Short Circuit DVD - £2.00 instore at Zavvi
Short Circuit DVD - £2.00 instore at Zavvi

Short Circuit DVD - £2.00 instore at Zavvi

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It's a miracle. How it happened - who knows.
But it did...
Because No. 5 is alive! Destined to be a hero - the most sophisticated robot on the planet. Eleven million dollars worth of military hardware. A man-made machine programmed to seek and destroy - until a freak bolt of lightning zaps human life-force into his system.
No. 5 suddenly discovers the thrill and wonder of being alive!
No. 5 has just discovered a life he's got to fight for - his own


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Great film. Unfortunatly dont have a Zavvi near me and at Zavvi online it is £3.99 :x

I have found it online at HMV for £2.99 for those that are interested.

80's classic!


and good deals on the complete set 1+ 2?

also where is stev guttenburg these days

PLEASE nobody watch this film again. I remember it being great (when I watched it as a kid years ago). I watched it again recently and it destroyed my memories entirely! Don't do it to yourself!

save your money for popcorn when you go to see this.

They have this at WHSmith at the same price.

I can confirm this in the MEADOWHALL store. I saw it a couple of weeks ago and was very tempted... But I already have it on VHS, which is far superior to blu-ray IMHO

one of the best films of all time when you're 10

Supposedly Short Circuit is being re-made :w00t:


The worst movie you can watch from the 80s IMO, terribly dated now.

Aww it's not that bad, worth the offer any way. We watched this a few weeks ago. My kid thought it was great and went around saying "fish...salmon ...sushi" for ages after. :-D Can't believe how they got away with some of the inuendos.
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