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[Xbox One] Crackdown 3 - £6.98 - Shopplay
Posted 18th SepPosted 18th Sep
Decent price when comparing it up against the pre-owned delivered price from CEX (£6.95), although £5 in store. Price includes delivery and PayPal payments can be made. I will als… Read more
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Went into this with very low expectations following all the negative reviews. But I actually really enjoyed it and thought it was good fun. Also nice visuals. Def recommend for this price


2 isn’t that bad, it’s free to play on Xbox though


Loved the first one never played 2 or 3, heard they weren't as good

Nioh 2 (PS4) - £24.98 delivered @ Shopplay
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Posted 24th JulPosted 24th Jul
Nioh 2 (PS4) - £24.98 delivered @ Shopplay£24.98£26.997% Free P&P Free
Good low price offer. :) Defy your own mortality and unleash your inner darkness across the violent feudal land of Sengoku era Japan and the deadly Dark Realm, in this savage… Read more
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Nioh 2 + Sekiro + GoT = Can't get enough of samurais (lol)


Good deal, DLC should be out at the end of the month also

The Last of Us Part II (PS4) - £38.99 delivered @ Shopplay
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Refreshed 24th JulRefreshed 24th Jul
The Last of Us Part II (PS4) - £38.99 delivered @ Shopplay£38.99 Free P&P Free
Update 1
Price drop from £40.98 to £38.99 - 24/07
The Last of Us Part II (PS4) £38.99 delivered @ Shopplay. Looks like the new lowest. Features & details Five years later… An intense, harrowing and emotional adventur… Read more

The response of someone with no comeback at all.


okay child


£39.99 from shopto/ebay


Notice how you say its rubbish “according to” then add a load of online sources, rather than giving an actual reason why YOU didn’t like it. You’re the same as the other sheep. We are lucky to get games like this, with developers pushing so boundaries and not staying with safe run of the mill stories AKA Ghost of Tsushima which on the other hand is being praised beyond the stars, it’s just an assassins creed clone with samurai’s.


The irony of you replying to my comment a full week later. The ignorance of you completely ignoring the part where I said I was wrong.

Forza Horizon 3 - £9.74 @ Shopplay
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Posted 3rd JulPosted 3rd Jul
Forza Horizon 3 - £9.74 @ Shopplay£9.74
Forza Horizon 3 Standard Edition includes the full game and the Forza Hub App • Explore Australia, the Horizon Festival’s largest, most beautiful and diverse open world ever • … Read more

Hey each to their own. The first game always has a special place in my heart with the sequel being a close second. Just wish the sequel got the X enhanced treatment :(


That's a great price for a really good game. I personally think it's better than forza horizon 4


Will say it again if it helps someone save money. If you have Ultimate GamePass or Games with Gold, this is very likely to be free next month, September at the latest. Almost guaranteed if you look at the previous games that have all been on GWG, all were in Aug/Sept


Great game.

Burnout Paradise Remastered - Xbox One - £5.99 at Shopplay
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Posted 2nd JulPosted 2nd Jul
Burnout Paradise Remastered - Xbox One - £5.99 at Shopplay£5.99 Free P&P Free
Burnout Paradise Digital Edition Welcome back to Paradise City! Make action your middle name as you rule the streets in Burnout™ Paradise Remastered. Tear up the town from hectic … Read more
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The Last Of Us Part 2, PS4 - £43.99 @ Shopplay
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Posted 25th JunPosted 25th Jun
The Last Of Us Part 2, PS4 - £43.99 @ Shopplay£43.99£45.994% Free P&P Free
The Last Of Us Part 2 on PS4. Cheapest I've seen it at the moment. Lucky for those who haven't bought it yet.

Just finished playing this, Stayed away from any spoilers, Highly enjoyable game. I was glued.


The ones that are allowed. Only certain opinions are allowed.


Watch out guys we got Mr.Muscle here. Looking at your profile picture most people would assume your the male? As yes sterotyping I would put my money on the lad in that photo as being the gamer out of the two.


I loved the 1st one, i didn't follow ANY of pre-release stuff, i never do - as i dont want a single thing ruined for me. Same with cyberpunk i saw the initial hype release thingy, and that is it now i wont look at any of it until release day


The comments don't disappoint (popcorn)

Grand Theft Auto V: Premium Online Edition & Whale Shark Card Bundle (Xbox One) - instant digital download - £17.50 at Shopplay
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Posted 11th MayPosted 11th May
Grand Theft Auto V: Premium Online Edition & Whale Shark Card Bundle (Xbox One) - instant digital download - £17.50 at Shopplay£17.50 Free P&P Free
Since taking GTA off Gamepass, my son has been on the lookout for this deal again as we missed the CD Keys deal for £17.99. Just got this and installed, he's a happy boy again. Ho… Read more

Ah right. Ok, ill report this as being expired then and keep an eye out elsewhere. Thanks


They have sold out Ghost-Protocol.


Not sure if i'm being silly? But how do i buy this? I cant see a buy button. Thanks


So you are the one that just there to keep shooting others? (ninja)


I'm 47 and I love it. It's been really nice to have the time lately to sit and play a destructive, violent and vice riddled game. Strange how 8 hours pass so quickly when you start playing...

Xbox One X 1TB Black Console £289 - Shopplay
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Posted 15th AprPosted 15th Apr
Xbox One X 1TB Black Console £289 - Shopplay£289
Xbox One X 1TB Black Console - No bundle, just the console & controller. Other bundles available but this is the only one in stock at time of posting under £300.

Ahh, we have a Sony insider here, can you let us know the full official feature list of the PS5 compared to the Series X?


Offer not available apparently.


Set a notification up on this website. That’s what I did. I got mine from AO but the offer was taken down after 2/3 hours so be quick (y)


As some sites, including Microsoft, are still selling them for around £450 then in my opinion, yes


You're right, I am waiting for one of them to come up again when I noticed this. I agree the price isn't as good but all of the other deals around £259 were out of stock.

Xbox One X Gears 5 Ltd Edition bundle - £329.99 @ Shopplay
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Posted 11th AprPosted 11th Apr
Xbox One X Gears 5 Ltd Edition bundle - £329.99 @ Shopplay£329.99£359.998%
Never fight alone on Xbox One X - Own the Xbox One X Gears 5 Limited Edition bundle and bring the Gears universe to life with a console featuring the Crimson Omen immersed in ice a… Read more
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ps to elaborate, you sounded like a fanboy in the notion of slamming the sales of Xbox... “Nobody wants an Xbox One X or Gears” - Some people do. If you exaggerate, you sound like a fanboy. Hence my comment. Also, the availability of this (“limited edition”) console doesn’t reflect the Xbox brand. Again, it just sounded fanboyish. Xbox is still very popular, just not this particular design lol. Anyway, glad to hear you’re not a fanboy.


I was being unbiased in my response. To re-iterate, I said: - Limited Edition is thrown around willy-nilly these days. It’s marketing BS. - Technology usually drops in price. - The Gears console probably hasn’t sold well. I don’t know why you think I’m ‘defending my favourite console’. Did you read what I said? I actually critiqued the Xbox One X more than I praised it (saying that it’s expensive, and hasn’t sold well). I wasn’t criticising you as much as it may have first come across. I was just saying you sounded like a fanboy XD


You're free to think what you want, but nowhere in any comment here have I claimed any console is better than the other. It just seems that people like you and that Space Gravity chap don't like seeing criticism of their favoured console. As for the fanboy claims, well you're more than welcome to check my Xbox gamertag which is exactly the same as my handle on HUKD. You'll find that the 360 was my favourite console last gen with a tonne of games played, including every single Gears of War game. My loyalty lies wherever the games and value are. I could not care less what box they're played on.


“Limited edition” is written on an abundance of products these days. I’ve seen limited edition KitKats. So it doesn’t “make no sense”. Also, isn’t the PS4 also now about half the launch price? Technology drops in price. I don’t know how you know the sales quantity of this particular Gears console, but I do believe that it won’t be selling all too well. ps you may not be, or you may be in denial, but you do sound like a massive fanboy. Not aiming this directly at you, but I love seeing arguments about console ABC being better than console XYZ. Same things happens with football teams. I’m glad you like what you’ve got, but what’s the end goal in broadcasting how good it is, and trash-talking others...?... “Yes, the Xbox One X is powerful, was expensive, and isn’t the best-selling. I agree. You win” Can we stop now?

Xbox One S 1TB Console & Star Wars Jedi Fallen Order £195 @ Shop/Play
-157° Expired
Posted 13th MarPosted 13th Mar
Xbox One S 1TB Console & Star Wars Jedi Fallen Order £195 @ Shop/Play£195£199.992%
Introducing the new Xbox One S. Play the greatest games lineup, including Xbox 360 classics, on a 40% smaller console. Experience richer, more luminous colors in games and video wi… Read more

Am I supposed to be offended?


Brutal humour.



Hoth is warmer than this deal.

Nintendo Switch Lite Console - Yellow £165.98 delivered @ shopplay
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Posted 13th FebPosted 13th Feb
Nintendo Switch Lite Console - Yellow £165.98 delivered @ shopplay£165.98£1692%
Handheld-only Switch device Compatible with Nintendo Switch games that support Handheld mode Battery Life : Approximately 3 - 7 hours *The battery life will depend on the games you… Read more

Im not familiar with them either but looks like a UK retailer to me.


Chintendo Schwich Lyte, guaranteed (y)


Never heard of them? Chine import? If so... We can get them for 147....

james bond 007 edt 50 £15 @ Shopplay
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Posted 1st Feb 2015Posted 1st Feb 2015
james bond 007 edt 50 £15 @ Shopplay£15
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Does anyone Dr.No if this is alright? Probably worth a gamble for the money(penny). After all, you only live twice.


This is really really great stuff. I usually only buy my other half ones like Dunhill International, Hugo Boss etc.. but this easily matches them.Lovely smell. Completely mis-sold by the wrong branding!


This fragrance has great reviews on amazon. A great day fragrance, and my wife liked it and she's only gets the mega expensive stuff usually. maybe shell get me some for valentines day as my gucci and dolce have almost ran out

Balenciaga Paris L'Essence Eau De Parfum 50ml 2 Piece Gift Set £33.00 @ Shopplay
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Posted 30th Jan 2015Posted 30th Jan 2015
Balenciaga Paris L'Essence Eau De Parfum 50ml 2 Piece Gift Set £33.00 @ Shopplay£33
cheapest on line - It contains * Eau de Parfum Natural spray 50ml size * Perfumed Body Lotion 100ml - It provides youthful energy and stimulates the skin - For Women's - Free … Read more
Vera Wang Princess Eau De Toilette 50ml 3 Piece Gift £27 @ Shopplay
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Posted 29th Jan 2015Posted 29th Jan 2015
Vera Wang Princess Eau De Toilette 50ml 3 Piece Gift £27 @ Shopplay£27
Low price
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At Debenhams for £18 free click and collect too

(PS4) LittleBigPlanet 3 - £25.99 - Shopplay
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Posted 27th Jan 2015Posted 27th Jan 2015
(PS4) LittleBigPlanet 3 - £25.99 - Shopplay£25.99
Sackboy has returned, but this time he’s brought some friends with him to help you Play, Create and Share even more in LittleBigPlanet 3. The handcrafted adventure sees Sackboy tr… Read more
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it was £19.99 on new years eve at Coop.


Paid £21 from eBay new and sealed few weeks back


I wanna play this. But thinking of holding off a bit longer. The price of the game took a nose dive from release. Was £25 from Co-op online a month or back. But out of copies when I saw it. I'm in no rush for the title. Bigger things are coming out.


It's quite fun, but a little fiddly with precision jumping etc; voice acting from Fry and Laurie makes it worth it.


If you are ok with 2nd hand, can pick up copies on eBay for sub £20 now through auction. This is a good deal for new though.

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Posted 18th Jan 2015Posted 18th Jan 2015
THE LAST OF US PS4 (Digital) £22.99 @ SHOPPLAY.CO.UK BRAND NEW£22.99
Excellent game and cheapest price at the moment Free delivery in UK 3-5 days etc
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This game is phenomenal. This deal is not




Back in stock.


G2A offer a US key for £14.49


It's the cheapest around at the moment, but that's because the crimbo/jan sales have ended and most of the previous deals have expired. Not a great price for digital

(Xbox One) Assassins Creed IV: Black Flag Digital Download Code - £6.99 - Shopplay
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Posted 19th Dec 2014Posted 19th Dec 2014
(Xbox One) Assassins Creed IV: Black Flag Digital Download Code - £6.99 - Shopplay£6.99
- Set sail as the Assassin's Creed series arrives on the high seas - and on Xbox One. - Become Captain Edward Kenway, a brash young pirate and a new kind of Assassin - Explore th… Read more
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Code won't download just keeps saying try the code again, we couldn't find the code you entered. Anyone else had this problem?


It's 7.99 now


Cd keys 6.29


No it doesn't. I have bought dlc for black flag from UK store using the us code. The above only happens on PSN i believe. Everyone of my games on xbox one are from different regions (Hong Kong/US) and i have picked up alot of DLC from uk store and all works fine. Season passes aswell.


DLC is region locked, just be conscious of that. So if you purchase a US key it requires US DLC. IIRC.

Assassins Creed IV: Black Flag Digital Download Code Xbox One £14.99 @ Shopplay
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Posted 14th Dec 2014Posted 14th Dec 2014
Assassins Creed IV: Black Flag Digital Download Code Xbox One £14.99 @ Shopplay£14.99
Set sail as the Assassin's Creed series arrives on the high seas - and on Xbox One. - Become Captain Edward Kenway, a brash young pirate and a new kind of Assassin - Explore the … Read more
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£7.99 at **** £9.99 at another cd keys site. COLD


there's already other deals posted for £9.99 and a well know key website sells it for £7.99.


Google Chromecast Just £25 at Shop play [ Cheapest at the moment after black friday ]
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Posted 9th Dec 2014Posted 9th Dec 2014
Google Chromecast Just £25 at Shop play [ Cheapest at the moment after black friday ]£25
Seems the cheapest at the moment if anyone is still after them.
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*full hd quality when those streams are available....


Best thing I got for my dumb tv. I don't use it for any of the conventional stuff I.e YouTube, Netflix. On my android tablet I have an app called show box (and also Xbmc) to load streams and another app called local cast which then casts those streams onto my tv. Full had quality when those streams are available. Essentially turned this £18 (when I bought it) into a media hub


I really like mine, no issues with streaming or the app :-/


Not my wifi, I have no problem streaming to my Apple TV, it's just really rubbish and a half arsed job all round, I would recommend buying an Apple TV or roku box at 3 times the price than pay for (imo) cheap rubbish. The free xmen film I got from Google play works fine, but YouTube wouldn't steam to the cc,


Well worth the £20 I spent on it