Shower Seal for £0 at B&Q

Shower Seal for £0 at B&Q

Found 9th Aug 2017
Misprice on the website. I collected it from the store yesterday. It doesnt say the length but its approx. 2m

Can't complain!
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Link not working for me?
Stock in Manchester
stock in Stafford
Cant add to basket?
Any idea what price they are marked up at in store as I need 4 of these to sort ours out and as per usual you can't order online.
Ordered. Thanks!
Said I can't collect till tomorrow
Well.. ordered 10 of them, I bet they will phone me up in an hour saying there was an error on the website.

Its not expired yet. still instock in edinburgh
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added 4 but only allowed 2 in strathkelvin from 3pm c+c
You can order but shows up in store that you haven't paid apparently, they are priced at £14 I think In store!
Had a cancellation text/email now.

Ah well... nothing ventured....
Cancellation text and phone call received
Just received the email your item are ready to collect.
faizakash1 h, 20 m ago

Just received the email your item are ready to collect.

me too have you collected
They call me again and cancel my order.
Can they cancel it..... isn't it false advertising
steb1 h, 44 m ago

Can they cancel it..... isn't it false advertising

As per the terms and conditions, of possibly every online retailer, it's perfectly legal and acceptable policy.
Collected from Swindon
Collected from Gravesend
collected mine from store at 4pm and then had a call from customer service's at 530 to say there had been an error on the website and they would cancel the order. I think it depends on which store you collect from as with this order they just handed it over and completed the order later,where as I collected a drill from a different store on Monday and she went through the whole thing asking all my details. good luck tho.
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