Shoe Storage Cupboard - 12.99 at Netto

Shoe Storage Cupboard - 12.99 at Netto

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Shoe Storage Cupboard - 12.99 at Netto from THURSDAY 20th Jan

Similar product in Argos: £32.67


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Hello, thanks for this. What's the Argos picture for? - is it an example of the type of product but not the actual one?

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yeah, I think it will be the same so shows the sizes, ta

its nothing like it its alot smaller. u can see by the shoes and the amount of handles lol

Its okay, we still have it, got it a few years back, but be warned, its cheap, u get wot u pay for. . . It will break with the fact that its not made from solid wood the screws don't screw into the wood probably and therefore falls apart easily. I've had to fix it several times with tape from the inside. Oh replace the handles it they broke too. Hope this helps

I got the argos one, it's unfinished so I was able to hang it on the wall in my cloakroom and paint it the same colour as the wall. I also changed the handles for shiny chrome ones, it looks lovely and i'm really pleased with it!!

Does this only support a maximum shoe size of 8 like the Argos one?

Thanks for posting this, its just what Im looking for.

I could do with something like this but with my sons in sizes 10, 11 and 12 I think a ski rack might be more appropriate X)

its really hard to assemble, I had the one from argos and couldn't assemble it.


Does this only support a maximum shoe size of 8 like the Argos one?

I put my husbands size 10's in the Argos one, they just go on a slant and take up a bit more room!

They are poor quality. They fall over when you open draws and each "shelf" holds just 2 adult shoes = 8 pairs in total.

been looking for something like this for the kids shoes under the stairs

If this and the Argos jobbie are different can anyone shed light on the measurements then? Would be ideal for all my needles and pills and so on provided it's not huge.

Cheers folks.

This doesnt stand a chance in my house!! any thing self assembly ends up broken before its even been assembled!!lol

Just paid £20 for one similar from ikea on weekend,got it home and there's a big chunk out if it,may take it back and look for one of these. Thanks !

Got a similar one from Netto a while back, it was very poor quality, did'nt last long

The Argos one is a different product. You can't compare prices when the products don't even match.

It's wider, different handles, wooden mechanism as opposed to plastic and a different finish.
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