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All ShopTo Deals, Discounts & Sales for September 2018 will have have DS and Wii in stock up untill Xmas
Found 12th Dec 2007Found 12th Dec 2007
got an email stating below just giving people a heads up if they are still trying to get hold of them for Xmas. Just to let all shopto customers know. We have had confirmed by N… Read more

i have had stuff off them with next day delivery too,,, you can tell they not conning by limiting consoles to one per household!


Sorry for your bad experience. I've only bought from them once, and to mirror what many are saying, everything was fine with very fast delivery. [COLOR="Red"]Bubba[/COLOR]


When it takes you to that page, can you not just click the link that says you don't have it set up?


I have nothing but praise for shopto. Completely the opposite to this. Helped me cancel an order and responded to emails promptly. Customer service second to none. HMV on the other hand......still waiting for those dvd despatched saturday...... For all those that claim this is a good way to generate traffic through a site - maybe but they are in stock and well priced. Try getting a console plus play from game, gamestation etc...


A-n-d-y posted this at 8am this morning and it's been marked as spam & was voted cold... Bit unfair if you ask me!

Moto GP 07 - Xbox 360 - £11.99 - 1 Day Only
Found 12th Dec 2007Found 12th Dec 2007
Moto GP 07 Experience the sheer passion, excitement and SPECTACLE of MotoGP, the most thrilling motor sport in the world! MotoGP 07 brings the excitement and energy of the fans … Read more

bah knew i should have bought this earlier :/


if anyone bought a spare they don't want let me know!


Good game, but think i'll pass now it's out of stock. It's showing as 'pre-order' complete with "* - price subject to change"


gone :(


awww you swine i missed out on this one, wouldn't have minded that game either.

Wii Games 2 for £30 Open season & Legend of the dragon @
Found 11th Dec 2007Found 11th Dec 2007
I don't know much about these games, but in stock and 2 for £30 seems good to me. Supposed to be 24 hour delivery. Each is £17.99 which is 55% off.

lol ok thanx alot for the advice.


Take a look at ]this review. The guys who made this produced about 10 titles all at once and developed them in about 6 months. The games last about 30 minutes and as you will see, some of them are actually just the same game but with a different lead character!


why avoid. i know mercury meldown rules as i have it but should i not go for this deal?


Stay away from any game with the 'popcorn arcade' logo in the top left! That includes 'rock and roll adventures' and other amazing titles such as 'billy the wizard', 'ninjabread man', 'monster trux arenas' etc etc... COMPLETELY AVOID THESE GAMES! ps. Mercury Meltdown is great though!


These 2 have the most savings which is 55%. If any one know a better deal feel free to mention it to the rest of us. I am only trying to help.

Heads up, Wii & DS due in stock at
Found 11th Dec 2007Found 11th Dec 2007
Just a heads up rather than a deal as such, just got the following email: "We have had confirmed by Nintendo our final allocation of Nintendo Wii and Ds Consoles for this year. T… Read more

out of stock for me


Pink Ds Lite in stock at Tesco - you can collect from your local Tesco


Just had this email too.... still after a ds for the mrs so hopefully will get one, shopto are normally quite good on price aswell

Nintendo Wii Console + Wii Sports, Wii Play (extra controller included) and Mario Strikers Charged o
Found 11th Dec 2007Found 11th Dec 2007
I know this isn't the console on its own but the Nintendo Wii has once again proved to be the hottest selling product for the lead up to xmas and is on many kids xmas lists and thi… Read more
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Controllers in stock at Amazon if anyone needs one..


Gamestation still have bundles for £300+


bout 4.45, very quick indeed. Expected tomorrow. :)


WARNING FOR ALL WHO ORDERED is registered to : and some interesting info on Igor Cipolletta... ]


I got mine about 1 minute before the pre-order sign! Hopefully my sisters will be having a good xmas this year. Thanks for the heads up!

Advent Deal of the Day: Blu-Ray and HD DVD Moves: £9.99 Each
Found 11th Dec 2007Found 11th Dec 2007
A long list of HD-DVD and Blu Ray DVD's for £9.99 each available at Get in quick for the stocking fillers.

[FONT=Arial]Useless :roll: [/FONT] [FONT=Arial][SIZE=2] [/SIZE][/FONT]


im really annoyed i didnt see this deal earlier - id have bought loads at that price. just been on the site though and there's only 3 discs left, pretty naff ones as well. ooh well :(


nowt left


Thanks Dog


letters from iwo jima............j i w m

Final Fantasy XIII (13) PS3 for £34.99 delivered (£33.59 with quidco)
Found 10th Dec 2007Found 10th Dec 2007
Cheapest i can find this preorder on the net. This game is going to be huge, this is the main reason i bought a PS3! Fabula Nova Crystallis, defined in Latin as "the new ta… Read more
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I think it will be excellent just like the others but to expect it in 2009 in the USA or Europe is quite optimistic. There hasn't being any new trailers released to the public or any gameplay footage. Your 100% right about importing though, us Europeans get it last every time with the USA being about half a year or so after the Japanese release. These £5 off deal topics are a bit useless, your better off putting the code in one topic and telling people about it so that they can choose a deal for themselves.


Damn I was getting all excited about this coming out before christmas until I realised it was a preorder! I have'nt got very far in the latest one and I hope I can rememner the controls!


From what i've read Square-Enix want to expand there market to europe as they well maybe they've noticed thet here is where a lot of money can be made, they are also trying to get the translation times shorted for example The Last Remenant or is it Lost Oddysee, anyone one of them whichever is made by SE they are being done in english at the same time as there being done in jap, I just hope this game is better that Final Fantasy XII because i've played all the final fantasys and they story just didnt grip me on this one like it had in the others, but hopefully 2008 will be a good year to own a ps3 with games like GT5, Tekken 6, Metal Gear solid and maybe Final Fantasy hopefully


Definately one to import as the US will have this months before us. Plus on import it'll be around £32. You can pretty much guarantee that we won't see it til 2009, Sqenix aren't in the habit of giving a toss about Europe.


FF13 is gonna be ages away still... At least, according to Amazon, GT5 is out in March 2008 ] And Metal Gear Solid 4: Guns of the Patriots in May 2008 ] Both are already available to pre-order but prices normally drop down, closer to launch date.

PS3 GAME: Virtua Fighter 5 only £17.99 delivered + 4% Quidco (TODAY ONLY)
Found 10th Dec 2007Found 10th Dec 2007
Great price on a very popular brand name game and one of the best fighters on any Sony console and is now available from Shopto for only £17.99 today until stocks last. The price … Read more
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Yeah i think it was £1 delivery charge ontop of that from gamestation so this is £2 dearer but its actually in stock and will be here tomorrow :) Ordered it for my bro in law for xmas, thats one more present out of the way thanks to hotukdeals :thumbsup:


I thought I saw it cheaper somewhere a while ago but couldn't find it again, which is probably because it's out of stock. Don't forget that the price didn't include deilvery either and the chances are that Gamestation won't be able to get anymore in at this price but that was a very good, so as you said, this is definitely the next best on the market. :)


Its been £14.99 at Gamestation for a week or two now, but seems to be always out of stock, so this is probably the next best thing!

Crackdown XBOX 360 - £13.00
Found 8th Dec 2007Found 8th Dec 2007
Crackdown for the xbox 360 for £13.00
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Merging shopto into merchant... please try not to create new merchants for those already in the list. There's a link in my sig for help for newbies :) Welcome to HUKD !

Crackdown - XBOX 360 13 quid  + Quidco
Found 7th Dec 2007Found 7th Dec 2007
Crackdown on XBOX 360 great game worth 13 quid Dont forget Quidco Sorry my Keyboard is american cant find pound sign :(

Don't know whether is a god price but can vouch for it being a great game - better than most bargain bucket games you'll see around...

Guitar Hero III & Wireless Guitar Controller (XBox 360)
Found 7th Dec 2007Found 7th Dec 2007
First deal, so please be kind. Have been scouring the net today for the best price and thought I'd post this - Guitar Hero III with wireless Controller for Xbox 360 for £60. Admi… Read more

£54 in simply games, see my post


I asked them does it come with 20% off at the customer service desk & they said no. But it must do as you say because the game is much more cheaper there than elsewhere.


Yep, got mine first thing on Monday morning at Sainsbury's, £52. It's gone away til christmas now though... but i had to make sure it was working alright first :whistling:


that's with 20% off, though. £52 isn't their regular price, I asked.


I just bought mine from sainsburys for £52 they also have 20% off for all chart games ending tomorow. Guitar hero not in chart.

Nintendo Wii with 5 games - inc Zelda, Wario Ware & Excite Truck - £295 delivered
Found 7th Dec 2007Found 7th Dec 2007
Shopto have a bundle in stock, which includes a few good games (Zelda, Wario Ware and Excite truck. All the games as follows Wii Sports The Console come complete with the launch… Read more

:) ordered at 2pm - got notification that it will be delivered tomorrow. Fantastic deal considering some of the other 'bundle' deals that are over £300 for less games.


Will probably be in stock most of the day :thumbsup:


In Stock Now!

XBOX 360 GAME: Def Jam Icon only £9.99 delivered for today only + 4% Quidco cashback (£9.59 after Qu
Found 7th Dec 2007Found 7th Dec 2007
This is a shocking price for a game that's not even that old (around 8 months old) and is always quite entertaining for people that are either into wrestling or hiphop or both and … Read more
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Got mine today


They probably ran out of stock, it seems it was a very popular deal. :)


Oh - b#######. Why expire so soon!? :viking:


Now Expired


Oh ok, it must be 2 on games and 1 on consoles then. :) Thanks for proving me wrong with the facts. :thumbsup:

Nintendo Wii Console + Wii Sports + Legend Of Zelda Twilight Princess + Wario Ware: Smooth Moves + E
Found 6th Dec 2007Found 6th Dec 2007
I know this isn't the console on its own but the Nintendo Wii has once again proved to be the hottest selling product for the lead up to xmas and is on many kids xmas lists and thi… Read more
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I just posted on another thread. Just bought a similar deal £293 (with 2% off) through

djdaley ;) Lord knows where Igor gets all the stock from, but bless them for it :thumbsup:


I think they're receiving more stock on a nearly every day basis, so I keep checking the site for any updates. This is a pretty good deal when you base it around other merchants prices and is one of the few bundles that actually save you money on the RRP of bundles and it's better than most bundled games included elsewhere.


At least the majority of the games with it don't stink.


Has anyone noticed always seem to have console deals going?

NBA Street Homecourt for PS3 only £14.99 delivered plus Quidco
Found 6th Dec 2007Found 6th Dec 2007
Saw this today as part of the Shopto advent calendar promotion. Only available for 1 day. A next-gen entry in EA's rim-rockin', arcade-style street ball game. This entry in the f… Read more
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Sounds like there was an error on the site or you may have ordered too many of the game or something but I think it's more likely to be an error. Email Shopto with your details and they should be able to help you or give you a reason why it happened. :)


There's nothing like good customer service. And that's nothing like good customer service...


Ok, i've looked on my account and it looks like have decided to cancel my order + delete everything in relation to it on my account, great.


Hmm mine hasn't come....


Price of "NBA Street Homecourt" [PS3] now at £22.99 at ShopTo.Net: [ ] Suggest this thread now be marked as 'EXPIRED'. BFN, fp. PS. Those of you who bought the game, is it worth the money?

EXPIRED - Nintendo DS LIte - ALL COLOURS (pink, black, white, silver)- in stock : shopto - £99.99 de
Found 5th Dec 2007Found 5th Dec 2007
In stock, just the handheld console in all colours at shopto Order today before 5.30 and receive tomorrow with free parceline courier delivery.

These Are Still In Stock So Why Is This Marked As Expired????


We have one out for delivery today acc. to the tracking website. No sign yet.


Managed to order one yesterday. Do Parceline deliver on Saturdays? Been waiting in for it all morning for the free next day delivery!


Mine is "Held by depot, late trailer" at Birmingham by the looks of things !!


You too :santa: x

Found 5th Dec 2007Found 5th Dec 2007
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Are you never going to learn to post a link in your deals OnTheBallCity. I know you can do it. You have done on a few occasions. :(


This is in their Advent daily special promotion.. the price is only valid for today. Voted Hot.

L.A.I.R LAIR PS3 £19.99 Delivered
Found 3rd Dec 2007Found 3rd Dec 2007
I know it's not up to much but at this price it's not bad? 4% Quidco too... - jonperks

Hi, I seem to have missed out on this deal, it is now £29.99....can you let me knowwhere you found it at £19.99 please? Thanks:thumbsup: Georgia


Price back up to £29.99! MM


Nice deal. thanks and welcome to the forums jonperks :)


Ive played this game on my mates ps3 for liek 1 or 2 hours, it is truly terrible, better putting the £20 towards goos games like Uncharted or even heavenly sword.


Game reviews dont mean sh!t to me these days, you only have to look at what is happening at gamespot/cnet.

Clive Barkers Jericho Xbox & PS3 £19.99 Delivered
Found 3rd Dec 2007Found 3rd Dec 2007
Clive Barkers Jericho Xbox & PS3 £19.99 Delivered Clive Barker's Jericho deals with the mysterious reappearance of a lost city in a remote desert. When a form of evil that goe… Read more
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Awful game. Wouldn't pay £10. I was really looking forward to this game ever since I saw the first trailer about a year ago. I played this for about 1 1/2 hours and then took it back to the shop ( something I have neveer done ) . That shhould tell you how bad it is. It is a squad based game and throughout my time on it the other characters do nothing apart from get in your way and block exits you have to get through. Very annoying game, avoid at all costs.


demo is pretty boring though :)


The trailer for this game looked really effective, if the games anything like that, then it's definitely worth a lot more than this £20, great price and it looks like gaming websites have gone into overdrive with great gaming deals today. :)


Good price, mediocre (at best) game. Voted hot though, cheers. I've added tags too btw

Shopto daily advent calendar
Found 1st Dec 2007Found 1st Dec 2007
Every working day from the 3rd to 24th December shopto will be offering hardware or software daily promotions. It should be different everyday, just a word of warning that there ma… Read more
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And this was the last message I had from them when I tried to retreive my pw. This is an automated message, you have requested that your password be sent to you. Your Password is: If you need any further help please contact us at Regards, ShopTo.Net 'your password is...' - Naff all...


Got to be honest, I think they're a bag of *****, I can never log on more than once so I have a raft of userid's and passwords that don't work, to the point where every card I have (and my g/f's) are registered and we've run out... so... no more business from me i'm afraid.


When I click advent calendar I get it coming up though?


Errrm, todays deal isn't Halo 3 LE, that was yesterdays deal....... todays deal is NBA Home Court on the PS3 for £14.99.


Today's deal is barely worth posting tbh. It's the exact same as yesterday but only £20 more expensive! HALO 3: Legendary Edition for XBOX 360 at £69.99 ]

XBOX 360 GAME: Mass Effect only £32.99 including recorded delivery (£31.67 after Quidco) FIRST 100 C
Found 30th Nov 2007Found 30th Nov 2007
This offer applies to only the first 100 customers who are quick enough to buy one of the best games on the Xbox 360 at only £32.99, which is £4 cheaper than anyone else but hurry … Read more
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The WH Smith deal was posted earlier this week and is a great deal if you collect WH Smith points and use it with a voucher to get £10 worth of points.... As RFM says if you want the convenience of post then this is an okay deal and its not a bad game......


Brilliant, ordered this at 4.30 last night, got it at 8am this morning. Thanks to Royal Mail as well!


I'm not sure if people want to buy another game to save £1.67 (after Quidco or £2.99 before) though and my local PCworlds never have the latest game for some reason. This is definitely the cheapest price for maximum convenience. :)


on 2 for £60 instore at pc world if anyone interested.


I didn't realise WH Smiths had it at this price but not everyone can make it down to the highstreet or they may not be willing to travel miles to buy a game (myself included) but this would be the most convenient way to quickly receive the game and also save a further 4% by going through Quidco. :)

Nintendo Wii Console with 6 games: Wii Sports, Super Paper Mario, Dragon Blade Wrath of Fire, Mario
Found 30th Nov 2007Found 30th Nov 2007
I know this isn't the console on its own but the Nintendo Wii has once again proved to be the hottest selling product for the lead up to xmas and is on many kids xmas lists and thi… Read more
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How about offering a Wii "super bundle" for £293 You get a Wii, plus you have to pay an extra £114 for the bundled DVD player, a 512MB mp3 player, and a USB Skype phone which are probably worth £50 at the very most.:x


yeh the games are not worth much!


Still seems to be in stock , not a bad deal although the games could be better I suppose (seems to be a trend just lately retailers bundling 3rd rate games with the console)


shopto sent me a wii delivered on time, and it was great!


Shopto sent me opened games in the past, the discs weren't english discs but the cases were. Trading standards sorted things tho!

Wii Console + Wii Sports + Super Paper Mario + Dragon Blade Wrath of Fire + Rayman Raving Rabbids +
Found 29th Nov 2007Found 29th Nov 2007
I know this isn't the console on its own but the Nintendo Wii has once again proved to be the hottest selling product for the lead up to xmas and is on many kids xmas lists and thi… Read more
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cannot believe this the high school musical for wii i ordered yesterday arrived this morning what a brilliant service that was



No worries there MP, I recommend buying one in January though, hopefully the rush will finish by then and stores will have more stock available. You should be able to find one for around £180 after everyones stopped buying it as a present. :)


didnt buy a wii but did order the high school musical sing it game thanks ......................


Unbelievably the hugely overpriced Dixons ones sold out too!! I shall be getting a Wii next year,got me hols coming up and need all me spare cash for that!The frantic buying should have calmed down by then.......maybe you could find me a bargain then!;-)

HALO 3 LEGENDARY EDITION - £68.98 next day delivery
Found 29th Nov 2007Found 29th Nov 2007
HALO 3 LEGENDARY EDITION Now in stock at Shopto

Wicked edition. Well worth the extra money for what you get. Also was upto a tenner dearer when first released. Shame the game wasn't that great.


How much!!! :w00t: It is definately going to be legendary, no ones going to forget paying this much for a game! :p

XBOX 360 GAME: Virtua Tennis 3 only £17.99 including free recorded delivery and 4% cashback (£17.22
Found 28th Nov 2007Found 28th Nov 2007
It's only a couple pounds cheaper than the next lowest price, which is at Amazon but with faster delivery and for a great and addictive game, I thought it was worth listing. Virt… Read more
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It is £14.99 plus £1 delivery but don't forget that it's out of stock...... and we all know what Gamestation is like to replenish there stock. That's a great price though. :)


voted cold, cheaper instore and online at gamestation for £14.99 and £17.49 for ps3 version :thumbsup:

Wii Console + Wii Sports +Mario Party 8+ Super Paper Mario + Rayman Raving Rabbids+ Dragon Blade Wra
Found 28th Nov 2007Found 28th Nov 2007
I know this isn't the console on its own but the Nintendo Wii has once again proved to be the hottest selling product for the lead up to xmas and is on many kids xmas lists and thi… Read more
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thank alot for the help i've done it.ive got one the hunt is over for me thank god,cheers thanks agen morgang


there are only a limited number of cards they will take. you have to click on the verifivation link toward the bottom right habd corner. it will list those cards and companies registered then you have to click on them and follow the link!!


hi im having the same problem .do any1 know how to solve it im paniking please help meeee


i had same authentication problem as Pam111. Spoken to them and had emails back. Apparently they have had lots of card copiers at them, so this is for added security. It means you have to use a credit card, or a debit card thats permissible - so if you are not put through to bank/card website your card probably not usable. My bank's debit card rejected. Eventually got a credit card to work. They would not take phone order. Peter


Thanks realfriendlyman. ordered one with no problems, email conformation and its on the way! J :santa:

Nintendo Wii Console + Wii Sports (comes as standard) + Mario Galaxy + Metroid Prime 3 & Rayman only
Found 26th Nov 2007Found 26th Nov 2007
I know this isn't the console on its own but the Nintendo Wii has once again proved to be the hottest selling product for the lead up to xmas and is on many kids xmas lists and thi… Read more
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Recieved via next day delivery, the search is finally over. :) Now to find a 2nd WII remote from somewhere!


All received ok in end.


Thanks OP picked mine up from parcel depot today! All games as advertised - great find, really chuffed my families search is over :w00t:


mine is here too :) yay! unfortunately it arrived just before school run so I'd quickly opened it to check it was all there, left the box on the sofa with plans to move it as soon as I came home but my 9yo found it first :( it was going to be a surprise for xmas :( oh well


just recieved my wii bundle excellant spot

Halo 3 for XBOX 360 only £29.99 delivered next day, plus 4% Quidco
Found 26th Nov 2007Found 26th Nov 2007
The epic saga continues with Halo 3, the hugely anticipated third chapter in the highly successful and critically acclaimed Halo franchise. Master Chief returns to finish the fight… Read more
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grr. I searched "Halo 3 shopto" and got nowt.


A quick search and you would have found it's already been posted:

Resistance Fall of Man - Playstation 3 (PS3) £19.99 + quidco
Found 25th Nov 2007Found 25th Nov 2007
Resistance Fall of Man - Playstation 3 (PS3) £19.99 + quidco Gameplay elements and enemies that create a sense of unease and set an atmosphere that frightens the player through bl… Read more
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Thanks for this. Extra game to add to ps3 bundle for hubbys xmas


sold a copy on ebay 2nd hand for £25 the other day :)


Its good but COD4 online blows it out of the water. But this is still a great game and 19.99 is a fantastic price.


Me too this is the best PS3 game by far. The Online play which I'm never off either is superb.


i'm never off the online version!!

Playstaion 3 60gb - £300
Found 24th Nov 2007Found 24th Nov 2007
Playstation 3 60gb console £300 this the cheapest ive seen the 60 gb on its own good buy if you want the console without any deals (currently saying that stock is due in)

60s are sold out everywhere and they wont be getting stock. so voted cold.


argos is out of stock and are not getting anymore 60s. Nor are any other places. Sony have confirmed theyve shipped the last batch of 60s out. So voting cold.


Out of stock.


Ok its 2 now Click special offers


Can't see that in Argos or anywhere else?

XBOX 360 V.2 Premium Pro HDMI Console (20gb HDD) - Now back in stock
Found 22nd Nov 2007Found 22nd Nov 2007
The previously posted deal from is now back in stock! (10:07pm 22/11/07) First Post, so please forgive me if I've messed it up!

nice offer, need HDMI


No you wont find it as i said the deal WAS £199 without the game :roll:.


well where is the V2 with HDMI output for £199 i cant find it and thanks to the original poster :)


This has been done to death this is not a new deal there are at least 2 other now back in stock threads about this deal plus crackdown is not free as the deal was just £199 without the game.


Looks like they are also giving away free 'Crackdown' with the game ?? Oh and thanks for the posting cramar......... How come everyone likes to stamp on the small poster's ??? K ( winks )

Wireless Entertainment Pack - Forza 2, Viva Pinata + Wireless Controller - £34.99
Found 22nd Nov 2007Found 22nd Nov 2007 have this on Pre-order for just £34.99! Released: JUST RELEASED! Format: XBOX 360 Manufacturer: MICROSOFT Category: Star Buy Genre: Bundle Forgot to mention, it is 1 p… Read more
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sainsburys have these instore for same price


I bought a Wii from them a month or so ago and could not fault the service. Delivery was very quick. I have emailed them about pre-orders this week and their responses are swift and polite.


Ive never used before...are they reliable??


Yeah, I cant believe that shopto still have stock! Dont forget to buy through quidco! :thumbsup:


Thanks. Given the price is only slightly more than for a controller on its own I had to get one. Just need a 360 with Halo now!

VERY RARE Nintendo Wii Console + Wii Sports + Super Mario Galaxy + Wing Island + Wii Play only £299.
Found 19th Nov 2007Found 19th Nov 2007
I know this isn't the console on its own but the Nintendo Wii has once again proved to be the hottest selling product for the lead up to xmas and is on many kids xmas lists and thi… Read more
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Just had to post a very big thank you to "realfriendlyman" - I will now have a very happy 12 yr old on Christmas Morning as a result of this "deal". I'm sure like me many people browse this site, use the info but never post but in this case I felt had to post my gratitude. Great service - delivery in less than 24 hours and while slightly overpriced worth every penny as my hunt for a Wii is now finally over! Can now do some housework.


Had my wii delivered just by parceline very efficient next day delivery HAPPY DAYS WIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIII!


Is this turning into eBay? Do we need VERY RARE plastered in the forum? We'll have New & Sealed before everything's a slippery slope from here.


omg you can get a ps3 for this price. i dont understand why everyone wants a wii. its not that good so that people start paying over rrp for.


They have now stop taking any orders on this because of the demand.:-(

Xbox 360 Pro v1.2 + Crackdown £214.99 Available to pre order again
Found 19th Nov 2007Found 19th Nov 2007
*I know this has previously been posted, but it was showing pre orders temporaily suspended, It is now available for pre order again* Includes a 20GB hard drive to save games, do… Read more
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It's bank specific. Some banks don't have it activated. Some call it a different name. The Royal Bank of Scotland call it Securecode (iirc)


Anyone know how to do the 3d verification system?


The best deal with the sort of games I'm looking for seems to be smythstoys which has pro+COD4+halo3+Gears of War+£10vouchers for £275. I phoned around locally and the best I could find was pro+COD4+forza with wireless controller for £250. If you work backwards it makes it a fair price for the console particularly as I can walk in and collect it.


Do you think this will be a falcon model?


ooops, it would appear I was talking ****. Cheapest out me hat is £235 with 4% quidco at play....So sorry to be a tit about it all. But like the dude above me said, a couple months back when the old consoles were being phased out you could pick one up for £200 from a few places and I guess that stuck in my head.:oops:

CRACKDOWN - XBOX 360 - £13 delivered @ + 4% quidco
Found 18th Nov 2007Found 18th Nov 2007
Brilliant experience from a legendary game designer. From Dave Jones, the creative mastermind behind Grand Theft Auto and Lemmings, comes Crackdown, an explosive masterpiece set to… Read more
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got mine from Comet for £4.99 :-D Cant play it until Xmas though - thats when I get my Xbox 360 lol


Good game, but storyline is a little lacking. The ability to team up with other players over live or system link makes up for this though.


its on the 2 for £20 offer in all gamestations now anyway they've also moved, Pro Evo 6, PGR 3, table tennis and Perfect Dark on to the 4 for £20 offer... now thats a deal


Voted hot. Looks good to me. It took a bit of time to register on the site but I got there in the end. Edit: Game are still selling this for £39.99, Play £14.99


I got it for £4.99 pre-owned at my local Gamestation as an opening offer. Its an OK game - nothing special but worth £4.99 :thumbsup:

Colin mcrae Dirt  - XBOX 360  £21.98 delivered @ + 4% quidco
Found 18th Nov 2007Found 18th Nov 2007
Colin McRae: DIRT is set to be the most diverse and exhilarating off-road racing experience ever with sensational gravel, mud and dirt events the world over. Events will include th… Read more
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hot...just ordered one, only last few left now :) Thanks OP repped


Or buy my Pal great condition Colin Mcrae for £20 :).


Excellent game. This with Sega Rally and you're in Rally Racing heaven!


Why does the title of this game always make me read it as Dirt Box? :oops:


the graphics are stunning, the cars handle great, the best rally game around. the only downside is the online play but well worth it for £21.98! :santa:

Xbox 360 Def Jam Icon ONLY £14.99 delivered ( £14.39 after quidco ) @ shopto
Found 18th Nov 2007Found 18th Nov 2007
Xbox360 Def Jam Icon only £14.99 delivered ( usually next day!! ) £14.39 after 4% quidco from Shopto.....

Thank you. The game is still available and should be delivered tomorrow if ordered today..........


Great price. Voted hot! Tho I personally didn't like the game. The previous versions were great!


'DEF JAM: ICON' delivers star-stunning action and bone breaking beats as players live out the life of a hip hop mogul, going from rags to riches. Incorporating hip-hop culture into every aspect of the game, 'DEF JAM: ICON' delivers the intensity of a no-holds-barred street fight but with style and rhythm. Music will effect how players fight in each venue and environmental interactions and hazards will become a key strategy to staying alive. EA Chicago's unique fighting gameplay controls introduce a new way for gamers to fight as they assume the role of top celebrity characters such as Ludacris, T.I. and Big Boi. Innovative controls give better feedback to players so they feel like they're actually throwing the combat moves. Gamers can now fight with the style and flash of the superstar personalities. Some reviews for the game......

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