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This Week’s Shopitize Offers 2nd November 2016: Broccoli – 38p (18p) @ Morrisons; Plenty The Big One (120 Sheets per Roll) - £1.50 (60p) @ Tesco; Homepride Chilli Cooking Sauce / Peri Peri Cooking Sauce (500g) - £1 (70p) @ Asda/Waitrose; Ainsley Harr
Found 2nd Nov 2016Found 2nd Nov 2016
This week’s Shopitize offers starting Wednesday 2nd November 2016 – Tuesday 8th November 2016 Best Buys 50p and under * Broccoli (Any Own Brand) – 38p @ Morrisons; 39p @ Tesco; 4… Read more

Hi Luke wondering whats happened to you, not seen you for a day or two are you ok?


Hi Luke, what's happened to you then


I think you've had it this time, it looks like their website and their facebook page have gone. I really thought you had learned your lesson.


I thought you gave up on them after they tried to rip you of with your wife's £500??


Looks like the party is over. I tried withdrawing £4.70 from my account and it says minimum transfer to bank account is £4. My wife is also having the same issue withdrawing £7.

This Week’s Shopitize Offers 26th October 2016: McVitie's Jaffa Cakes (12) – 50p (30p) @ Asda; Müller Crunch Corner Toffee Hoops / Banana Chocolate Flakes / Milk Chocolate Digestive / Vanilla Chocolate Balls Yogurt (135g) – 50p (30p) @ Sainsbury’s; M
Found 26th Oct 2016Found 26th Oct 2016
This week’s Shopitize offers starting Wednesday 26th October 2016 – Tuesday 1st November 2016 Best Buys 50p and under * McVitie's Jaffa Cakes (12) – 50p @ Asda Claim 20p cash ba… Read more

still no contact from they, they even changed their contact page now



are you still supporting shopitize?


Who else is in favour of this article on MSE?


Bit of good publicity for Shopitize there on MSE

This Week’s Shopitize Offers 19th October 2016: Broccoli – 38p (23p) @ Morrisons; Hovis Soft White Medium Sliced Bread / Thick Sliced Bread / Doorstep (800g) – 85p (65p) @ Tesco/Waitrose; Kellogg's Cereal & Milk Bars Coco Pops (6x20g) – 99p (69p) @ T
Found 19th Oct 2016Found 19th Oct 2016
This week’s Shopitize offers starting Wednesday 19th October 2016 – Tuesday 25th October 2016 Best Buys 50p and under * Broccoli (Any Own Brand) – 38p @ Morrisons; 39p @ Asda; 40… Read more

I'm not having any login issues. Best thing to do is click on 'Forgotten your password' and reset it... X)


Hi, I'm unable to log into my shopitize account and my brother is having the same problem. Is anyone else unable to log in? It says wrong password or email but it's not wrong


I've just been to Sainsburys to pick up some of the offers on CheckoutSmart. I only submitted my receipt about 20 minutes ago, and it has all been checked and I have been awarded all of the money - £3.55:- Supermarket own brand British milk 2 or 4 pints - selected varieties - £1.00 cashback. Free Arla Skyr Icelandic layered yogurt 150g - all varieties - 80p cashback. Yeo Valley organic bio live fruity favourites yogurt 4x120g (on offer for £1.50) - £1.00 cashback. Light & Free Greek style yogurt 4x115g - all varieties (£1.50 in store) - 75p cashback. There are lots of other offers as well, but I just picked up a couple today.


First the free item was stopped we used to get free code via the fb page on Thursday. Now the split and lesser amount of cashback. I hope we get to see the early offers and how the app used to be.


Heat to KiKai for the effort but big thumbs down to shopitize for range of offers & rates of cashback :(

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This Week’s Shopitize Offers 12th October 2016: Mixed Peppers (x3) – 82p (47p) @ Morrisons; Goodfella's Extra Thin Stone Baked Pepperoni & Chorizo (328g) - £1 (60p) @ Morrisons; Goodfella's Stonebaked Thin Margherita Pizza (345g) - £1.25 (85p) @ Asda
Found 12th Oct 2016Found 12th Oct 2016
This week’s Shopitize offers starting Wednesday 12th October 2016 – Tuesday 18th October 2016 Best Buys 50p and under * Mixed Peppers - Any Own Brand (x3) – 82p @ Morrisons; 85p … Read more

Sorry for bringing up the old topic. I don't know if you know about GreenJinn app, can you post offers just like you used to do with Shopitize. But only if you have a spare time! Thank you in advance!


Wonder if Shopitize have updated the app. Mine first kept crashing when using flash to take pic of receipt. They fixed that bug but over last week or so once pic of receipt is taken it does not align up in the lines on the submit page causing manual checking everytime.


I finally managed to get Shopitize working again after giving up on it,as before the app kept crashing as soon as I've taken a snapshot of the receipt.The same thing happens with the new TCB app.My Galaxy S2 was running on Jellybean OS. I downloaded latest Shopitize and TCB apps onto Galaxy S4 (running KitKat OS) and they both work fine,so it seems both apps are now incompatible with older phones running older OSes.


Thanks as always KiKai for your analysis of where best to exploit this week's Shopitize App's offers. And also for your analysis of the even more offers on the newish TopCashback App's Groceries (Powered by Shopitize) at: My tips/tricks/traps with these £back sites/Apps etc...


​You're welcome batista... X)

This Week’s Shopitize Offers 5th October 2016: Milk (4 Pints) – 95p (30p Profit) @ Asda; Kingsmill Great White Bread Medium Sliced (750g) - £1 (65p) @ Asda; Flora Spread Original / Light (500g) - £1 (65p) @ Morrisons/Waitrose; Galbani Mozzarella Maxi
Found 5th Oct 2016Found 5th Oct 2016
This week’s Shopitize offers starting Wednesday 5th October 2016 – Tuesday 11th October 2016 Best Buys 50p and under * Any Own Brand Milk – Non Organic (4 Pints) – 95p @ Asda; £1… Read more

Thank you! :)


re the discussion about claiming on one receipt for offers at both Shopitize and the new TopcashBack Groceries (powered by Shopitize), the good news is that TCB's T&Cs specifically ALLOW IT except that you are not allowed to claim for "identical offers" on both! I've (partially) updated my summary on here of the cashback Apps/sites links/tips/tricks/traps:




Let's just hope that they don't tighten up their procedure of claiming cashback making it harder for us to claim with some people claiming fraudulently


I guess not but karma is a b****... X)

This Week’s Shopitize Offers – 28th September 2016: Milk (4 Pints) – 95p (30p Profit) @ Asda; Clipper Fairtrade Pure Green Tea (26) - £1 (5p) @ Tesco; Broccoli – 38p (18p) @ Morrisons; Burton's Jammie Dodgers (140g) – 50p (25p) @ Asda/Morrisons/Sains
Found 28th Sep 2016Found 28th Sep 2016
This week’s Shopitize offers starting Wednesday 28th September 2016 – Tuesday 4th October 2016 Best Buys 50p and under * Any Own Brand Milk – Non Organic (4 Pints) – 95p @ Asda; … Read more

Three receipts submitted, three under review. The first one has been accepted. Please bring back the old Shopitize!


This is hard work now!


​ :(


Oh dear - took my first snaps with the latest updated Shopitize App and it isn't taking photos correctly. Once the pictures taken, instead of them appearing "between the guide lines" there's a crushed version in the left margin. ARGH! Waiting to see what Shopitize say. Update: After review the £backs got awarded but the quality of the images is appalling. PS: New day and new claim and same symptoms. Another review pending... They broke something fixing something else!


Hello my lovely HUKD family hope you're all well. Does anyone have any spare Kellogg's Personalised Spoon Codes as I've misplaced a couple? If so can you please send them via Private Message. Thank you... X)

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This Week’s Shopitize Offers – 21st September 2016: Milk (4 Pints) - £1 (30p Profit) @ Leading Supermarkets; Quaker Oat So Simple Apple & Blueberry (10s) - £1 (5p) @ Morrisons; Branston Baked Beans (410g) – 50p (20p) @ Asda; Nescafe Azera Instant Cof
Found 21st Sep 2016Found 21st Sep 2016
This week’s Shopitize offers starting Wednesday 21st September 2016 – Tuesday 27th September 2016 Best Buys 50p and under * Any Own Brand Milk – Non Organic (4 Pints) – 95p @ Asd… Read more

Thanks for the information Gareth57... X)


Thank you. Not something I want, but I'll donate it and take the 5p loss. :D


Useful post on the Facebook coupon site saying Morrison's now have the Oat So Simple apple and blueberry 10 pack for £1 so 5p after cash back if bought today or tomorrow


Don't forget to upload your milk receipt to Clicksnap. Free milk and a profit.



This Week’s Shopitize Offers – 14th September 2016: Iceberg Lettuce - 43p (13p) @ Asda/Tesco; KTC Chick Peas (400g) – 38p (18p) @ Asda/Morrisons; Napolina Red Kidney Beans (400g) – 65p (25p) @ Sainsbury’s; Müller Fruit Corner Yogurt (150g) – 50p (25p
Found 14th Sep 2016Found 14th Sep 2016
This week’s Shopitize offers starting Wednesday 14th September 2016 – Tuesday 20th September 2016 Best Buys 50p and under * Iceberg Lettuce (Any Own Brand) – 43p @ Asda & Tesc… Read more

Thank you!


​check out the west indian section that's where they are at the Derby Asda they are not with the pulses and beans


Funny you should say that- I'm sure last time I looked they were everywhere. I can't find them either


Has any had any luck with sourcing the Ktc chick peas. I have visited the 3 biggest stores in my town of Asda, Sainsburys and Morrisons and they are not in stock. Only place I've not tried is Tesco because it's too far away.


Robot is not very clever today. Two receipts under review. :D

Weekly Shopitize offers - 7th Sep 2016: New Covent Garden Soup £1 (down to 30p), Robinsons £1.25 (down to 70p), Crayola Coloured pencils 12pk £1.50 (down to 85p) etc
Found 7th Sep 2016Found 7th Sep 2016
* New Covent Garden Soup 600g (Classic Chicken, Vegetable Soup, Slow Roasted Tomato) - £1 at Asda, Morrisons = Claim 70p cashback, so 30p * Robinsons Fruit & Barley Summer Fru… Read more

​I have a problem with them...since they linked they found my accounts were linked so keep noticing if I claim on each. used to be allowed but now only getting one means its not too great a the milk thing has now disappeared from the app. I was off to buy that today...drattage. the offer only went live yesterday supposedly for 6 days or summat. but disappears after 1...bah. giving up on them...I am not lucky enough (I.e. too lazy to leap out instantly for deals)


I just get the TCB/CheckOutSmart/Quidco freebies.:D


Thank you JWNWales. Have a fabulous evening... X)


Thank you juggler1. Have a great evening... X)


How lovely, KiKai! Many congrats to you and yours. X)

This Week’s Shopitize Offers – 31st August 2016: Müller Crunch Corner (135g) – 50p (25p) @ Sainsbury’s; McVitie's Jaffa Cakes (12) – 50p (30p) @ Asda; Carex Antibacterial Handwash Original (250ml) – 70p (40p) @ Waitrose; Mixed Peppers (x3) – 82p (52p
Found 31st Aug 2016Found 31st Aug 2016
This week’s Shopitize offers starting Wednesday 31st August 2016 – Tuesday 6th September 2016 Best Buys 50p and under * Müller Crunch Corner Toffee Hoops / Banana Chocolate Flake… Read more

Yes my bad... X)


Lucky you... ;)


KiKai, I think the original post needs changing from Sainsburys to Co-op, unless it's now £1.39 there too.


Yes lucky me I got it twice in a week , not bad for a married man oO


Yes that's right it's back on the accounts of selected members, most likely those that missed out last week. Although there may be a few that slip through the net and get it again... X)

Shopitize £12 Cash Back Special Offer with £2/£3 Profit: 6 x Old Mout Cider (500ml) - £2.19 (19p) 3 for £5 (£2 Profit) @ Tesco; £1.50 (£3 Profit) @ Tesco Express...
LocalLocalFound 26th Aug 2016Found 26th Aug 2016
What a great Bank Holiday offer from Shopitize... This is a multiple redemption £2 cash back offer which you can claim 6 times on bottles of Old Mout Cider (500ml) (All Flavours) … Read more

​If that's the case then I have no idea how they've selected which members get this offer this time around... X)


My husband didn't claim next time but it didn't appear on his app either.....:(


This offer was supposed to be for those members who missed out last time... X)


That's great Sarah7 as my local Tesco Express were selling them @ £2.19 each... X)


Just checked app having read this but it's not appearing for me....:(

This Week’s Shopitize Offers – 24th August 2016: Heinz Baked Beanz (415g) – 50p (20p) @ Asda/Tesco; Evian Mineral Water (500ml) – 55p (25p) @ Tesco; Napolina Pasta (500g) – 75p (35p) @ Tesco; Metcalfe's Popcorn Skinny Sweet 'n Salt (6x17g) - £1 (45p)
Found 24th Aug 2016Found 24th Aug 2016
This week’s Shopitize offers starting Wednesday 24th August 2016 – Tuesday 30th August 2016 Best Buys 50p and under * Heinz Baked Beanz (415g) – 50p @ Asda, Tesco & Coop / He… Read more

A bit late, but Bertolli is £1 in Asda.


Yea they pulled the offer. Was only temp apparently. The app is playing up massively, stopped working on my phone, now stopped working on my tablet (photo quality was poor on iPad so been using on my Asus), offers lasting a day or so.. It's tiring for my head to get it to work :-(


Sign out and then back in again. If that doesn't work, try uninstalling and re-installing.


The Old Mout Cider has disappeared from my Shopitize App. I purchased one, looked to purchase others but it's disappeared, has this happened to anyone else.


It's a pity the Cadbury Cake Bars aren't also on offer this week. If anyone might like a similar better value alternative Cadbury Mini Rolls twin packs are half price this week, so you get 12 for £1.37 (Tesco) or £1.47 (Morrisons)!

This Week’s Shopitize Offers – 17th August 2016: Iceberg – 41p (11p) @ Morrisons; 43p (13p) @ Asda/Tesco; Burton's Jammie Dodgers (140g) – 50p (25p) @ Asda/Morrisons/Tesco; Napolina Pasta (500g) – 75p (35p) @ Tesco; Quaker Oat So Simple Morning Bars
Found 17th Aug 2016Found 17th Aug 2016
This week’s Shopitize offers starting Wednesday 17th August 2016 – Tuesday 23th August 2016 Best Buys 50p and under * Iceberg (Any Own Brand) – 41p @ Morrisons; 43p @ Asda & … Read more

Not everything on mySupermarket is always correct, so i do not use that as being 100% accurate... X)


Great... X)


Which one JB0007? X)


You're welcome nn196411... X)


They are no longer stocked in any of the bigger supermarkets as confirmed on MySuperMarket. Even though it shows as available in Sainsburys this is not correct as you will not find it on their website.

This Week’s Shopitize Offers – 10th August 2016: Broccoli – 38p (18p) @ Asda; 39p (19p) @ Tesco; Müller Fruit Corner Yogurt (150g) – 55p (30p) @ Asda/Tesco/Sainsbury’s; Napolina Pasta (500g) – 75p (35p) @ Tesco; Mr Kipling Lemon Layered Slices / Choc
Found 10th Aug 2016Found 10th Aug 2016
This week’s Shopitize offers starting Wednesday 10th August 2016 – Tuesday 16th August 2016 Best Buys 50p and under * Broccoli (Any Own Brand) – 38p @ Asda; 39p @ Tesco Claim 20p… Read more

Not on mine either


I think that's a record breaking low price on the pasta - hot!


Just been to Co-op: Muller corner yogurts are on offer of 3 for £1 & Sure roll on was 99p


Coco pops 550g £1.44 at Coop! So 69p after cashback or 55p if you have an NUS extra card. Such a good deal!


Maybe he was the footballers butler

This Week’s Shopitize Offers – 3rd August 2016: McVitie's Milk Chocolate Hobnobs Flapjacks (5) – 65p (40p) @ Tesco; Marmite Cashews (90g) – 99p (44p) @ Waitrose; Schweppes Original / Diet Lemonade (2L) - £1 (60p) @ Asda/Morrisons/Waitrose; Carex Anti
Found 3rd Aug 2016Found 3rd Aug 2016
This week’s Shopitize offers starting Wednesday 3rd August 2016 – Tuesday 9th August 2016 Best Buys 50p and under * McVitie's Milk Chocolate Hobnobs Flapjacks (5 per pack - 170g)… Read more

Got a prompt email reply from them late this afternoon saying problem now solved. However on my phone it took a wipe of App cache & data and Uninstall App; then reboot and reinstall App before my Shopitize App started behaving normally... which it now is... so far so good... PS: And today Tue a claim for milk 25p worked just fine.


Yep issue with the milk offer sorted now, just claimed my 25p :-)


Someone posted to Shopitize on Twitter asking if it was having trouble at the minute (post was yesterday) - Shopitize replied today that they've found the problem and everything should be resolved. No idea of the specific problem the person on Twitter had.. but presume it was something fairly big and noticeable since they replied saying it was solved. Twitter post from Shopitize


Not just me having this problem then.


If you ever find a product unrecognised by Shopitize barcode reading, but which 100% matches the Shopitize offer description then do take a few photos of the product packaging including a clear barcode pic and send off to Shopitize support. While it's a hassle to 'earn' a few pence, they have in the past been fast/efficient in updating their database to include the unknown barcode. The milk offer, like all offers, should work as a single redemption, indeed it's the offer I most redeem that way. That said I haven't tried to claim yet this week and there does indeed seem to be SOMETHING wrong with that offer this week as I have it in "scan barcode" mode but it isn't showing properly in the "shopping list", and now my App's stuck in "please wait while your data is loaded" mode :(

This Week’s Shopitize Offers – 27th July 2016: Müller Fruit Corner Yogurt (150g) – 30p (5p) @ Sainsbury’s; Iceberg - 43p (13p) @ Asda/Tesco; Frijj Chocolate Milkshake (471ml) / Frijj Chocolate Fudge Brownie Milkshake (471ml) – 65p (15p) @ Tesco; Bra
Found 27th Jul 2016Found 27th Jul 2016
This week’s Shopitize offers starting Wednesday 27th July 2016 – Tuesday 2nd August 2016 Best Buys 50p and under * Müller Fruit Corner Blackberry & Raspberry; Peach & Apr… Read more

​50p in my local aswell so even more of a bargain :)


The persil Apple washing up liquid was 50p in Lincoln Morrisons today. Making it 20p


Thanks as always KiKai for your analysis of where best to exploit this week's Shopitize offers - that 99p Lasagna Kit "on clearance" might be a worthwhile find at Waitrose this week, and milk offer was there early today :) Usual reminder for anyone unfamiliar with Shopitize and the other Apps/sites thats offer cashback for buying offers and uploading your in-store receipt to see my links/tips/tricks/traps [updated last month] on here at:


Thanks Kikai, only disappointment for me is the cheese cashback is still on seriously strong and not cathedral city :(


You're welcome sradmad, have an awesome day too... X)

This Week’s Shopitize Offers – 20th July 2016: Broccoli - 38p (18p) @ Asda; 39p (19p) @ Tesco; Purdey's Rejuvenate Multivitamin Fruit Drink (330ml) - £1 (40p) @ Sainsbury’s; Chupa Chups Mini Lollies (x20 Bag) - £1 (40p) @ Asda/Sainsbury’s; Pampers Se
Found 20th Jul 2016Found 20th Jul 2016
This week’s Shopitize offers starting Wednesday 20th July 2016 – Tuesday 26th July 2016 Best Buys 50p and under * Broccoli (Any Own Brand) – 38p @ Asda; 39p @ Tesco Claim 20p cas… Read more

Maybe have blocks of butter rather than spread for a chance - perhaps different ones?


Hmm, good question. I like the regular milk offer so having basics such as milk, bread, spread,eggs and cheese most week is good. New items in the app could be longer term offers non food items, maybe lifestyle things such as sports, gardening or motoring that are open for a month. Supermarkets stock plenty of these items. Perhaps also use themes such as Summer, Back to school, Halloween etc. more formally. Offers for these seasonal times do occur, but not under a banner grouping them together.


And try the gold edition if you come across it :D


Thank you, that explains many issues today!


BT and PlusNet are having issues

This Week’s Shopitize Offers – 6th July 2016: Trident Splash Sugarfree Strawberry Lime Gum - 50p (FREE) @ Tesco; Iceberg Lettuce - 43p (13p) @ Asda/Tesco; Evian Mineral Water (500ml) – 45p (20p) @ Sainsbury’s; Burton's Jammie Dodgers (140g) – 50p (25
Found 6th Jul 2016Found 6th Jul 2016
This week’s Shopitize offers starting Wednesday 6th July 2016 – Tuesday 12th July 2016 Best Buys 50p and under * Trident Splash Sugarfree Strawberry Lime Gum – 50p @ Tesco Claim … Read more

Shopitize has slowly been coming back to me. now on week 3 and I've finally had a reply that they will send my money to PayPal. Though that was sent on Thursday with a note that it may take 3 days, still hasn't come through so assume that doesn't count wekends. No reply about last weeks receipt yet...and had sent this weeks, but just remembered I have the app on my ipad and although its no longer on the app store its still installed on there. Tried submitting my latest receipt and it worked!! amazing stuff...still no idea why its not working on my phone. installed app on my dads phone and signed him up but that had the same error I did. And not sure its being sorted by Shopitize as latest email about it had someone say to uninstall and reinstall... but I've already said I've done that before so not sure anything is actually being done about it.


​You're welcome Air56, enjoy your shopping... X)


Thank you KiKai great offers this week


​Hang in there grumpyone they'll get it sorted... X)


​It's unfortunate that the new update isn't running as smoothly as it should. Hopefully it'll all be fixed soon... X)

This Week’s Shopitize Offers – 29th June 2016: Broccoli – 38p (18p) @ Asda; Plenty Original (50 Sheets) – £1 (20p) @ Coop; Heinz Baked Beanz (415g) – 50p (20p) @ Asda; Müller Fruit Corner Yogurt (150g) – 55p (30p) @ Asda/Tesco/Sainsbu
Found 29th Jun 2016Found 29th Jun 2016
This week’s Shopitize offers starting Wednesday 29th June 2016 – Tuesday 5th July 2016 Best Buys 50p and under * Broccoli (Any Own Brand) – 38p @ Asda; 39p @ Tesco Claim 20p cash… Read more

Hmm, now to wait for the next one. Have sent my receipts from last week, yesterday (still waiting for next reply) sent receipt for milk. But still nothing. I miss Shopitize :-(


Yay - Shopitize replied to the latest email, asking me to email them photos of the other receipts so they can process it separately (they replied to email 5.... email 4 had this info... resent that). Hopefully that will be dealt with, but no idea if they can fix the issue, or if there is any way of identifying what the issue is.


Yep - well not sure if I did originally but once I was having problems last Friday I uninstalled it, then reinstalled it and signed in again, same issue. And the new account on my dad's phone - that had the same issue, and that's a different phone.


Toonah have you recently updated your app to the new version? X)


Hey markymark maybe the price has since changed as I saw it was 99p on Sunday. Always get products scanned to check prices as sometimes the shelf edge label is incorrect... X)

This Week’s Shopitize Offers – 22nd June 2016: Iceberg Lettuce (Any Own Brand) – 40p (10p) @ Sainsbury’s; Branston Baked Beans (410g) – 50p (20p) @ Tesco; Highland Spring Sparkling Water (1.5L) – 60p (35p) @ Sainsbury’s; McVitie's Milk Chocolate Hobn
Found 22nd Jun 2016Found 22nd Jun 2016
This week’s Shopitize offers starting Wednesday 22nd June 2016 – Tuesday 28th June 2016 Best Buys 50p and under * Iceberg Lettuce (Any Own Brand) – 40p @ Sainsbury’s Claim 30p ca… Read more

Hmmm, I emailed for help, not heard anything yet, it still doesn't work so will try emailing them with pics of receipts, but seems I'll miss Shopitize for a while.


Has anyone else had any trouble with Shopitize today? Been trying to take a pic of my receipt, and it's Morrisons, so need a pic of both sides...but once I take a pic of one side it does a black screen - and doesn't show me the photo just taken, then it sometimes flashes up that Shopitize has to close due to an error. Tried logging out of Shopitize and back in, then tried to log in as me on another phone... Same problem. Tried many times since 5pm. Gonna leave it a bit in case it fixes soon, but curious if anyone else has similar.


Just to let everybody know. Sainsburys have stopped selling Schwartz herbs and spices except for a limited range of their Perfect Shakes. Sainsburys are now only selling their own updated brand of herbs and spices. Please note that this withdrawal is in all their Main and Local stores. This is why the 3 for £2.50 offer on COS is now only for the other main supermarkets. So unless you find any remaing reduced stock, the price for Sainsburys is not valid.


Thanks KiKai. Think I'll have 80p off this one and a Green and Blacks Plain Dark chocolate for free


Wow that is alot, mine is showing as 193MB on WiFi and 5.11MB on Mobile... X)