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XBOX 360 GAME: Bioshock only £27.99 delivered (£26,87 after Quidco)
Found 21st Sep 2007Found 21st Sep 2007
Great deal for arguably the best game on the Xbox 360 and received rave reviews from all websites getting between 9-10/10 everywhere, which is now available for just £27.99 includi… Read more
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Just managed to buy a new copy from a power seller via a certain internet auction site, worked out just under £25. Of course that price can't be guaranteed from an auction, but other people may want to know that it's worth checking out the internet auction site as an alternative. Price seems to be settling around that region.


Boring game,played it once on the release date and today. Its a pain trying to find ammo .I just end up running round with a wrench kind of like the start of hallife Shopto are a good company.Free next day delievery


well the one i got was a bad print of the logo also never got the game or refund so was not happy and the part about asking me to lie about the item in the post was to me not good :( i also got told they send out what ever tshirt they have btw what size was your one mine had M but was more like a small :( scooter


That's not bad at all, as after Quidco, this would only work out 87p for renting out the game for as long as you want then trading it in at Blockbuster. :giggle: I really loved the game and I really think some people need to try harder to complete games that require a bit more thinking than the stardard shooters like Gears of War.


I got bored of this very quickly, took it into blockbusters and got £26 store credit, so I guess you could get it, give it a whirl then take to blockies in time to get the credit to use on Halo or COD4.

Skate Xbox 360 - £36.99 delivered @
Found 21st Sep 2007Found 21st Sep 2007
Skate is available at on preorder for £36.99! Not a huge saving I know but I have looked around other retailers and £39.99 seems the best price + P&P. IGN gave thi… Read more

yeah i did the one in the trailer,. it's an Boulala pro task... you have to hit a small ledge then trick down that massive drop and score over so many points.. The ledge is tiny though, took me 10-15 trys


Sounds awesome. It's a shame work gets in the way though! :giggle: Luckily I work for myself but it's sods law that I have designs to setup for print tomorrow! Oh well.. always tomorrow night! With a bit of luck my Turtle Bay 360 headphones will be here tomorrow too! :-D Have you found any huge drops yet? Seen one on the end trailer (after the demo ends) it's in an alley or something? I want to see how many bones I can break! :whistling:


The city is sooooooooo big it's unreal, thank god you can move about on the trams and port to comps and stuff... got a good 3-4 hours in tonight,., early start tomorrow forced me to turn it off :(


Got an email from ShopTo a few hours ago. My Skate is on it's way. I am deffo working late tonight so I can have 3 or 4 hours on it tomorrow!! :-D


Motherf.. :p Hopefully my copy will come tomorrow then! Can't wait to just skate around the city. I don't think I will ever be bored of this game.. :-D

Orochi Warriors XBOX 360 - £14.99 delivered
Found 21st Sep 2007Found 21st Sep 2007
Released today and already half price. This is the PAL version too. So BB will probably allow trade in. Musou Orochi is a crossover of two historical action epics, Dynasty Warrio… Read more

IGN review ]here: Score 6.3. Essentially quite good fun but repetitive and graphics (backdrops particularly) unimpressive. Reader average 7.6 For £15 squid it's worth a go imho as I've never played any of this series before - DON'T FORGET QUIDCO (4%)


My mate has played it and he said it is the biggest pile.


They are PAL versions but its Australian PAL :whistling: This game looks rubblish, it just a poor PS2 port.


Thats well dodgy, have you contacted Shopto ? No I ordered for myself from GAME for less and ordered this one for a mate (without the internet) as GAME would only let me preorder one.


They always say Region: PAL - Uk and European version I have never had anything but a UK version from them before.

(Xbox 360) Fatal Inertia £25.99 @
Found 20th Sep 2007Found 20th Sep 2007
(Xbox 360) Fatal Inertia £25.99 @ Details: Fatal Inertia is an aerial combat racing game that uses physics as a core component to its gameplay as futuristic vehicles … Read more
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Played the demo and thought it was shockingly bad. I'll be steering clear of this.


Another new 360 game that doesn't appeal to me personally but can't argue with the price, voted hot. :thumbsup:


Lovely screenshot!!!


]REVIEW HERE In game shot:


Added (Xbox 360) to title amd tags :) to let people know which platform it is for....

Harvest Moon for Nintendo DS £17.99 delivered
Found 20th Sep 2007Found 20th Sep 2007
£17.99 delivered,Quidco available for those who use it at 4% so get approx 72p back making it £17.27. Great game,I've still got a copy of this on Playstation from ages back. Your… Read more
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I believe we're allowing them now, we've had a lot of feedback etc... and a lot of people seem to use them.


It isn't a US site, it's a UK site that sells US products and ships from the UK.


Yep but I posted a deal by Movietyme before and it got removed cos a U.S site.


Apparently they're OK - they do Quidco too. £16.99 at Movietyme though - [url][/url]


site seems a bit dodgie. can't add to basket without registering and having a card verified by them taking £1 out of your account, also the credit card detail page is not secure i.e. https. seems a bit fishy to me :whistling:

Oblivion Game Of The Year Edition Pre-order XBox 360 £29.99 & PC £19.99
Found 19th Sep 2007Found 19th Sep 2007
Cheapest price I've found for this pre-order. Next cheapest 360 version is £39.99 (everywhere) and PC £27 at Virgin. The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion (Game Of The Year Edition) Inc… Read more
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I have been waiting for this. I have oblivion on the PC but would love the expansion packs. I play my 360 mostly because of the comfort, no wires on the pad and the big screen. So I will probably by this when the price drops a bit. Or even pick it up on here 2nd hand.. although I can't see that happening any time soon the games huge!


Make sure its the extended version :-D


Cheesy Poofs? :)


Or I could get him the box set of Lord of the Rings and a sack of cheesy poofs


If you want your kid to play over 100 hours in a fantasy realm go ahead id say buy an apple and a football instead

Resident Evil 4 Wii Editon £24.99 Delivered
Found 18th Sep 2007Found 18th Sep 2007
A great price for a great game! Good deal on this to say it is one of the most popular wii games at the moment and free delivery!

its been that price for a while. virgin megastores got it cheaper, already mentioned by freeDUMB. You probably get it cheaper (10%) if you have a virgin money credit card

freeDUMB £23


]Resident Evil 4 Wii £23.99


Thanks - Just ordered (Don't forget that there's 4% Quidco too). I did try a search for further discount codes/vouchers but had no joy.

Pro Evo 2008 For PSP Only £19.99 Delivered
Found 15th Sep 2007Found 15th Sep 2007
Preorder Pro Evo 2008 For PSP Only £19.99 Delivered Fantastic Deal, Next Cheapest is £29.99
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See, wasn't that hard was it :) i searched the site and couldn't find it... and I'm sure I wouldn't have been the only one...


i have added the link


Great price but I think Emma is going to have a bone to pick with you about your lack of links for the millionth time. :giggle:



Pro Evo 2008 (PS2 - £22.99 - Delivered)
Found 15th Sep 2007Found 15th Sep 2007
Pre-order, but the cheapest i've seen.

Anybody order a PS2 version as I havnt heard anything about mine yet but the XBOX and PS3 versions have been despatched?


I pre ordered last years from them on the thursday before it came out for the ps2, arrived the friday but unforunately they sent me the 360 version. I rang them up, and they said normally they have to receive the one they sent before can send another but because it was their mistake they sent the PS2 version that same day and I received it on the saturday. Sent the 360 one back and postage was refunded. Customer service was good, I've pre ordered again from them this year.


thr has never been any question of it not being released on PS2, and it always will be. got all 6 in a pile in my room, no matter how good or bad reviews are for it, it is always a classic. What is like as a shop?? i havent set up an account with them, but may do just for this price. all thr terms & conditions look sound.


Gotta be done :)


Same here except i also buy Football Manager every year

XBOX 360 GAME: Stranglehold INSTOCK EARLY only £32.99 delivered (£31.67 after Quidco) also for PS3 b
Found 11th Sep 2007Found 11th Sep 2007
I listed this deal before (received +127 hot votes) but thought I'd list it again since it's already instock on the xbox 360 a good few days before everywhere else and it's still t… Read more
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Got my UK copy from Game this morning, great service :)


Yes, I agree, highstreet stores are more expensive and those same stores with their own websites seem to charge a higher rate than everyone else too but Gameplay are one of the better ones (much better than Virgin and HMV) Regarding your items arriving at 7:30am, that is completely dependant on your local post office, as Gameplay have no control over the times your postie will start delivering mail but it's good to hear that Gameplay will also dispatch the same day and arrive the next morning like Shopto, Softuk and Choicesuk have done for me every time. :) Regarding the EU PAL games, I really don't see why the UK doesn't want people to buy the same version of the game over here, it's the same game and the same region, yet they're trying to impose restrictions, so it doesn't make sense to me. I know some stores are able to buy the EU PAL version slightly earlier and if it's cheaper as well, then that's even better for me personally. I'm not sure if highstreet stores will accept the trade in for these as people are mentioning (I don't think some of the staff are trained enough to notice any difference) but you can easily sell them on Ebay for a higher price than the trade in offer anyway.


Also if I ordered now I would receive the game at 7:30 tomorrow morning. Where else could you get that kind of service? Yes the prices are high but gamestation are guilty of over pricing too.


That's happened once in 5 years. Also to be fair Bioshock on the pc (tin edition) does resemble Bioshock on 360. I am saying I trust them as a company and that's important to me. I have no idea if I can trust the likes of shopto. Considering people are receiving games which are not meant to be sold in the UK.


So you're saying that because they inconvenienced you and delayed your game by a further day on top of that, you PREFERE to use them? To be honest mate, any respectable company would send out your game if they sent you the wrong item in the first place, so that's no reason to pay more, as Gameplay are consistantly more expensive than most computer game retailers.

NINTENDO WII GAME: Paper Mario INSTOCK EARLY only £29.99 delivered (£28.79 after Quidco)
Found 10th Sep 2007Found 10th Sep 2007
This was arguably the best game that Mario has to offer in any of his franchise spin offs and has received rave reviews everywhere and was a very expensive collectable for anyone t… Read more
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It was instock when I listed it yesterday but later on I noticed that it stated "last few" so they must of run out of stock for the very early shipments or something because it's back instock again today, so Quidco will track.


got email saying it was despatched today. £1 or so is showing my in quidco account (unvalidated)


Worth a post of its own :)


Yes it is. 'Add to pre-order' So you won't get Quidco. Nor does the site say it's in stock, it says that stock is due in. :giggle:


I pre-ordered with Game using the £5 discount code making it £28 and its been sent today i think as funds have been took and it does say they dont take funds until its being shipped :oops: I've also used Quidco aswell to get some cashback and id get the double points on my card which will no doubt add up so can use them aswell against a future order :whistling:

£9.99 Blu-Rays - Layer Cake, xXx
Found 9th Sep 2007Found 9th Sep 2007
Haven't seen either film and I don't have blu-ray but I have heard good things about Layer cake and xXx should be a good one to see in HD with all the action. I don't know how good… Read more

It's gone... Ash


Dvd is £4.95 so Worth it for the extra high def image


Good film. Not sure if watching it in Blu-Ray will add much to it though.


^Yeah there seem to be a lot of others around the £13 mark, I just thought i'd post the cheapest


They are also selling Rocky Balboa for £13 delivered, I bought a copy last week.

PS2 GAME: Pro Evo 7 2008 only £25.99 delivered and new lower price for Xbox 360 at £34.99 + £1450 ca
Found 8th Sep 2007Found 8th Sep 2007
As if this game needed any promotions to make it sell, as this is the undesputed champion of football games and Shopto are not only offering it for a new lower price on the Xbox 36… Read more
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Yep, that does workout cheaper (i listed it) but it's only for brand new customers, so if you've already got an account with them, then this is a better deal and you'll probably get it slightly quicker.


My games normally arrive 1-2 days before the release date but i've had games arrive earlier than that as well, as Shopto are quite renowned for getting games earlier. :)


there was a thread here yesterday for soft uk £31 inc code i ordered from there


Voted Hot, just pre-ordered with quidco for £36.99 for the PS3. Cheapest I've seen it at. Should it arrive the thursday before then usually? Thanks :)


nice price for ps2, voted hot!

Singstar Popworld PS2 + free Atari T_Shirt
Found 7th Sep 2007Found 7th Sep 2007
Great price for a great party game + free Atari T-Shirt (I think they are medium size) Apparently they're in their last few so be quick!

Received my singstar game today. + the atari t-shirt which is a large


ARGOS have singstar legends without mics for £9.99 half price. not for home delivery but instore only.


Looks like I missed out by a few hours. D'oh! "Heat" added though... good find whilst it lasted. BFN, fp.


I ordered before 5:30 pm and received a text saying the game will be delivered tomorrow with recorded delivery


They've always been excellent for me. Bought several games, they all arrived next day - doesn't get better than that.

Playstation 3 - £329 (or £349 with 2 six axis controllers) with free delivery
Found 7th Sep 2007Found 7th Sep 2007 now have in limited stocks of PS3s for £329 or £349 with 2 six axis controllers - by far the cheapest stockist of UK playstation 3's that I have seen on the net If you'… Read more

What drive did you go for?


I think i got a good deal,considering i couldn't afford to pay outright - does anyone think this is ok deal ? Playstation3 and 1 game Ridgeracer 7 ,60gb hd and controller -£326 using all the Great universal codes -it accepted them all and got confirmation email !


I personally don't know why they bothered releasing an 80gb version, seeing as the hard drive can be swapped out super easy, I have a 250gb drive in my ps3 now.


80gb hasnt been announced for europe yet, but my guess is it may be here Q1 next year along with their freeveiw service. A new bundle will be out next week which includes F1 and Heavenly Sword.


Ahh... thought the £120 had to come from somewhere... only £30 for the console...not as much as I had hoped. :roll:

Xbox 360 - Open Season - £19.99 delivered @
Found 7th Sep 2007Found 7th Sep 2007
Okay this game is not the best one for the 360. But it is the cheapest price I can find it. And if you've got kidz then this might be just the thing for you. ONLY £19.99 delivered… Read more



No warranty, no refunds, no guarantees, no customer servcies, etc etc :whistling:


I agree....but these days you can pick up sealed games for half the price on there...:?


You can't really compare brand new games to ones sold on ebay dandoc2...


Okay but ebay is not selling brand new, warranteed games from a UK registered business. Ebay is just an auction site and hence the prices *should be lower. But point taken this game will NOT hold it's value :#

Stuntman Ignition Xbox 360 - £27.99
Found 7th Sep 2007Found 7th Sep 2007
Stuntman: Ignition Smash-up sequel of automotive movie action comes to the 360! Leap into the adrenaline-fueled role of a Hollywood stunt driver in Stuntman: Ignition, and master… Read more

Xbox 360, PS3, PS2, PC, Nintendo DS & PSP game: Pro Evo 2008 (Pro Evo 7) FROM only £24.99 delivered
Found 6th Sep 2007Found 6th Sep 2007
As if this game needed any promotions to make it sell, as this is the undesputed champion of football games and Shopto are not only offering it for the lowest price on every single… Read more
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I've just ordered COD 4 by using the get up and play no purchase necessary option to get £5 off . Just follow the instructions and off you go. I don't see many places doing PES for under £30 quid . It may come down in price soon after release like forza and dirt did, the only reason PES reduced in price so quickly last year was because of negative response the 360 version received by fans and media.


Can someone please do me a favour and click on "Spam" the thread.


Sensible soccer still for me! When if the live version coming out!!!! worto.


Games like Halo 3 will sell regardless of the price but you can still get good deals


Pretty much sure that's going to be around the best price for the PS2 version. Cheers!

Xbox 360 & PS3 GAME: Colin McRae Dirt from only £24.99 delivered + 4% Quidco (PS3 version instock ea
Found 6th Sep 2007Found 6th Sep 2007
Colin McRae Dirt was released on the Xbox 360 a couple months ago and proved to be a quality racer and is available for only £24.99 plus go through quidco to receive 4% cashback, m… Read more
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Just thought I'd let everyone know that is back INSTOCK as well on the PS3 for an earlier release than other stores. :)


Not saying that its not a good site, just warning people that their credit card information is insecure (from what I saw on the preorder page) so beware!, no other site I know of uses an insecure page to take orders!


ps3 version is 29.89 at sendit


Shopto is a good site


Woah!!! Never noticed that before...:-(

Phantasy Star Universe XBox360 only £7.99 delivered + 4% quidco
Found 2nd Sep 2007Found 2nd Sep 2007 price only £7.99 delivered saving you £42.00 (82%) off the rrp of £49.99 Description : Epic Story: Phantasy Star Universe offers a suspenseful single player adventure … Read more

The delivery is really fast, i ordered on Sunday night and got it 36 hours later. I plan to play the off-line 1st and maybe dabble with the online if i like it, maybe subscribe for 1 month and blitz it. Reviews are not the best, ranging from 4.5/10 to 8/10. It says on the cover that you get a 2 day online trial free.


I imported the Japanese version of this on the PC back when it launched (for the online play) and got this when it came out in the UK for the 360 (for the story). Firstly, the online play is much of the tried and tested PSO formula but there are differences to class structure, weapon use etc. It does feel alot like a faster paced PSO and that is not necessarily a bad thing. For a jump-in party-based MMO it can certainly hold its ground, I played the Japanese version for several months and never got bored. The story mode was quite enjoyable and it is a definite step up from PSO's take on a story. The game is filled with cutscenes and it is overall an interesting story that is easy to follow. What may interest alot of people is that the gamerpoints are structured so that completing the game on story mode = 1000 gamerpoints (you get an achievement for defeating each boss). Any questions anyone has I'm happy to give my opinion ;).


True, but if it is anything like the original PSO the single player mode is very tedious. Dave.


You only have to pay that if you want to play online, there's still story mode and extra mode (Create your own character and play missions by yourself)


so its 7 quid a month? :( hot deal for the game, im not into paying even 8 quid for a game, i have to pay 7 quid a month (84 quid a year) to play

Over G Fighters - £13 - Xbox 360
Found 1st Sep 2007Found 1st Sep 2007
Fly the world's most powerful fighters: Fly every modern jet fighter in the Western arsenal including the F-22A Raptor, the US air superiority fighter of the 21st century. Face mor… Read more

woah you got over charged - i paid £15.99 for it 2 months ago from


its a very tough game, but can keep you glued to the set as you try to perfect each and every mission. voted very hot as i paid £20 for this from CEX 2nd hand....... edit: I paid £20 for this about 4 weeks ago :(

Pokemon Diamond -Ds - £19.99
Found 1st Sep 2007Found 1st Sep 2007
Pokemon Diamond is a traditional Pokemon RPG that takes place in a region called Sinnoh. In the Sinnoh region, there are two Pokemon that symbolize the region. They appear in the … Read more

Don't forget 4% Quidco :thumbsup:

(Updated) WEEKEND SALE of huge list of 88 games on all consoles and handhelds + 4% Quidco (more titl
Found 31st Aug 2007Found 31st Aug 2007
I've already noticed some big games at hugely discounted prices, just click on the link to see a list of 88 games available in the weekend sale. Feel free to let everyone know of … Read more
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I just noticed they've also added some Blue-Ray films.... I swear they weren't there when i checked yesterday, so it might be worth checking them out as well. :)


Blockbusters has a stronger parent company, so losses can be absorbed, but only up to a certain limit... the best advice is only take the risks you're happy with. BB do seem to be one of the few companies anticipating the end of DVD rental though, but i'd put money on them having 50% fewer shops in a couple of years time. Many of their UK stores are reported to be running their leases down. You've possibly noticed the reduction in staff members over the last year too. Everything will change when movie downloads begins to take off, Choices are just the first casualty


Don't forget that these offers expire today from the sale, so make sure you're quick and don't delay, otherwise you'll miss out. :)


Strange about VT3 as they update their lists each Friday and it's still available at the Peterborough store. I don't know whether you have to be a member as i already am and have been for years, might be worth asking. :thumbsup: gari189 - Yeah, i thought about that too. I think i'll get Halo 3 from there at the end of the month and might also get some Live points as there is some good games coming soon. :)


For people like me (who cannot remember a password to save their lives) Shop to's website is quite possibly one of the worst in existence.. I ask for a password reminder and it says I don't have an account and makes me create one at which point it says hang on you've now got two accounts your account is now suspended..! AAARRGGHHH!!!! All I wanted was Killzone and a free t-shirt...

XBOX 360 & PS3 GAME: Stranglehold only £32.99 delivered (£31.67 after Quidco)
Found 29th Aug 2007Found 29th Aug 2007
I don't know how many of you played the demo over xbox live but this game really impressed me, as well as many others and definitely is deemed as the next best pre-order and must b… Read more
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Good deal:thumbsup: . I was very impressed with the demo of this game might have to preorder although I don't think my wallet can take any more abuse:-( . I've used in the past and have not had no problems very reliable:thumbsup: .


I've put Gamecube and GBA games from in the past and they are very reliable when i used to deal with them but i haven't ordered anything from them for a while. I remember they also had an Ebay account with glowing feedback. :)


yes it's region free:


£37.14 delivered at Movietyme according to and I think they are based in the UK, so shouldn't get held up in customs. I think you have to add postage to playasia don't you? Not seen videogamesplus before. Cheers for the link. Have some rep.


Play-Asia are pretty good: I've heard good stuff about Videogamesplus: And like maxliifo said movietyme are good too. all 3 seem to come to about £38ish not including delivery.

Urban Chaos:Riot Response Xbox £2.98 @
Found 21st Aug 2007Found 21st Aug 2007
A city on the brink of total anarchy is being held hostage by the increased threat of organized gang violence. Play Nick Mason, a member of T-Zero, an elite division of the Police … Read more

Quidco 4% for Software


Nice little FPS this, not connected to the PS1 game of the same name. It has some cool little touches, and the riot sheild is fantastically implemented. Sadly not 360 compatible yet (and unlikely to be any time soon) Worth it at this price for sure.


This is quite a rare(ish) game and goes for a hell of a lot more on ebay, so a good deal:thumbsup:

LMA Manager 2007 XBOX 360 £14.99 Delivered
Found 16th Aug 2007Found 16th Aug 2007
Probably the ceahpest anywhere for this game, this website has a lot more offeres like this and they post everything you buy free first class recorded delivery, I have bought off … Read more

Thanks borofan :) Also £14.99 @ SoftUK with 15% off first orders (£12.74) - ]here

BEST XBOX 360 GAME: Bioshock only £32.99 delivered (£31.67 after Quidco)
Found 16th Aug 2007Found 16th Aug 2007
I don't know if everyone has played the demo but this game is really intense and is deemed to be the best game yet, even OXM has given this game 10/10, which is the first ever game… Read more
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I got mine from GAME (the tin box one, not the standard one). £39.99 - £5 fanta voucher (got a couple left if you wanna PM me). - 11% Quidco Total: £31.14 and 720 (off the top of my head) loyalty points towards next purchase.


It doesn't have multiplayer. This is probably going to be game of the year, the demo was brilliant so it's a day one purchase. I'm just going to buy it at my local ASDA and it will be a bonus if it's the same price as ASDA online.


I didn't think it was multiplayer? Or am i wrong? i haven't paid much attention to this game TBH, might do more now as the reviews are all encouraging


Even though it's showing 'Stock due in' If I place a pre-order now, I should get it Thursday or Friday?


Just thought I would add - This game is EXCELLENT! I have been playing it for most of the day and can't fault it! Would definately recommend!

BACK IN STOCK! PS3 Console prices getting even cheaper, now only £329.99 delivered!!!
Found 31st Jul 2007Found 31st Jul 2007
I noticed this price earlier today but then the price went up to £399.99 again, so i don't know what's going on but if you're looking for a ps3 at this price, then you need to take… Read more
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back in stock for £329 if you only want the ps3 with no games


I wouldn't use the word arrogant. Stupid maybe producing a product that wasn't economically viable. They're making a big loss on these consoles and they still can't sell them. If they can't sell the consoles, they're never going to rake back all that lost money by selling the games.



whats the difference between us, jap and uk console what can and cant play on each??


Game Station (Northfield, Birmingham) had for £399 PS3 Extra Controller 2 Games (sorry don't know which) Blue Ray Film (again don't know which) Cash Converters near by were selling the console for £299 (but it' second hand & limited warranty).

Overlord Xbox 360 - £22.99 Delivered
Found 29th Jul 2007Found 29th Jul 2007
(First Deal, go easy) This is down to £22.99 at ShopTo. Cheapest I've seen anywhere. Game Description: Overlord is a groundbreaking action adventure, set in a seriously warped f… Read more

Yep, working now thanks :)


I just checked the site and saw that it's apparantly up and running again as they were already aware of the problem, so orders should go through now:


Looks like they have problems :-( Its related to this: ]


Can't order from their site, I get: Error: [COLOR=red]3D Secure authorisation failed. Please try again later. :x [/COLOR]


yep it is back in stock again. i purchased call of duty 3 from them ages ago for £19.99 it was the PAL version, HOWEVER it was AUSTRALIAN, they also use PAL if you look at the covers the australian game age rating has MA15+ for restricted games such as call of duty 3 where as the uk uses 16+ black and white signage. UK [IMG][/IMG] however there is a sticker covering the only identification of where this game comes from although the sticker does not look like the aussie one as the shop to sticker goes down where as the aussie one goes across the case [img][/img]

XBOX 360 GAME: F.E.A.R only £19.99 delivered + 4% Quidco = £19.19
Found 27th Jul 2007Found 27th Jul 2007
This game has just been discounted quite considerably and it was one of the big releases before. This is now available for just £19.99 delivered and if you go through Quidco, you'… Read more
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could any mods please change this ? I acciendtly pressed expired. Sorry:oops:


what a **** deal lol


I don't know why people have expired this deal, it's still ongoing, it looks like some sad people are going further than just voting good deals as cold, now they're trying to end deals that are still going on. I don't personally care about this anymore, it's just sad that these individuals who are so insecure and bored with there lives are stopping others from grabbing a bargain. :)


I voted hot :/


I can't believe this deal was considered so rubbish considering it's supposed to be a good game and it's the best current price around at the moment. Oh well, hope some people took advantage of it anyway, i know a few people said they were looking for it bsaed on other parts of the forum. :)

Fantastic Four: Rise of the Silver Surfer for the Wii only £14.99 (plus 4% quidco!)
Found 27th Jul 2007Found 27th Jul 2007
Just saw this online, hope it's useful: Marvel's first family of Super Heroes faces its greatest challenge yet as the enigmatic, intergalactic herald, The Silver Surfer, comes to … Read more
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Lucky, the game is terrible!


Cancelled :-D


how do i preorder the merury game i can find the option to do that?


I can vouch for this being a complete waste of silicon, luckily I downloaded this first...


If the game is as bad as the film then this isnt worth it.

XBOX 360 ACCESSORY: Wireless controller only £19.99 delivered (£19.19 after Quidco)
Found 25th Jul 2007Found 25th Jul 2007
This is currently the best price on the xbox 360 for the wireless controller and is now available for only £19.99 delivered and the next lowest price is £29.96 after delivery. Sho… Read more
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so does anyone use the wireless xbox controller on the pc ?


Great price, cheaper, quicker and safer than fleabay. Ordered on wed and got it on fri. Delay due to unofficial postal strike in Edinburgh.


It should say on the product detail screen without having to go to the checkout.


aite u win - for the receiver thing. But if you want to buy a black 360 controller the one from play asia is a superb deal. Does anyone know how much the exact shipping fee is to the UK when you buy from play-asia. Thanks.


But when you add the postage (£4 something), it makes it more than the £11.99 at the link I provided.

Xbox 360 Entertainment Pack includes Wireless controller + PGR 3 + Live Arcade + 1 Month Xbox Live o
Found 20th Jul 2007Found 20th Jul 2007
This pack was extremely popular when it was listed before and with good reason, as the cheapest available price at the moment for a wireless controller is £22.99 from Shopto and th… Read more
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Got mine this morning. No harry Potter though!


I got mine this morning but the 1 months xbox live says the offer ended last month not tried to use it yet, great offer thanks


Mine didnt come this morning :(


Yeah mate, you are right, i didnt open PGR, just put it with my games collection...DOH :whistling:


Mine was in a paper cd case inside the PGR pack.

Playstation 3 (60 GB HDD) + MotorStorm + Formula 1+ Sony SIXAXIS Wireless Controller £349.99
Found 19th Jul 2007Found 19th Jul 2007
SHOPTO PRICE RRP SAVING £349.99 £535.00 £185.01 (34%) Stock: Last Few - Usually delivered in 24 hours. Delivery: UK orders placed before 5.30pm dispatched same day via… Read more

That was lame, buy it off and trade in Genji for Sigma, then get rid of Click and buy Casino Royal :D


It's sayin £399 for me..?


Back to £399.99 now.


Price Has Increased Does Anyone Think It Was A Misprice?? increased to £399.99


You Might Be Lucky :S

Found 19th Jul 2007Found 19th Jul 2007
People have been saying that the PS3 is comfortably the most powerful console with a Blue Ray player included, (Blue Ray Players start from around £700 on its own) but still believ… Read more
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Cool, I'll bring some beers round. :lol: It has to be an ex-display model or one that was returned as faulty or something, the trade price is more than that.


Take a photo - silence your critics :thumbsup:


I can assure you, it is. Truro, Cornwall (was still at £270 2 days ago) come and see for yourself if you want...


Even with a currys staff discount which is what my brother gets, you wouldnt get it for that kind of money.


I find this kind of mistake hard to believe. Surely this is a typo.

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