Shortbus DVD @ Play Delivered for only £3.99 + Quidco

Shortbus DVD @ Play Delivered for only £3.99 + Quidco

Found 15th Jan 2009
I'm expecting this "special" movie to bomb on here but if you do your research and look it up and want to see a movie that'll have you saying.....
"How the hell did they get away with showing that?"
...then get this cos you wont be disappointed.
I know this is 1p cheaper at Amazon but not delivered so if you just want this on it's own then get it from here.

Here is what it's all about:
Writer/director John Cameron Mitchell follows up the cult classic HEDWIG AND THE ANGRY INCH with another salacious slice of sex-laden cinema. Mitchell interweaves three separate tales of highly sexed and sexually frustrated New Yorkers all of whom find some kind of salvation at an underground club named Shortbus. Anything goes at Shortbus--wild orgies between people from different ages backgrounds and sexual preferences are treated as commonplace and most of the sex scenes shot through Mitchells voyeuristic lens are completely unsimulated. Mitchell allows little time for his audience to pause for breath opening SHORTBUS with a frantic collage of copulation and carnality that features most of his central characters. These include Sofia (Sook-Yin Lee) a sex therapist who has never reached full orgasm gay couple James (Paul Dawson) and Jamie (PJ DeBoy) and Severin (Lindsay Beamish) a dominatrix who finds herself unable to find true love. Mitchell lets his cast of characters unravel their tales of woe interspersing the touching and mostly sad stories with eye-popping scenes from Shortbus and swooping birds-eye shots of a computer simulated version of New York City. The director also draws heavily on an indie-rock soundtrack making repeated and effective use of the beautiful Winters Love by Brooklyn-based group Animal Collective. But its the sex scenes that will really get tongues wagging and its testament to Mitchells fearless and uncompromising vision that he depicts sexual acts that run the full coital gamut from amusing to titillating to shocking. Amid all the boundary-pushing there is a tender heart buried in SHORTBUSs central narrative which revolves around the search for identity and acceptance.


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Has anyone actually seen this movie before?

The guy masturbating into his own mouth (actual hardcore footage) is a bit much, tbf.

It is a good film, not as great as Hedwig but still up there, although its worth noting that this version will be edited and there is an unrated region 1 version (there's only 5 minutes difference between the cuts but I know a lot of people don't like to feel that a film has been tampered with).
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