shopkins £3.99  B&M

shopkins £3.99 B&M

Found 10th Oct 2016
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does it say what season
never mind It's season 3
is b&m the same as Home Bargains?

is b&m the same as Home Bargains?

​pretty much
Wonder would Home Bargains have these
so far HB do not have shopkins in stock in my nearest 2. the 12 pack in b&M is 7.99. I picked up a big shopkins and 2 Marvel carry bags for £4 in B&M (1.50 each) - like the ones you would get in the Disney store - so I can put all the shopkins stuff from the big guy
I bought the same today, but series 4, B&M, £3.99
Got some today! Thanks !! Put away for Xmas !!
Bought some the other day. Also had the bigger packs in the Willerby retail park store (I think it was a 12 pack for £7.99 and the 20 pack for £11.99 or something).
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