Shot Glass Chess for £9.99 @ Play.Com

Shot Glass Chess for £9.99 @ Play.Com

Found 6th Nov 2011
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Become a grand master with the Shot Glass Chess Set.

Pit your wits against your opponent while enjoying a swift snifter with this stylishly designed shot glass chess set and board. Use it for a normal chess match or add your favourite tipple for a drinking game twist.

Let's face it, the only way most of us are going to achieve grand master status is by getting all of our adversaries very drunk and then winning by default when they collapse under the table. Each of the 32 shot glasses has an image on its side to denote which piece it represents, and together with the glass board it all makes for an attractive table top or sideboard display.
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Wow, £9 for 32 shot glasses (which have designs)?

AND it's a chess set?

That's ridiculously cheap, I was looking for shot glasses and they're like £3 each!

Can you confirm if they are 25ml shot glasses (as opposed to 15ml)?
Strange question I know, but I'm definitely gonna get if the shot glasses are 25ml

Price is now 9.99 on
Still a good price though. I dont know if its a full shot but once i get it I'll update
full shot and glass
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