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Last day of FREE delivery on all orders at Help for Heroes shop, items from £1
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Posted 20th SepPosted 20th Sep
There’s a few good deals on too. If you’ve got a couple of spare quid, get a wristband or something and help them out. Kids wristbands are £1, there are a few other £1 items too.… Read more
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Thank you for posting (y)


Because they can’t profit from it. But the situation is that the government don’t do enough, so H4H do. (Amongst others)


Genuine question why can't our government look after these people instead of them having to rely on charity?


Great charity. Every one can spare a couple of £. Instead of buying something from eBay or amazon that u dont really need today spend some money on here instead

Help for Heroes 20% off All Hoodies with Code Prices From £12.80 / £16.75 Delivered
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Posted 3rd MarPosted 3rd Mar
Help for Heroes 20% off All Hoodies with Code Prices From £12.80 / £16.75 Delivered£16.75
20% off All Hoodies Sizes XS to XXXXL Prices Start from £12.80 with Code plus £3.95 Delivery 23 different hoodies to choose from. Free Delivery on all orders over £40. £35 wit… Read more
Free Bear & Free Delivery with orders £10 & over @ Help for the Heroes.
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Posted 4th FebPosted 4th Feb
Free Bear & Free Delivery with orders £10 & over @ Help for the Heroes.FREE£15
Free Bear ( worth £15) & Free Delivery with orders £10 & over @ Help for the Heroes. 4 bears to choose from; Army hero bear, Navy hero bear, RAF hero bear, Bulldog bear. O… Read more

Looks good. (y)


Now I do:


Have you got a photo of the bear?


Received my order today. The sailor bear is beautiful. Have placed another order (y)


That’s what hotukdeals is about.

Help For Heros sale, many items half price
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Posted 18th Jul 2019Posted 18th Jul 2019
Help For Heros sale, many items half price£8
Plus free delivery when you spend over £40. A great chance to support a great charity, and get some really good quality T shirts (in my opinion) in the process! The T shirt shown i… Read more

6 comments, and not one about the deal mentioned.


Has H4H started helping all Forces who need it or are they still only concerned with recent conflicts, around 2000 onwards, IIRC? I know that used to be the case. It's why I stopped donating to them, amongst other reasons.


It's kind of irony that you ask: look at your face.


Survivors or not, it is a shame that their support lays on a charity, their country should do all of these.


Who hurt you?

Many items reduced upto 50% off from keyrings to hoodies free delivery over £40 @ Help for heroes
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Posted 1st Jan 2019Posted 1st Jan 2019
Many items reduced upto 50% off from keyrings to hoodies free delivery over £40 @ Help for heroes
Many items reduced and at great prices clothing and Christmas leftover stock

Why does this even exist? Who wears this nonsense.


Why not?


Heroes, really?


Heat for Heroes! Bring the 🔥


Thanks, just placed another order, Xmas cards. Don't forget cashback sites. Pity about the £3.99 shipping

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Upto 60% off sale plus free delivery all profits donated eg Help for Heroes t-shirt were £15 now £5 delivered more in op @ Help For Heroes
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Posted 1st Aug 2018Posted 1st Aug 2018
Upto 60% off sale plus free delivery all profits donated eg Help for Heroes t-shirt were £15 now £5 delivered more in op @ Help For Heroes£5
Big sale on at Help for Heroes at the moment with items starting from £1.50 for a keyring that was originally £3 and if you use the code 0818FREEPP at checkout you get free deliv… Read more

"Amazing charity with all profits going straight back to helping injured service men and women" They were in Private Eye a while ago because it was discovered that they had so much money coming in (it's a very popular charity) they were channeling a portion direct to the MOD and so funding wars. And why is it that everyone I know who wears their t-shirts/hoodies is an alcoholic racist?


Great Charity Thanks for Posting (y)


P.s didn't need free del code,just came up free :)


Thanks great charity (strong)

Help for Heroes Luxury Chocolate Bar Set £3 Delivered
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Posted 1st Mar 2018Posted 1st Mar 2018
Help for Heroes Luxury Chocolate Bar Set £3 Delivered£3 Got some chocolate today and it is really good. Free delivery using… Read more

I think not as it has no suitable for vegetarians info...


Is it suitable for vegetarians please?

Cinder toffee - £1 @ Help for Heroes
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Posted 27th Feb 2018Posted 27th Feb 2018
Cinder toffee - £1 @ Help for Heroes£1
Help for Heroes Cinder Toffee in the sale now £1. Free delivery using code MARFREE Link to all sale items… Read more
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To late! lol :3


Will do! <3


Go to the home page, click Gifts & then Food gifts. Still some goodies to be had friends (highfive) Just got some more, yummy yum (y)


Unavailable ;(

Huge sale on @ help for heroes some fab bargains
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Posted 30th Dec 2017Posted 30th Dec 2017
Huge sale on @ help for heroes some fab bargains£1
I absolutely love buying bits and pieces from this site they do some great stuff for an amazing cause, they have a brilliant sale on at the moment with a huge variety of stuff rang… Read more



Oh no just superman and iron man & other fictional characters are heroes!! Imo the man who has one leg and ptsd and relives the moment his leg was blown off over and over, yet still puts his help for heroes collection tin around his neck and stands out in the freezing cold collecting money for an amazing cause because it's something he believes In, now that's my kind of hero. If soldiers and other forces workers, past and present were paid enough, not just money but respect, then help for heroes wouldn't need as many donations. So my post could have been freezing cold but in my eyes it would be boiling hot!


I think it would be fare to consider them as criminals at that point that tarnish the good work of the many.


Even the ones that indulged in war crimes?


Voted hot. Whoever made the above comment about soldiers not being heroes and the people who liked that comment need to pipe down and take a hard look at themselves I for one think soldiers are heroes every one of our soldiers play a huge part in this country. Past and present soldiers deserve total respect.

Help for Heroes Advent Calendar £1 free delivery
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Posted 24th Nov 2017Posted 24th Nov 2017
Help for Heroes Advent Calendar £1 free delivery£1
Help for Heroes have reduced their advent calendars to £1 with delivery
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Bought one for hubby who's an ex squaddie


Bought, thanks for posting.


I hope the MOD chip in and buy some.


Thank you (highfive)


Thanks ordered some Xmas cards too

Help for Heroes Mid Season Up to 50% off sale – Plus free postage!
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Posted 26th Apr 2017Posted 26th Apr 2017
Help for Heroes Mid Season Up to 50% off sale – Plus free postage!
Just wanted to share Help for Heroes have a mid season sale on which includes free UK P&P!! Great charity, one I have a lot of time for.
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Thanks for asking. First i'd stop bombing innocents out of their homes in far off places in some nebulous idea of "freedom". Then i'd look at the paedophilic establishment that is ultimately the driving force behind the the military-industrial-pharmaceutical complex and seek to minimise their input into foreign affairs and democracy. Then I'd want to look at the whole social construct of nationhood and examine the sobering idea that I'm one of 7 billion + individuals floating around a star on a iron ball and try and work out a means for us to get on without destroying the very ecosystem that sustains us. I expect that will entail some form of socialism- libertarian for me please - as capitalism is burning up the planet. ISIS the good guys? Not in my book. Fascists, religious fascists but where do they get the huge amount of funding that is necessary to feed their vicious bloodlust? Saudi Arabia. The British governments very best of friend. There's a whole nasty circle of psychopathy going on and unless you're a billionaire your not welcome to their sick party.


So our army is state sponsored terrorism? So what do you suggest we have in it's place? I suppose ISIS are the good guys?


Some will question the whole idea of state sponsored terrorism which is one way of looking at armies and some would say if the state sends young working class lads and lasses to fight its battles it should bloody well fund their recovery from injury and stress and not rely on handouts from charities - which, has been mentioned, skim off a tidy little sum for the bosses.


Maybe some people disagree with the charity I'm not sure. One thing I personally don't agree with are some of the salaries paid by charities. Don't know how others compare but help for heroes have 17 of their staff earning between £60,000-£110,000 per annum, which I wouldn't call all that charitable


Why are people voting cold? At least leave a comment..

Help for Heroes Women's Clothing 20% off
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Posted 23rd Mar 2017Posted 23rd Mar 2017
Help for Heroes Women's Clothing 20% off
Celebrate Mother Days with 20% off selected line women's clothing. Great present for the mother and excellent support to Her Majesty's Forces.
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That'd be difficult, my Mum's dead.


Hopefully people say the same when your mothers wearing the clothing too. ;)


Some nice items, model's a babe as well. 8)

natural sheepskin slippers £16 at Help for Heroes
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Posted 25th Nov 2016Posted 25th Nov 2016
natural sheepskin slippers £16 at Help for Heroes£16
was £20.00 now £16.00 with free delivery. Suede moccasin with wool lining Unisex style in sizes 4-11 Sole less (for inside use only) Help for Heroes branded label on the inside… Read more

No sole, just realised. oh well it will stop me wearing them in the garden


11% quidco too.



Help For Heroes Golf Embossed Ball Marker £2.50 with Free Delivery
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Posted 10th Jun 2016Posted 10th Jun 2016
Help For Heroes Golf Embossed Ball Marker £2.50 with Free Delivery£2.50
The must have golfing accompanyment, featuring an embossed crest and Help for Heroes branding. This handy antique gold finish Golf Ball Marker also attaches neatly to the magneti… Read more

I would never apply to that terrorist organisation. I've got plenty of qualifications- don't worry about me- I'm living good without murdering kids


Oh dear!!! I'm guessing your the type of bloke who sits on his **** playing COD till 0100-0200 in the morning. Come on be truthful you applied for the army & got told no thanks!!


Are they heroes??


What? It's 'Heroes'. Not 'Hero's'.



Twenty Twenty Cricket Match at Kennington Oval Heroes vs Rest of the World XI £20
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Posted 3rd Sep 2015Posted 3rd Sep 2015
Twenty Twenty Cricket Match at Kennington Oval Heroes vs Rest of the World XI £20£20
On 17th September, the day before the Rugby World Cup 2015, the Kia Oval - supported by Old Mutual Wealth - is hosting the first international Help for Heroes Twenty20 cricket fund… Read more

Not learnt from the other post?




What?? ​Afridi. You mentioned along with Dhoni, Brendon and Lara. lol


Big Players Afridi,Dhoni,Brendon,Lara

Help For Heroes Half Term Offers @ Help For Heroes. Save £5.00
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Posted 15th Feb 2015Posted 15th Feb 2015
Help For Heroes Half Term Offers @ Help For Heroes. Save £5.00
Assorted hoodies & tops £5.00 off
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£5 off is not a great deal cold for me. vote hot of cold on the deal, not if u think its a good charity.


My son says I'm a hero too! :p


Hot from me


fantastic worthy charity...... hot from me...

Help for Heroes Items End of Season Sale - Some over half price
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Posted 16th Jun 2014Posted 16th Jun 2014
Help for Heroes Items End of Season Sale - Some over half price£12
Various shirts etc on sale at over 50% off. Also some great products available throughout the store plus its a great cause.

That could be said the same about a £30 Ralph Lauren polo on offer from £40, yet it still would get roasting as the deal would be based on the previous price that the item was offered at and not comparing one brand of polo against some lesser quality item that you'd find in Primark or a Sports Direct brand (Lonsdale, everlast, slazenger, etc)


charity or no , it's not a good deal. if this was a charity forum I'd agree with you but it's not, it's a deal and bargain forum and a poloshirt for £12 is quite expensive.


Whilst this offering is about. On another grab for attention the H4H team had 12 road bikes stolen at the weekend from their campsite in Somerford Keynes in the Cotswolds. Full info is on their Facebook page. Keep yours eyes peeled people as these would be quality bikes that possibly only a certain audience would be interested in


Those voting cold should be ashamed.

Help for Heroes Shop - Free Delivery until 5pm Monday 5 May
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Posted 2nd May 2014Posted 2nd May 2014
Help for Heroes Shop - Free Delivery until 5pm Monday 5 May
Title says it all really, free delivery from the Help for Heroes shop until 5pm on Monday 5 May.
Help for Heroes Hoody - £25.00 SUPPORT OUR TROOPS
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Posted 24th May 2013Posted 24th May 2013
Help for Heroes Hoody - £25.00 SUPPORT OUR TROOPS£25
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My money is going to the collateral damage fund Dont join up. Dont be a pawn


hmmm..[image missing]


Nope they could have reported " Passers-by were walking as the madman with his bloody hands and knives was shouting...."


Unfortunately they give their lives for politicians and greed of governments. Still doesn't make them heroes, just thoughtless promoters of war.


Using lepton as an insult, I approve :).