

Original Poster Admin

Yeah I saw those ones :thumbsup:

A pair of K-swiss and a pair of boxfresh trainers for £42.95 inc postage and quidco. I love deals like this

Bought five pairs of trabs this week and I'm not even a laydee! Doh! (Sorry girls)

thanks :thumbsup:

some good stuff, never seen this shop before, despite the really obvious url


Girlfriends birthday sorted!
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