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Picade 10% off - Now £135 @ Pimoroni
Found 3rd AugFound 3rd Aug
The all-new Picade has been completely redesigned, from the inside out. The ultimate desktop retro arcade machine! Picade is a Raspberry Pi-powered mini arcade that you build yours… Read more
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But this PiCade isa deal as it’s 10% off RRP and a special preorder. It also comes with a couple of freebies (pin badge, sticker pack). It’s better than the old one and u won’t find any version of full PiCade cheaper anywhere. Heat added! :D


Therefore NOT a deal!


They’re never expensive either, just RRP


Sounds like a lovely partnership between Peroni beer and a nice beef pie! (y)


Pimoroni are never are cheap

Raspberry Pi 3 model B+ - £34.50 @ Pimorani
Found 27th MarFound 27th Mar
The latest Raspberry Pi 3 Model B+ has a faster 64-bit 1.4GHz quad core processor, 1GB of RAM, faster dual-band 802.11 b/g/n/ac wireless LAN, Bluetooth 4.2, and significantly faste… Read more
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RS and cpc are about £34 Mark Inc next day delivery.


never stopped me yet!


I’d love to comment but I’d have no idea what I was talking about :p


Sorry, just realised there's postage to pay


And £2.50 for postage unless you spend over £50.

Google AIY Projects Voice Kit available for pre-order - £25 @ Pimoroni
Found 15th Sep 2017Found 15th Sep 2017
Google AIY Projects brings do-it-yourself artificial intelligence to your maker projects. With this AIY Voice Kit from Google, you can build a standalone voice recognition system… Read more

Which will hopefully match chromecast audio for features and sound quality.


Or wait for the Google Home Mini that's just been leaked.. Rumoured to be going on sale for $49 so we'll have something similar on release


I would agree with this. Good point!


Would you want Google on top of gathering all of your information from your phone, TV, android box, web searches, location and emails, also listen to all of your conversations at home freely with your permission?. I know that it needs a word to activate it.. but doesn't Alexa, and look and what that turned out to be


It's really not meant as an alternative to the Google Home, no comparison at all. It's meant for experimenting, building into other projects, developing and using Google's assistant APIs. Anyone wanting just a Google Home should buy a Google Home and avoid this

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Micro Gameboy (Arduboy) £50.50 @ Pimoroni
Found 31st Dec 2016Found 31st Dec 2016
Arduboy, the game system the size of a credit card. The easiest way to play, make and share 8-bit games! Powered by Arduino! Features Brilliant OLED Display 6 Soft-Touch Tactile… Read more

I backed this when it was on KS, hoping to kick me into making some software for it. not used it past trying the included game. Shame as it's a nice piece of kit and is super portable too.


Not voted either way, but I've got big hands and watching that gif above there is no way I'd be able to play on that. It also doesn't look comfortable to hold, plus I'd like a bigger screen. I like the idea of it though.


The catalogue of games are growing for this device pretty quickly already some classics ported to it.


Pocketchip's pretty good too, slightly better than this in my opinion. https://getchip.com/pages/pocketchip


I voted hot but honestly what'll be the point of carrying two devices when your phone can do the same job for you? Aside from that I think it really is a cool kit.

Pi Zero - Pimoroni - 15% discount after Code - £5.91
Found 1st Oct 2016Found 1st Oct 2016
Update: It's 15% discount site wide with the code MACHEN. Seems to be a decent price. Use code "MACHEN" during checkout for 15% off your order until midnight Sunday 2nd October (… Read more

Free shipping on orders over £50 ...


fooling people with 2.50 shipping charge.. Either allow people to collect it or reduce the charge.. They sent it by normal second class post with no tracking but charging 2.5 as their profit. Big sellers dont sell Pi Zero


oos :(


Precisely - it SHOWS you, it doesn't TELL you. Why state the obvious?



10% off @ Pimoroni only until midnight tonight, £6.10 for pi zero
Found 19th Sep 2016Found 19th Sep 2016
listed this offer but put in deals.............. relisted as will get missed there just had an email giving 10% off until midnight due to it being "international talk like a pira… Read more

This seems to be the going PI-rate .. Get stuck in me heartys, or ye'll be walking the Plank. Mfr'd in the Caribbean. s+2+steak+&+ale+pies] Pi +1


Looked at their Pi2 and Pi3 prices but seemed expensive even with 10% off. But checked other retailers and this seems to be the new norm :( Pi creeping up in price? Probably blame Brexit (_;)

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15% Off at Pimoroni eg: Raspberry Pi Zero £5.91 @ Pimoroni (Use Code HELLYEAH)
Found 28th Aug 2016Found 28th Aug 2016
Update: It's 15% discount site wide with the code HELLYEAH. Seems to be a decent price. It's Bank Holiday weekend! Use code "HELLYEAH" during checkout for 15% off your order unti… Read more

I've been using a RP2 with Kodi for the past 5 months as primary use. No complaints at all, and no overclocking used. I tried different versions: - Openelec - Retropie + Kodi Plugin, with default boot to Kodi. The second is my current setup just for the versatility of using the system as a retro-gaming console as in when required without having to swap micro-SD cards. All in all I am extremely satisfied with Kodi running on Raspberry Pi 2.




My question is how are you connecting the speakers to the Pi? It only has a USB connection.. plugging the USB directly into the pi doesn't seem to give any sound? I don't think there is enough power to drive them just off the Pi.




How would this work? The QSB's only have a USB connection and not phono.

Raspberry Pi Zero for £6.10 incl. delivery (using code) @ Pimoroni
Found 29th Jul 2016Found 29th Jul 2016
Hey guys. There is 10% off on every product @ Pimonori with the code "CANDY". You get the Pi Zero for £6.10 incl. delivery - should be the lowest price ever. Platform: raspberry … Read more
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Amazing with a pHAT Dac!


​yes,excellent idea. I did the same with my science of Cambridge mk14 in the early eighties. Only to dig it out again 5 years ago and flog it for £350!, You never know?




Can anyone tell me if this is okay to stash this in the same drawer as all the arduino unos / clones / stm8 etc etc that I have bought for no apparent reason.


amen brother! so many people buy a pi just to play some movies, and completely miss the point that they have a full linux server/desktop, photography/video, emulation and electronics platform sitting there. even worse you have the morons that just want to put windows on it.

pi zero - £6.50 Delivered @ Pimoroni
Found 23rd Jun 2016Found 23rd Jun 2016
pimoroni -great company in Sheffield are selling pi zero and back in stock. 2.50 postage and 4 for the zero itself

back again - seem to keep stock much longer now


Yes. But not in raspbian. Download either: libreelec for basic add-on only Kodi, openelec for slightly larger build but more stable isenguard Kodi Or OSMC for superslick large build customisable Kodi. I have run both open and libreelec and have exodus and istream running with very little load times.


I pondered that but then I asked myself... why not get an atom for that? Better keep embedded for its own purposes :) PS: Just received mine. Ordered on Friday delivered today. Really annoying you can only get one, I would have gotten 2.


​and what OS you run for that?


​better off with a pi 3b for kodi,i use my zero as a desktop.basic browsing and calendar.

Pi Zero in stock £6.50 delivered @ Pimoroni
Found 15th Jun 2016Found 15th Jun 2016
Raspberry Pi Zero - new one with camera slot Back in stock ... probably last a few hours

how did this deal get its title,supplier and price changed to pimoroni


pimoroni.com £4


Still in stock (first time I've seen them last more than a few hours)


Could i use this to run an emulater for old snes games etc.. ?


Love their packaging, classic sweet bags are nice touch, got a little Retropie Build on mine (anything up to the GBA is do-able)

Pi Zero back in stock £6.50 delivered @ Pimoroni
Found 10th Jun 2016Found 10th Jun 2016
Pi Zero has been out of stock at Pimoroni for a while, is now back in stock. Same deal as ThePiHut yesterday, £4 for the Pi, £2.50 shipping on your whole order

Confirmed, expired


This item is now showing as out of stock again


​I have 3, one is for always on torrenting and my other 2 are projects, one inside a nes controller and one inside a gameboy for emulation. Normal pi are just too big for this kind of project


Or you can DIY analog audio out [Adafruit]


​ plug & play

Raspberry Pi zero stock @ Pimoroni £6.50 Delivered
Found 25th May 2016Found 25th May 2016
Same delivery price at Pihut, as they're bound to run out any minute

Still in stock of kits.




sold out :(


12 zeros only left on pimoroni,


Pihut have now sold out of zeros and the essential kit zero bundle, other larger bundles are still available

Raspberry Pi Zero V1.3 available from £4 + £2.50 p+p @ Pimoroni (£6.50)
Found 16th May 2016Found 16th May 2016
The new version of the Raspberry Pi Zero with a camera connector. £4 version out of stock now, £9 version with extras still available.

You don't have to buy the adaptors, by your reasoning why did they even release the Zero. It's a cut down version of the standard Pi, buying all the adaptors to turn it into one defeats the object.


Why did they have to do that? You need an adaptor for the PSU, USB port, HDMI and the camera. You have to spend three times the cost of the board on buying adaptors. I know they wanted to make it smaller, but using the same connectors as the original Pi wouldn't have made that much difference.


Doesn't cope with the HEVC codec though, which a lot of things are starting to use now. If it did, I'd probably stick OSMC on mine and get rid of my Android Box.


Ahh I see what you mean now, £4 for a bit of ribbon cable i.e. the same cost as the pi itself is ridiculous.


​my thoughts exactly!

Raspberry Pi Zero's are back in stock!!! £4.25 plus £2.50 delivery - £6.75 @ pimoroni
Found 22nd Feb 2016Found 22nd Feb 2016
yay, just ordered 2 one for each daughter
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I saw that, but it seemed a little too complicated for a beginner like me. This one actually seems just about followable.


the site doesn't actually stop you ordering more than one - your whole order just gets cancelled manually later on. So try for 2 and end up with zero ;)


Check MagPi magazine there is one with Pi zero project that puts everything into one controller, inc battery.


if anyone is interested, i randomly found this in the imgur gallery a few weeks ago - someone has basically made a "console" out of raspberry pi zero and an old SNES cartridge. If you look at the internal wiring, it actually looks quite simple to follow so if i can get hold of the bits, i'm going to give it a go myself http://imgur.com/gallery/09Rs8


sorry i mess up i order one, I ordered two case ill have to let the daughters fight it out

Raspberry Pi Zero (back in stock) £4.20 + £2.50 postage @ pimoroni
Found 26th Jan 2016Found 26th Jan 2016
Back in stock even the model without the adapters. postage is £2.50 Pi Zero Features: BCM 2835 SOC @ 1GHz 1GHz 512MB of RAM micro-SD mini-HDMI micro-B USB for data micro-B USB f… Read more
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​don't get it why not just have more Pi0s made and shipped from China if the UK based factory isn't capable of meeting the demand. it will probably be even cheaper so good for everybody.


More in stock! Be quick!


production cant keep up with the demand they posted a few days ago that they had made 5000 units or something like that they are really cheap and easy to get your foot in the door with kodi and retro projects the price is also cheaper than a audrino aswel


To be honest, now I start to hate this kinda of deal. Why is the zero always out of stock? Such a tiny thing with such large demand. I just dont understand it. How can't they make more stocks, if they truly want to sell it????


Wonder why a small price increase compared to the last time..currency exchange rate? as they based on dollars?

Pi Zero - Back in stock £6.50 @ pimoroni
Found 5th Jan 2016Found 5th Jan 2016
Back in stock @ Pimoroni

Pi's are so great for kids


So many uses... Radio throwie ? http://makezine.com/projects/pirate-radio-throwies/


Hi. That's what I used. Still having trouble streaming some files, especially to my XB1 using plex app. Still messing about with it. I would like a plex option to turn off transcoding (as I think that is the primary issue I am having) but it aint possible ( i was serving files to all my devices without transcoding from my NAS share without issues, but love the plex system).


Thanks :) £10.50 for the pi and cables with delivery. Looks like they have just about sold out of all bundles now.


Whoop! Thanks OP. Mine is going into a MagicMirror (except not using Chromium as in this guide, as Chromium and the Pi 1 is not a good combo)

Pi Zero in stock £6.50 at  Pimoroni again!
Found 28th Dec 2015Found 28th Dec 2015
just bought a pi zero with a case.
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ordered one of these http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/1Pcs-PCM2707-USB-DAC-sound-card-board-module-S-PDIF-port-high-quality-UK-B37-/231608918489?hash=item35ecf7a1d9:g:lFEAAOSwgQ9VknoW a proper dac audio card, will allow me to make pi zero into an audio player for my hifi. i.e internet radio and youtube music etc. controlled remotely with tablet using ssh and tightvnc


With the Nordic chip you have to write your own code. It's still operating at 2.4GHz and the chip does all the comms through hardware. It's what I need to update my blinds control, central heating and door bell.


The 500ma is peak, like when the chip is booting. It's not the best for power use but it's wifi, the nordic chip isn't wifi. You might get away with it on a Pi 2 but on the other Pis (including the zero) you don't want to draw over 150ma from the 3v3 pins. The esp8266 is a great chip for embedded wifi projects, and it's so cheap! But you probably wouldn't use it with the RPi.


Just had a look at the spec sheet for this chip and it seems to use 215mA at max right down to 62mA. Looks like a powerful chip and you can use the 32bit cpu as a separate cpu. That link you gave, shows an image of the wifi module with a separate psu.


Ok. Most of these chips are ok on some pins with 5v. 500mA seems a lot, not much good for battery use then. 13.5mA at RX 2Mbps on the Nordic chip. The PAM2306 used on RP can supply 1A per channel so it's probably not enough if you are powering other stuff. You might have to supply power to the wifi card separately.

Raspberry Pi Zero in stock (bundles from £8)  @ Pimoroni
Found 14th Dec 2015Found 14th Dec 2015
Was in stock at thepihut earlier, now quickly sold out there Raspberry Pi Zero Details: BCM2835 (same as Pi 1) but up-clocked to 1GHz, so 40% faster 512MB of RAM micro-SD Slot mi… Read more

postie arrived today with a small-ish padded envelope and i thought "nah, this can't be it? surely not!" and it was .. it really is quite absurd how tiny this thing really is ..


Foiled again....but saved slightly by your edit. :D


Nice try, but the capital letters kill your joke :) All gone now though !


Hmm, if there are zero in stock, where is the deal?


only £24 starter kit left now