Showcase Cinema-Nickelodeon Film Club

Showcase Cinema-Nickelodeon Film Club

Found 20th Aug 2007
This is my first post- just found this on the Showcase website - free to join for kids (just enrolled my 2) seems like a great deal....? Hope have done this right...


Join the film club and youll receive:

A Nickelodeon goodie bag * A free movie ticket during the month of your birthday * Discounted entry to special screenings of the best new releases * Your very own membership card with your name on it. Join Free! >>


Is this just me ??? I can't find anything about this on the website :?

Can someone tell me where exactly I should be looking...


Been posted recently, but good find

Welcome to the site

thanks - just registered my 2 wee angels

Thanks, it is not the most convenient cinema for us but a free goodie bag is great!

Cool. Thanks - my 3 are now registered :o)

how long did you wait for the parental e;mail, i've not had one yet

Excellent op! Many thanks for the link... JW

kewl my little un is now done

Signed up, but unfortunately the nearest cinema to us to receive the free goody bag from is Leeds, over 100miles away!!

me too im down south and cinema is miles away so cant do it but good deal if i could lol

signed the wee one up, cheers!

My kids went to the Showcase with their kids club cards for the 1st time last night with their Dad. They were hoping to start collecting stamps to get a free visit in the future but were told that it is only selected films that they can collect stamps for.... what a waste of time.

I don't think we will be bothering again as there are better cinemas in the area.


I have just checked the T&C's for the kids club and it clearly states they should ahve got their card stamped, think their Dad is a useless ****
, Maybe the staff don't know the full rules but if i had been there I would ahve argued it with them. Oh well at least I know if i want to take them.

Did they at least get the goodie bag?


Did they at least get the goodie bag?

If only I knew why I bothered sending the voucher with their Dad... no goodie bag

Is it any good/worth a special trip to collect?

Not sure, but I would say not.

free goodie bag contains:
long bendy pencil, pen, rugrats badge, spongebob squarepants toy and keyring, stickers, post cards, posters, all in a plastic drawstring bag.
sorry if I spoilt the surprise.. just thought this might help see if its good enough to register for. :-)
thanks for the deal!
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