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james bond 007 edt 50 £15 @ Shopplay
Found 1st Feb 2015Found 1st Feb 2015
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Does anyone Dr.No if this is alright? Probably worth a gamble for the money(penny). After all, you only live twice.


This is really really great stuff. I usually only buy my other half ones like Dunhill International, Hugo Boss etc.. but this easily matches them.Lovely smell. Completely mis-sold by the wrong branding!


This fragrance has great reviews on amazon. A great day fragrance, and my wife liked it and she's only gets the mega expensive stuff usually. maybe shell get me some for valentines day as my gucci and dolce have almost ran out

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(PS4) LittleBigPlanet 3 - £25.99 - Shopplay
Found 27th Jan 2015Found 27th Jan 2015
Sackboy has returned, but this time he’s brought some friends with him to help you Play, Create and Share even more in LittleBigPlanet 3. The handcrafted adventure sees Sackboy tr… Read more
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it was £19.99 on new years eve at Coop.


Paid £21 from eBay new and sealed few weeks back


I wanna play this. But thinking of holding off a bit longer. The price of the game took a nose dive from release. Was £25 from Co-op online a month or back. But out of copies when I saw it. I'm in no rush for the title. Bigger things are coming out.


It's quite fun, but a little fiddly with precision jumping etc; voice acting from Fry and Laurie makes it worth it.


If you are ok with 2nd hand, can pick up copies on eBay for sub £20 now through auction. This is a good deal for new though.

Found 18th Jan 2015Found 18th Jan 2015
Excellent game and cheapest price at the moment Free delivery in UK 3-5 days etc
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This game is phenomenal. This deal is not




Back in stock.


G2A offer a US key for £14.49


It's the cheapest around at the moment, but that's because the crimbo/jan sales have ended and most of the previous deals have expired. Not a great price for digital

(Xbox One) Assassins Creed IV: Black Flag Digital Download Code - £6.99 - Shopplay
Found 19th Dec 2014Found 19th Dec 2014
- Set sail as the Assassin's Creed series arrives on the high seas - and on Xbox One. - Become Captain Edward Kenway, a brash young pirate and a new kind of Assassin - Explore th… Read more
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Code won't download just keeps saying try the code again, we couldn't find the code you entered. Anyone else had this problem?


It's 7.99 now


Cd keys 6.29


No it doesn't. I have bought dlc for black flag from UK store using the us code. The above only happens on PSN i believe. Everyone of my games on xbox one are from different regions (Hong Kong/US) and i have picked up alot of DLC from uk store and all works fine. Season passes aswell.


DLC is region locked, just be conscious of that. So if you purchase a US key it requires US DLC. IIRC.

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Assassins Creed IV: Black Flag Digital Download Code Xbox One £14.99 @ Shopplay
Found 14th Dec 2014Found 14th Dec 2014
Set sail as the Assassin's Creed series arrives on the high seas - and on Xbox One. - Become Captain Edward Kenway, a brash young pirate and a new kind of Assassin - Explore the … Read more
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£7.99 at **** £9.99 at another cd keys site. COLD


there's already other deals posted for £9.99 and a well know key website sells it for £7.99.


Google Chromecast Just £25 at Shop play [ Cheapest at the moment after black friday ]
Found 9th Dec 2014Found 9th Dec 2014
Seems the cheapest at the moment if anyone is still after them.
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*full hd quality when those streams are available....


Best thing I got for my dumb tv. I don't use it for any of the conventional stuff I.e YouTube, Netflix. On my android tablet I have an app called show box (and also Xbmc) to load streams and another app called local cast which then casts those streams onto my tv. Full had quality when those streams are available. Essentially turned this £18 (when I bought it) into a media hub


I really like mine, no issues with streaming or the app :-/


Not my wifi, I have no problem streaming to my Apple TV, it's just really rubbish and a half arsed job all round, I would recommend buying an Apple TV or roku box at 3 times the price than pay for (imo) cheap rubbish. The free xmen film I got from Google play works fine, but YouTube wouldn't steam to the cc,


Well worth the £20 I spent on it

Wii U Premium Pack 32GB Black Console Includes Nintendo Land for £194.99 @ Shopplay
Found 26th Nov 2014Found 26th Nov 2014
Wii U Premium Pack 32GB Black Console Includes Nintendo Land for £194.99 @ Shopplay Pay with paypal or credit/debitcard This is the cheapest price available right now, and to those… Read more
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Good price for the premium model at this moment in time, so heat added. ;)


"Deluxe" versus "cheaper Basic bundle with external USB storage" discussion. go!

Forza 5: Racing Game Of The Year Edition (Xbox One) £19.99 @ Shopplay (Digital)
Found 26th Nov 2014Found 26th Nov 2014
- This code will be issued to you via email, although this is normally sent very quickly this can sometimes take up to 24 hours to be issued due to some fraud checks that need to b… Read more
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£19.95 on ebay for the GOTY edition


Sent an email on Monday about the second key that I should have got. No reply. Never any answer at the phone number on their site! Left a voicemail..... I'm not holding my breath..... Failing that, it's a dispute through PayPal!.... Useless, won't be ordering with these lot again! Dodgy from the off!


This is the GOTY edition, I just bought it and received two codes! heat added thanks OP.


Glad they sorted it out for you guys and you finally got what you paid for :)

Xbox one £294.99 delivered at Shopplay
Found 26th Nov 2014Found 26th Nov 2014
Seems the cheapest around at the moment.
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Good price if you havent seen any bundle you like heat added


Xbox One (Without Kinect) with PES 2015: Pro Evolution Soccer - £299.99 Pro Evolution 2015 £29 Cash Trade In

Forza Horizon 2 (Xbox One) £34.99 Delivered @ Shopplay
Found 10th Nov 2014Found 10th Nov 2014
Enter the open-world of Forza Horizon 2 and take part in the ultimate celebration of speed, style, and action-packed driving. - Take your pick from a diverse selection of over 200… Read more
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Ok now its out of stock again lol


It's now showing back in stock now, you might want to unexpire this deal 8)


When will they do a new game like this but stick machine guns on the cars?!


Just made the jump over to PS4 and boy will I miss the Forza series (it's possibly the only Microsoft exclusive I personally really enjoyed). I've still got my faithful old 360 and as good as Horizon 2 is for that, the XBONE version looks amazing. Cracking price and tempted to buy to play at my mates!


Me too, I love predictive text more haha.

Nintendo 2DS (Black/Blue & Red/White) £84.99 Each Delivered @ Shopplay
Found 10th Nov 2014Found 10th Nov 2014
Perfect for the beginner gamer. - Play exciting Nintendo franchises like Mario, Mario Kart, The Legend of Zelda and Pokemon. - Download classic Game Boy games through the Nintend… Read more
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Thanks everyone for your advice, it's been really helpful. Ended up going for a 2DS Mario Kart 7 + Case from Game for £109. It's out of stock online but got it in store today - it's from the grandparents for xmas. :) I'm sorry for highjacking your thread turkey! Voted Hot. :)


I got the 2ds & Pokemon game x or y not sure which one (not download), for 79.99 from Sainsburys too, might be worth ringing round if anyone is is after one.


Oh wow thanks, I'll check it out. Thanks for the heads up.


Yes djambo I did. About 2 weeks ago. I think they are stopping stocking them and as I say wasn't on shelf but had them out back.


I would say yes because the 2DS and 3DS play DSi games and there quite a few good games on the 2/3DS for kids out there. Just bare in mind we'll be getting the new revamped 3DS's over the next few months and there will be games that will only work the new 3DS's...

PS4 @ £309.99 from shopplay
Found 9th Nov 2014Found 9th Nov 2014
Cheapest I've see online upto now? £309.99 for just the console.
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It's in stock at £299.99 as of this post.


expired mate



£299.99 simplygames brand new

Xbox one (without kinect) £289.99 @ Shopplay
Found 9th Nov 2014Found 9th Nov 2014
Another cheap xbox deal sadly no Kinect tho

I ordered on 13th November (last Thursday at time of writing) but haven't received a dispatch email, just an order confirmation on the day. Hopefully it arrives in the next few days and the lack of a dispatch notice was just an oversight!


Subscribed for email update when back in stock, ordered 13/11, arrived 17/11. Very happy customer!


Great price, all the better that it doesn't come with a Kinect.


Thank you


Out of stock :(

XBOX One console with Kinect £339.99 @ Shopplay
Found 9th Nov 2014Found 9th Nov 2014
Just found a very cheap Kinect deal hope you like it.

thread tidied up, any members offering items for sale should use the fs.ft section, thanks.


Microsoft wont increase the price after a price drop :)


About 2 weeks ago Microsoft dropped the price to suppliers by $50 but have said prices will go back up in the new year. So you might get a better deal before Xmas but expect the deals to dry up in the new year unless MS back down on what they have said


Where does it say expire?


Press expire mate, i have already done it but perhaps the mods need to expire it?

Ps4 controller £34.99 @ Shopplay
Found 2nd Nov 2014Found 2nd Nov 2014
Very good price for next gen pad. *Back in stock now* - preparationiskey
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Indeed this is out of stock :( do'h!


Even says OOS on the image dood ;)


Availability: Out of stock

Playstation 3 Plus Destiny £199.99 @ Shopplay
Found 25th Oct 2014Found 25th Oct 2014
Playstation 3 Console Plus Destiny PS3 @ £199.00
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Sarcastic yes, rude depends on the individual. Nothing against you, I'm simply sick of reading all these 'I got it for £x y days/weeks/months/years back', good for you but it doesn't help anyone now unless they happen to have a time machine. Just because you managed to get something for £x doesn't automatically mean the price for it or equivalent item in the future should be £x-£y, especially seeing as this model is newer then the model you got(which was already couple years old at the time you got it thus the price). Yes ideally this would be a bit cheaper, but then we live in the real world and it's unfair to write something off just because you managed to get something for a certain price x years back. P.s there has been a better deal on this recently, it was £170-£180 from asda and somewhere else. With the game being ~£30(back then, not sure what the value of it is now, £20-£25?) that meant the console on it's own would be £140-£150 but we still had the 'too much for a several year old console' rubbish comments. Unlike some others on here I don't own a crystal ball, but going by past trends it's likely this will be reduced to similar price(or cheaper) for Xmas.


Obviously I'm talking in comparative terms and allowing for a notion of depreciation, especially over such a lengthy timespan. I'm not expecting anyone to acquire my console at that price right now. Quite why you'd be be so rudely sarcastic to complete strangers is beyond me. You gain nothing except contempt. You need something to do with your life that's more positive and productive than rip apart forum comments. Another tedious keyboard tough guy for the block list then.


Yes you could spend the extra best part of a £100 to play tarted up last gen games, however you'd get more for your money buying this(or another ps3 500gb bundle) and spending that extra on games for it(for arguments sake call it 10games, could be more could be less). There's a huge back catalogue of games for the ps3 and there's still more being released for it for the foreseeable future, once sony and ms start releasing actual next gen games not just tarted up last gen games then it'd be more worth spending the £300 on their 'next gen' console(currently only a few true next gen games, not enough to justify the cost) It maybe an old console but if you bother to think about what you get with it, a 3d blue-ray player start at £60-£70 if you get one with a 500gb hard disk they're £100+ then you have the multimedia functionality before you even look at the games. Let me go find my time machine, oh yeah I forgot those don't exist. More importantly the ps3 you have would not be a super slim 500gb model as those weren't out 2 1/2 years ago, they were only released in September 2012 in europe(thus also uk). Hello mystic meg, or are you one of the millions on here who keep stealing her crystal ball. If by 'nearly this price' you mean ~£100 more than you'd be right.


this a joke?


Silly price for such an old console

Playstation 4 Console Plus Driveclub for £319.99 @ Shopplay
Found 24th Oct 2014Found 24th Oct 2014
This Weekend only! Get ready for a racing game like never before. Developed exclusively for the PlayStation 4 (PS4) by Evolution Studios, the team behind the best-selling MotorSt… Read more

Ok take back what i said. Ordered, confirmation, even a text saying it would be delivered on the 24th then just had a random email from a gmail account saying they've refunded the money cause it's out of stock!


Thanks for this, just ordered so hopefully all good :)


Thanks to the op. I ordered this at the weekend and it arrived today, really happy with the package and the price. Shopplay delivered via interlink which was tracked, well recommended.


drive club is a good driving game.graphically amazing.its the club element that is failing and server issues.its worth a go if you don't like it sell the game.its an official game no mention of bundle on the case etc.I like the game play .ps4 load up times are unreal compared to ps3.


Shame about driveclub but it was already a fail with a lack of tuning/upgrades. So this being a bundle, I was told its not possible to trade in previous bundle games such as Destiny & watchdogs. At the back it states not to be resold, but for this bundle game is accepted? Or am I being told fibs?