Shopkins 2017 Annual £1 instore @ Poundworld

Shopkins 2017 Annual £1 instore @ Poundworld

Found 11th Dec 2016Made hot 11th Dec 2016
They had lots of older annuals but found this 2017 Shopkins one too.


good find op! was hoping the ones in Argos would go to £1 like the others but ilk have to check my local for this for my little girl

I picked this up the other day. It's not actually the annual but looks decent for £1

Is this a calendar?

Paid £4 for my daughters shopkins annual


Is this a calendar?

It's a book

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Oh, I thought it was the annual as it has 2017 on it. I didn't buy it so can't check - sorry.

What's the difference between this 1 and the annual? I purchased this from Poundland and has season 1-4 shopkins in it listed, what had the annual got that the Poundland version hasn't?
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