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Hue Motion sensors 3 for £69.98 Normally £104.97 For 3 @ Phillips online
Found 26th Nov 2018Found 26th Nov 2018
Hue Motion sensors 3 for £69.98 Normally £34.99 Each Control your lights automatically by adding a Philips Hue motion sensor to your Philips Hue system. You can place the sensor… Read more

Looks like the dealz ended


There is a Huelabs addon that can snooze the motion detector. I haven't tried it though.


Mines holding on (just) to a nail holding the plasterboard up.


Sorry, realise that. But unlike the light sensitivity nothing much seems to happen. Just don't understand.


In the Hue app go to Settings, Accessory Setup then select your sensor. At the bottom of the page you can adjust the daylight and the motion sensitivities.

3 for 2 on all Philips Hue products - Dimmers work out at £11.99 each!- Direct from Philips Hue online  - Free delivery on orders over £50
Found 23rd Nov 2018Found 23rd Nov 2018
EDIT: DIMMERS STILL IN STOCK! WORK OUT AT £11.99!! Philips say....."Our 3 for 2 Mix and Match is back! Which means you can buy any 3 Philips Hue products from our range and get … Read more
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Interesting how three days after I posted this someone else posts effectively the same 2 for 1 deal but specifically for motion sensors and its at 300 degrees. :/


Ok so for the two orders I placed 23/11 an attempted delivery was made by UPS today. They shipped 26/11. The order I placed 26/11 hasn't shipped yet.


They can't control normal conventional bulbs as they are not hard wired.


Can you use the Dimmer Switch to control regular household ceiling bulbs or is the Hue Switch just a remote control for the Hue Bulbs essentially?


I've had an email from UPS and also a couple of emails from Philips. But I've placed three separate orders so it's all a bit confusing. The UPS email doesn't refer to any Philips order numbers.

Phillips Hue Starter Kit 25% off for Google Home Mini owners - £44.99
Found 20th Oct 2018Found 20th Oct 2018
Enjoy this exclusive 25% saving on Philips Hue starter kits². Our way of saying thanks for being part of the Google Home family.
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Anyone have a spare code any chance?


Exactly my thoughts.


So sorry if I've missed something, where do I get the code? I haven't received any emails, yet I have 4 Google Home Minis in my house!


HUEW5S8P6D7E4N3X9F2L5 fill ya boots (y)


Anymore codes out there please?

Phillips Hue 3 for 2 Offer direct from Phillips - Unlike Argos, nearly all items in stock - Free Delivery too - Philips Hue Dimmer Switch £17.99 - 3 for 2 - £35.98
Refreshed 4th Sep 2018Refreshed 4th Sep 2018
Tried to buy similar Argos offer but nearly all the stores say "out of stock" or "One in stock". Argos is slightly better with their "Home20" 20% discount code but thats IF you ca… Read more

Thanks. Just checked again. It doesn't work with Chrome on Mac, but works with Safari on Mac. For such a big company, they don't have the browser compatibility in place. (mad) Apparently, GUI10 bulbs dual pack (that I'm interested in) are out of stock. I'll have to wait.


Link still works for me, offer till 17 September


The link doesn't work. I see a blank page with no offers mentioned on their website (annoyed)


I really want these but sweet jebus theyre expensive T.T


ordered 6 bulbs. thanks very much.

Hue 3 for 2 @ Philips e.g  Hue White ambiance Light Recipe Kit E27 £44.99
Found 12th Jun 2018Found 12th Jun 2018
Hue 3 for 2 @ Philips e.g Hue White ambiance Light Recipe Kit E27 £44.99
Loads of hue bulbs are currently 3 for 2 on their website.

Sadly the ikea stuff is a disappointing option. I got some of the £7 GU10s and the light just doesn't suit all spaces - too warm for our kitchen. The £12 ones may be better, but the bulbs themselves are physically ugly and won't fit in a lot of recessed downlight fittings. There are some cheap innr ones on amazon, but people complain about buzzing... The amazon deal today lets you get the proper white Hue GU10s for £14 I've ordered a dozen for the kitchen :)


After selling the hubs I paid £20 each for coloured. I don't remember a deal on the whites. If you just want whites get Samsung smartthings and a fibaro dimmer and wire the relay in to the socket. Would only cost £50 per light switch plus £100 for smartthings starter pack if it goes on offer again. Another option would be to use the IKEA stuff.


Is there much chance the white GU10's will be cheaper on prime day? Havent followed HUE so not sure on price history. But considering wether to pull the trigger on 18 GU10's @ current price.


Sorry, cold, it's all cheaper on Amazon and Argos. Annoyingly I need another 3 GU10 colour and I know the best thing to do is wait until prime day next month grrrrr....


Just looked at Amazon at the GU10 dual pack - looks like they have. £42.40 instead of £49.99 - with 3 for 2 offer

Philips upto 70% off Ends Today Further 20% off 11NEC20
Found 27th Nov 2017Found 27th Nov 2017
Philips upto 70% off Ends Today Further 20% off 11NEC20
Some good deals go be had Free delivery over £30 20% off code: 11NEC20 Possible 14% @ TCB
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Thanks, the Mrs was after an epilator, bargain! Code worked, brought it down to under £30 and still free postage.


I've found 1 for £64.80 with code, £160 @ Amazon. I said I wouldn't post any more deals for a while.


Thanks. They have got some really good priced steam generator irons. Gift sorted for mother-in-law.


If you add UPS Express Delivery £5.99 no extra charge. 10% Quidco. 13% TCB possibly. £2.50 Qudico bonus


Cheers. Just bought a £30 shaver in the clearance, using the 11NEC20 code for 20% off. Free delivery on £30+ spend but it ignored the fact that the discount took it below £30, so £24 delivered

Philips Aquatouch AT899 Wet and Dry Electric Shaver £37.79 (with code) @ Philips online shop
Found 13th Aug 2017Found 13th Aug 2017
Philips Aquatouch AT899 Wet and Dry Electric Shaver £37.79 (with code) @ Philips online shop
Was £110, now £47.24. Use code AUG20HSD to get 20% off the displayed price, making it £37.79. Was going to buy new shaver heads, but at this price it's worth buying a whole n… Read more

Ive got one of these the price quoted is all its worth.


Out of stock...


£38.99 on Amazon.


Same price on Amazon

Shaver series 9000 Shaving heads RQ12/60 - £42 (£37.80 when using TCB)
Found 28th Mar 2017Found 28th Mar 2017
Shaver series 9000 Shaving heads RQ12/60 - £42 (£37.80 when using TCB)
I've been on the look out for a few years for a decent price for a replacement shaving head for my now discontinued Sensotouch 3d. I know the some of the reviews slate this in comp… Read more

These shaving heads are c rap compared to the previous generation (rq series I think it was, which was more expensive to produce).


Great price - I paid just under £50 not long ago when they had 25% off (was £64.99). I bought it for my old RQ10xx shaver and it made such a difference!


I just buy a new shaver every year, ridiculous that it costs almost haff or more the price for a new set of heads


It's the best part of a price of a new shaver altogether. I have held back from replacing my head, just bought an entirely new shaver for not much more. Can't remember at the time, but it was the 2D version for fifty something.

Lumea Advanced IPL - SC1999/00  Hair removal device £165 philips shop  plus 13.2% quidco
Found 24th Nov 2016Found 24th Nov 2016
Lumea Advanced IPL - SC1999/00 Hair removal device £165 philips shop plus 13.2% quidco
Lumea Advanced IPL - Hair removal device SC1999/00 was looking at another deal for a standard body one, but managed to get this deal or a better one with the attachments. use c… Read more

No problem, but I am afraid, the other one is not working anymore...tried to use od sonicare tbrush heads and says no longer available


add code black16 and black25 you will get 20%off then 25%off


I must be missing something then. as i just paid £195 - £25 for quidco which has tracked. that makes it £170 and none of that is points. nothing even close on the boots website at the moment. did yas , could yas & would yas dont count when paying cash.


sorry but voted cold this is way old. look on boots for offers, they have 10-15% vouchers going around at different times, plus add quidco and points I picked up 2006 models for £178 in total after adding the above up.


thats for body only . the one i bought has the attachments for body face & bikini . also 2 1/2 longer life span if it was needed

Philips Lumea for £175!! @
Found 22nd Nov 2016Found 22nd Nov 2016
Philips Lumea for £175!! @
Just seen SC2004 on the philips website for £175, cant find anywhere else for the same price, had some other deals on black Friday but lookign to get the wife an early Xmas present… Read more
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it must have been a glitch. You've been lucky!


I got 1999 model. Which has filters for face, body and bikini. Original price 300 10% off from site itself. Got popup while shopping, and it applied the discound. 25% off with code black25 And TCB tracked additional £14. So it went from £300 to £180.


Has anyone else got bigger discount than 25% with the code BLACK25?


back in stock


Oh no! Out of stock :(

Philips OneBlade Pro QP6520 £42.24 Philips Shop
Found 27th Aug 2016Found 27th Aug 2016
Oneblade pro QP6520/25 version, with longer comb and charging stand. Code stacked from philips website: BOXCODES5 for 12% off 10PHILIPS for 10% off £53.33 live on site going to … Read more
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This deal is from four months ago; of course the codes have expired by now, you moron. Actually it's from six months ago! The previous last comment from four months ago even said it'd expired...


Codes not valid. please expire


Box code expired


Thanks for the extra 12% code. Looking at new shaver since it seems I need a new battery for mine which is now discontinued :( Some OEM's available but not sure they same.


Thanks just ordered the same as Axino :)

Phillips OneBlade £20.52 Delivered @ Phillips Online Shop
Found 2nd Jun 2016Found 2nd Jun 2016
New shaver from Phillips Use codes 25TIMESTHANKS and 10PHILIPS Only other place to buy it is £35 from Boots Alternatively you can get the version which also includes the 2mm com… Read more
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Looks like this has expired :( Only the 10 percent code is working and they are showing at £34.99 for base model and £39.99 for the next one up. Heard such great things about these, but seem to have missed all the good offers!


Yes, I too have similar skin. No issues with burns/cuts. Can be used wet/dry. Only negative is that it can sometimes be a little messy. Defo go for the model up from standard model. Main difference is that the standard model has Ni-MH batteries and the others have Lithium!


Hi all, thinking of getting one of these although wanted to check how it actually is for those with sensitive skin. I always get serious razor burn no matter what I try. Can anyone comment?


It's telling me the 25% off code is expired, is anyone else having any luck?


Should add, easy to clean as nowhere for loose hair to trap behind usual clippers, also great for the monthly manpits trim - small blade makes trimming the curvature of under arms so much easier than clippers :)

Philips sonicare airfloss pro £50.63 & free delivery @ Philips shop
Found 24th Mar 2016Found 24th Mar 2016
Philips sonicare airfloss pro £50.63 & free delivery @ Philips shop
I know the standard Philips airfloss was recently £35 + £3.50 p&p (£38.50) @ John Lewis recently but for those who missed out I think this is a pretty good deal for the "pro" m… Read more

Hot :p

Philips Shaver series 7000 wet and dry electric shaver £67.49 @ Philips Online
Found 27th Feb 2016Found 27th Feb 2016
Philips Shaver series 7000 wet and dry electric shaver £67.49 @ Philips Online
Shaver series 7000 wet and dry electric shaver Take the edge off shaving. Specially designed to be comfortable on sensitive skin, the Philips Shaver series 7000 features comfort ri… Read more



Well its still a good deal, old model or not as boots still sell them for £299 and Ebay do them for £90-100 so if buying to sell its a reasonable profit.


Oh what a "hero" LOL


Sold 2 already . I've got £62 profit. So my shaver I have got for free.


It is you idiot, buying 3.

Philips Sports Headband Headphones £31.49 @ Phillips online
Found 27th Feb 2016Found 27th Feb 2016
Philips Sports Headband Headphones £31.49 @ Phillips online
Philips Sports Headband Headphones Robust and ergonomic, the ultra-light ActionFit SHQ5200 Headphones are designed for the most demanding workouts. 40-mm neodymium drivers ensure p… Read more
Philips Lumea Prestige SC2009/00 IPL
Found 22nd Feb 2016Found 22nd Feb 2016
Philips Lumea Prestige SC2009/00 IPL



Do these actually work?


Saying oos


not to forget cashback possibility - 7% for quidco


use 10PHILIPS get another 10 percent off works out to £270

Philips Avance Collection Airfryer XL - HD9240/90 £172.50 @ Philips
Found 20th Feb 2016Found 20th Feb 2016
Philips Avance Collection Airfryer XL - HD9240/90 £172.50 @ Philips
This is the larger Philips Airfryer model, hope some enjoys this deal! Using voucher code "25TIMESTHANKS" at checkout will reduce the price to £172.50 + free delivery. By using h… Read more
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Check out reviews on the Tower version.


why would you want to fry it a north of the border thing :p


Wow got one similar just before xmas from Amazon for £42.00,best thing since sliced bread,would never pay this price even if slightly bigger.

philips s7530 wet and dry electric shaver £89.99 @ philips-shop
Found 20th Feb 2016Found 20th Feb 2016
philips s7530 wet and dry electric shaver £89.99 @ philips-shop
best price I can find for a good shaver.

Back in stock


ordered. thanks OP


Thank you OP and karla85. 60 quids with 4 quid TCB for an excellent shaver is an absolute bargain. Please unexpire this deal so that more people can see it.


I've just received notice of dispatch- order is now with UPS (groan).


Maybe cancelled orders? Mines been dispatched and Quidco tracked at £4 odd

Lumea Prestige IPL sc2009 - Hair regrowth prevention £270.00 @ Philips
Found 12th Dec 2015Found 12th Dec 2015
Lumea Prestige IPL sc2009 - Hair regrowth prevention £270.00 @ Philips
Lumea Prestige IPL - Hair regrowth prevention 20 % off Promo code: 25% off - 25TIMESTHANKS 10% off - 10PHILIPS Lumea Prestige IPL sc2009 after discount 270 pounds.
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Thanks, order it! Hot!


Hi thanks used the above codes to buy Epliators and worked

Philips Hue Personal Wireless Lighting Starter Kit (3 x A19 B22 LED Light Bulbs (Bayonet), 1 Bridge) [Energy Class A] £101.24 (also 7.35% TCB) @ Philips Online UK
Found 15th Nov 2015Found 15th Nov 2015
Philips Hue Personal Wireless Lighting Starter Kit (3 x A19 B22 LED Light Bulbs (Bayonet), 1 Bridge) [Energy Class A] £101.24 (also 7.35% TCB) @ Philips Online UK
Just in time to make your living room all christmassy! I'm not sure I've seen these available for less. Approx £94 after TCB. Cheapest ever on Amazon is showing as £149 for this, … Read more

out of stock - should be expired.


Thanks for that. I've tried searching for that but I am getting a lot of unrelated results as if this is a non existent feature. I did look at some of them but nothing about wifi detection or anything. I would just like to know that if it can be set so that if I am going upstairs into a room where the hue bridge and bulb are installed then it can switch the light on itself by detecting my handset?


I've just bought the kit with the V2 bridge, it definitely has what is called 'wifi detection', it picks up the signal on your phone as you enter the house. As far as I am aware the only difference between the V1 and V2 bridge is that V2 is Apple homekit enabled. Just research Philips Hue bridge V1 wifi detection.


Can this be set so that the light automatically switches on if your nearby the room or about to enter? This is the main feature I am looking for. Not interested in changing colours or mood schemes. I thought the Philips Hue could do this but can't seem to find any mention of it so wondering if anyone here knows if it does?


Thanks for posting the Lux offer. Have just packaged up 8 x hubs for sending to CEX - £20 each = £160 back. When you factor in quido/TCB It makes the Philips Lux screw bulbs work out about £8 a pop!!!! Lucky I bought 5 packs....